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Search here for feedback from some of my clients. I look forward to working with you.

“Lovely experience to help you find your Blueprint and access your strengths and weaknesses, and how to blossom into your best self. Hogarth, as always, is a delight and inspiration”

Mia Jafari

“This is an amazing assessment that I can honestly say provided direction. It was fun at moments and a bit of a revelation at others, but always an eye-opener. I'm a natural-born sceptic who doesn't read horoscopes. This is completely different from that and is more in line with your actual character and capabilities. I would strongly suggest this if you're in transition. expecting change or if you're reflecting and seeking to understand your past choices in the context of your character. Great and personal service. Flawless!!! Thanks”

Stephanie Nengi Fenemore

"I found the whole experience extremely illuminating and Hogarth was a warm and intuitive guide through the process. Amazing for getting a fresh perspective on your life and understanding yourself better."

Alex Mills

"Absolutely amazing reading! I was really surprised by how much the archetypes spoke to me! Hogie is a wonderful guide through this fascinating new world and I feel like the session has unlocked a lot for me to realise my potential. Thank you, darling! Looking forward to another session soon!"

Mel Francis

"Hogie’s wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise, coupled with his winning formula of character selection and analysis, takes you on a journey of self-discovery that is both powerful and insightful. Like jigsaw pieces, past and present experiences begin to fall into place and inform you of the future.
Thank you Hogie for my wonderful reading; I have a clearer understanding now of myself and how to approach the opportunities ahead of me."

Mark Osmond

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