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Christmas Election Could Deliver a Booby Prize to Labour and the Tories

What an eventful few weeks we've had on this political rollercoaster ride that is Brexit! So Boris navigated the choppy waters of his own personal life and pulled off the equivalent of Tango dance with the EU to renegotiate the Backstop only to come back with a 'Front stop' instead. The sheer machiavellian abilities of Boris do not need to be detailed here, as they are obvious, but a look at his chart from the Sidereal positions show a man with a great gift for subterfuge.

It's also clear to all that the government has no interest in having the agreement scrutinised by Parliament, and it was also clear that Labour had no intention of giving up their ambiguous position of fence-sitting and calling for a people's vote that they would not campaign for.

So cometh the hour so cometh the man: but it's the female leaders of politics that have shown their leadership in the form of Jo Swinson (Leader of the Lib Dems) and the SNP. Their calculated move shifted the dial just enough to get the EU to grant a Brexit extension until the end of January 2020.

When friends asked me if the UK would be crashing out of the EU at the end of October I gave them a flat no: Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow - it was never going to happen. The Mercury retrograde by its very nature requires that agreements and plans go into review. Brexit is the biggest agreement/negotiation battle of modern times and was always going to be affected. Incidentally, when Theresa May declared the UK would be leaving on March 29th 2019 that was ALSO a Mercury retrograde: I think Politicians should consider learning astrology (or maybe not?).

So where is all this headed?

As I've said in my earlier posts (really worth checking) the year of 2019 was going to be tumultuous, and hold on for 2020. Jupiter, the great benefic, is going to be moving into his own sign of Sagittarius in early November. This is a big deal. Why? Because Jupiter only gets to sit in his own house and sign once every 12 years. Not only that he's going to be with one of his spiritual buddies, Ketu, the South Node of the moon. Expect the world to be flooded with ample amounts of justice, righteousness, political dramas of all kinds and with a huge heap fanaticism and public unrest as the masses rise up to have justice and truth honoured bt the political and global elites all over the world.

'Urgh! Enough already' I hear you cry, but no, the transformations set in place by the planets will continue until their work is done. Once Saturn moves into his own sign of Capricorn the truth will be cemented, and there will be some serious dishing out of justice all around the world. Of course, as always, there will be those that will hold onto old beliefs, old powers, and old ways of doing things, but this is not wise. Saturn with Pluto in Capricorn (the sign of governments) tends to bring about huge and profound structural changes: and even the collapse of Governments. We can see from the world around us that tumult and up-risings abound around the world. Conflicts lie everywhere it seems. The ascension is happening and new ways of doing things are about to emerge.

With all of these energies at work, it could well deliver some political shockers as people go outside of their usual comfort zones and vote for political parties they would not usually vote for. This could bode as an ill wind for Labout and the Conservatives back home. The two-party system has revealed itself to be unfit for purpose in UK politics, and it's my guess that Labour and the Tories may find themselves under the wheels of the bus.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Liberal Democrats could shock everyone, to the extent that Jo Swinson could even become the new Prime Minister! 'You've lost your mind' I hear sensible people cry. And yes, it's wild to predict such a thing, especially with the Tories at a 13 point lead over Labour in the polls. The reason why I say this is that people, on the whole, are so sick of the state of the two main parties in UK politics that they may just go for a newbie.

Both Corbyn and Boris are so tainted that they could dye plain fabrics blue with their used bathwater. The Brexit party lay in the wings to split votes for both parties, much more young people may make use of their vote this time, and early winter weather could see more mature voters hesitate in the face of icy pavements and chilly winds. This could see Jo Swinson ride a yellow bannered chariot into the centre-ground to scoop up the political homeless into a warm embrace of opportunity and change: yes, it could happen.

While the Ketu and Saturn conjunction was at its height life was unbearable for a lot of people, and the flavour of that is still strong in the mouths of many as the aspect slowly lessens over time. Jupiter will take his turn to dance with the South Node, and this will lead to great leaps forward in knowledge, truth and understanding, in such a way that cannot be denied. Jupiter in Sagittarius is knowledge, and Ketu, at its best, is absolute truth. When these two forces combine we get a LOT of people waking up to the reality of life and existence itself.

We can see all around us that our politics will never be the same, and with Pluto rattling the sin bins of the underworld yet more will be dredged from the deep for us to collectively see. However, never fear. Fo although much of this will be unseemly stuff, it is needed so that it can be expunged and caste out. Stay informed, and try not to be triggered by the tests that will abound in the next few years: it's all a process, and one we need to go through in order to reach the higher plane of ourselves.

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