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'Trumpocalypse': How the Orange Man has Warped Politics and the Minds of America.

It's a funny world. And the world has become a lot more strange and funny (in a non-humourous way) since the Simpsons saw the future, yet again, and envisioned Trump coming down the escalator and ushering in the political crazy that has not been seen in America since the 1800s.

I remember right back in 2016 (which may as well be a different Earth in comparison to now) when I said that the UK would vote to leave the EU and America would vote for Trump. The reaction I got was universal: one of utter incredulity, scoffs, and dirty looks. This was before my days of YouTube when I had an ordinary life as part of a little events team looking after the top brass at a law firm called Taylor Wessing in London. Back then, a show called Downton Abbey (2010-2015) was still very popular, and Lady Mary is what people talked about at the water cooler.

How things have utterly changed. I cannot help but look back with nostalgia, as one is inclined to do as the years roll on, but I feel this is genuine nostalgia and not rose-tinted because life and the world as we find it today is quite alarming. You've read me state for ages now that Pluto is in Sidereal Capricorn, not in Aquarius as in Western Astrology, and that is, really, when things got very difficult globally and in America.

The Trump Administration was unconventional and sometimes controversial, but adults were still in the room. However, I predicted back in November and December 2020, around the time of the Lunar Eclipse right on Trump's natal Moon, that Trump would do something crazy and that an act of violence would happen at the Capitol when Pluto entered Sidereal Pisces on January 1st 2021. I became certain of this when I looked at Trump's chart and the D9 chart of his daughter,

and studied Donald Trump from there, which confirmed my suspicions. I was also accused in the comments at the time after making the video that 'You love Ivanka!'. Not at all. But I was making the best prediction I could then, and it has proved accurate. People also added that she's plastic surgery too... But hindsight is twenty-twenty. Over four years on, and I find the video a little spooky now. I thought it would take weeks for the energy of Pluto to manifest. It only took days. Five days after Pluto entered Sidereal Capricorn on January 1st 2021, January 6th happened; the rest is history, as they say.

So, where does this leave us, dear reader?

Well, it's complicated. It shouldn't be, but it is. Merrick Garland did not do his job. This was something else I predicted on my channel, but I got slapped for it because it was an unpopular truth then, and I have since been vindicated by what has transpired. Many thought that post-January 6th, justice would swiftly follow. Here we are over four years later, and Trump has yet to taste prison. Trump's Hush Money case in New York, due to conclude soon, is the one this side of the election most likely to land Trump in jail, but I will believe it when I see it. The Supreme Court, as I've said for ages, has gone out of its way to assist the orange one where it can. Judge Cannon has delayed the Classified documents case indefinitely, Letitia James seems to have gone quiet after the Court of Appeals granted Trump a huge discount on the half-billion dollar fine that would have ruined him outright, and the Georgia RICO case, at the time of writing this, has also gone a little quiet since Fani Willis was in the courthouse herself to defend an alleged affair with her colleague, Nathan Wade, who has since been taken of the Georgia case.

My Merrick Garland video is below.

It is beyond all doubt that Trump should be locked away in prison and never heard of again, and yet, as of writing this blog on May 22nd 2024, just after 8 pm UK time, he is still free.

However, more changes are coming to his birth chart. I predicted in a video that I made in November 2021 that accountability and financial losses would come to Trump from October 2023 (again, what I said at the time was against the consensus and was very unpopular), but, like clockwork, it came true. Since then, life has become a lot more difficult for Trump, and he has lost huge amounts of money and quite a lot of his 'shine' since.

Tomorrow, I will do a Thursday 'Fry-Up' special to examine and share a very important Dasha change coming up for Trump in September. I will also examine the natal charts of the Republicans ahead of their convention July 15-18th at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Democratic Convention August 19th-22nd at the United Center.

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In my upcoming Thursday Fry-Up, May 23rd 2024, I will really get into the weeds to see what is going on with Trump and how his Jupiter/Venus Dasha will affect his reelection chances after September 2024.

Peace and light,


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