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The Hermeporta Series

Dive into the intriguing Hermeporta Series to follow the adventures of Professor Sloane and his determined daughter as they adventure through time on a quest of risk and danger to discover who they really are. 

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Beyond The Gates of Hermes 3d Final copy

Physics Professor Winston Sloane is a man possessed. Fleeing a trauma in his past and vowing to a loved one to solve its mystery Winston shuns responsibility, and his daughter, Illawara, to pursue his boyhood dream, and adventure through time via his discovery of an ancient and terrifying Pagan device: The Hermeporta. 

e-Book cover Beyond The Raging
Beyond The Raging Flames 3d Final copy.j

Professor Winston Sloane is a man on the run. After fleeing the macabre events in the San Matteo convent, on the outskirts of Florence, he arrives in Venice to seek a person with enough skill to make physical his divine commission. However, the floating city and its citizens give him much more than he can handle. 

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