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Saturn Retrograde: Review, Revise & Restructure (Plus Some Exciting News!)

Hello, dear reader. We have reached the middle of the year, and the Summer solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere is almost upon us. Here, in the UK, on one of the longest days of the year, we have finally had some sunshine compared to the thimble-fulls of sunlight mixed with tepid, meh weather that reminded me of my childhood days.

As you know, dear reader, we astrologers are always talking about one retrograde or another, but some matter more. One of those is the annual retrograde cycle of Saturn. Saturn will turn retrograde on June 29th and go direct again on November 15th 2024. Those dates, for the eagle-eyed of you, will cover the US elections, where Jupiter will also retrograde from October 9th 2024 to February 4th 2025.

This means that from the summer, autumn, and winter of this year, we will see major revisions of what was seen as established ideas. This will present itself most in the world of global politics, where 49% of the global population will have attended the ballot box, and there have already been some surprises in India, South Africa, and Europe. Saturn, the planet of restriction, rules, regulation, conservatism, and karma, is going to bring down his stick so hard on the UK Tories (the equivalent of the GOP, sort of...) that the negative karmas they have sown over the last 14 years (but the last 5 in particular) will likely return to destroy them! The UK snap elections will happen on July 4th, and France's snap Parliamentary elections will happen in two stages - June 30th and July 7th.

When Saturn goes retrograde - which he usually does in the summer - things usually go wrong for the 'establishment'. President Macron has taken a wild gamble with France's political future by calling this snap election mainly, I feel, because he's given up after his party got a mauling at the European elections and has rather petulantly given the chance for the far right of French Politics, headed by the National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, a spritely 55, and her protege Jordan Bardella, a youth of only 28.

The seductive siren call of the Far Right has reached Jen Z's ears, and they are singing along. There is consternation here in some of the UK papers, and the Headline of the Telegraph proclaims: France is About to Bring the EU to the Brink of Collapse! I would have included a link, but there is a paywall, so I'll add a link from the Irish Times, which gives a good summary of what's happening in France. Click the link below to learn more:

So we see, dear reader, as I've been saying for years now. Pluto is in Sidereal Capricorn, not Aquarius, as they say in Western Tropical. Politics, in general, is moving to the right because people feel the world is in chaos, and Capricorn is a conservative, structured and regimented sign. Jen Z, in particular, has been living very precarious yet competitive lives with job insecurity, high rents, and low wages for years. They feel vulnerable and insecure, and 'strong men' and 'strong women' are seen as the answer. Neo-Liberlism of the Reagan & Thatcher years is dead (in my opinion).

The next few months in politics will be very eye-opening, and some of the papers say that France could tank the European economy - this remains to be seen. Le Pen and her protege will likely use softer language if they win, but it will mark a distinct shift in the global order, especially in the configuration of Europe if it gets far-right leadership at the heart of Government.

With any mercy in the world, the Tories in the UK will be utterly dismantled and disembowelled, and that's what they deserve, especially over the last four years of multiple Prime Ministers and Chancellors, Liz 'Diss-Trust' as one friend remarked about her after she destroyed living standards with her bonkers budget that sent people's mortgages sky-high when she nearly bankrupted the UK economy with her disastrous budget, and don't even get me started on the pandemic.

US politics is just utterly extraordinary right now, and who knows when the fever will break.

The US Presidential debates are scheduled for Thursday, June 27th 2024, which could be unusual, as my Tarot cards suggested in my last HoGaLe show. I have a feeling something deeply odd could happen. There's also no live audience, and the mics will be switched off as the other person speaks, so that should help things. Biden has to prove he's not passed it, and Trump has to prove he's not crazy. These are strange times.

However, life must continue, and remember we can use these energies of Pluto for fantastic manifestation work, and the retrograde cycle of Saturn till November gives us a chance to go over old ground and fix things from the past.

Some of you reading this blog may have seen my last two Mea Culpa emails that I sent out to apologise to people who sent me emails I didn't have time to read, or I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have reviewed many aspects of my life, and more exercise and tweaks to my diet have proved very helpful. So, dear reader, I suggest over these next few months, as the political bombshells fall where they may, that this is a good time for reflection and deep restructuring of anything that you want to improve or is not quite working in your life.

There's no need to rush, but you, like I did, may need to revisit something that needed finishing off or wipe the slate clean in some way. Saturn's retrograde energy can even bring positive results for a project that started years ago, which only bears fruit now. Have an open mind.

In other news, I'd like to announce that I will have another retreat for much-needed winter sunshine in Costa Rica in January 2025! The link to the page is below, and early birds get a discount. I'm so looking forward to it because the retreat will happen in the forests of Costa Rica with waterfalls, nighttime walks with the animals, and the majestic prowl of Jaguars. There will be forest healing therapy sessions, an optional excursion for a sightseeing tour of the Captial San Jose, Organic Farms, a Chocolate farm Cocao experience, as well as in-person teaching from me on all things Neo-Vedic Astrology, and much more. It will be fabulous. The link to learn more is below.

I also wanted to add a thank you before I go... My YouTube channel has recently received 20,000 subscribers, and I want to give the deepest thank you I can to all of those who have continued to support the channel and help it grow.

To celebrate, I've discounted my books for a week on Amazon. The eBook of the Candid Guide to Neo-Vedic Astrology will only cost $0.99 from today (but every 36 hours, it will gradually return to its original price of $8.99), and there is a discount of $5 off my Paperback and Hardback copies. The Paperback is now $14.99 (down from $19.99) and the Hardback is now $19.99 (down from $24.99). The book reviews have been wonderful, so if you've thought about it but have not got one yet, then now is the perfect time before the discount ends.

Click the button below to be taken to the Amazon page.

So, dear reader, that concludes my blog for now. Please remember that the Saturn retrograde is a good time to revisit something from the past that needs fixing. In politics, we will see ideas return from the past that we thought were long gone, but it's also an opportunity to revise, clear, and heal.

Pluto's energy can be scary, but it's also powerfully transformative. What from your past could be revisited, revised, transformed, and improved?

There is power in transformation and change.

Peace and light,


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