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I'm an Archetypal Consultant and a Neo-Vedic Astrologer. In my practice I combine my Archetype readings with the best of Western and Vedic Astrology to provide astonishing insights and predictions for my clients.

Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

1.5 hour  /   £159

This chart reading combines the best of the West and the Eastern astrological systems to give outstanding results. In my consultations, you will find out where your true star sign placements are using Sidereal calculations. This reading sets out a broad overview of your life, with the focus being on one significant area of life.

The Tropical (Western Astrology system) Zodiac is ahead, astronomically, by between 22-24 degrees of a 30-degree section of the sky: Tropical astrology still works, but the interpretations can be different. Sidereal astrology calculates a chart observing where the planets and stars are according to the Science used by NASA. 

Western astrology, and Sidereal, astrology can help explain why, but the Sidereal can show when something is likely to happen. You may also be surprised by what your astronomical star sign, or ascendant, really is.

My consultations which use techniques that combine the accurate Sidereal placements of the stars (which are astronomically correct) with the inclusion of the outer planets (used in Tropical astrology) Vedic Mahadashas, Nakshatras, Divisional charts, and other important influences. You will gain incredible insights into yourself, your loved ones, your career, your relationships, and even the future.

An accurate birth time, date and location are required for best results.  

Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading or

Astrology & Archetypes


combining personal Archetypes with Astrology

(or either technique be used separately. Click the button to see all the consultations offered, or click the MAKE A BOOKING tab)

Relationship Consultation

1.5 hours £159 combined chart comparison, or £109 for 1-hour solo for one person/you.

Astrology Chart combined with Archetypes consultation £218.00

Using the power of my Archetypal Blueprint technique combined with Neo-Vedic Astrology I can provide my clients with unparalleled insights that can illuminate all areas of their closest relationships. There are many questions clients have: when will I find love? Why am I having issues in my romantic relationships? Why do I keep attracting the same type of person in my life? Why do I have conflicts with my family, friends or business partners? And all a manner of questions many of us have around the area of relationships which can be one of the most wonderful or frustrating parts of life.


The Archetypal Blueprint session gives a deep psychological insight, like a microscope, of where you are, how you naturally express yourself, and the issues you may be dealing with right now. The Astrology will further illuminate why certain things are going on and come up as recurring life themes. The stars can reveal why we have a situation, and the timing of life events, but the Archetypes can show how to resolve a situation. Both techniques, when combined, give truly exceptional results and deliver insight and empowerment to tackle any relationship question in life. Either technique can be ordered separately.

The combined Archetype and Astrology consultation will involve establishing your key archetypes.

This can be established by yourself (recommended) by following this link:

Having a good idea of your archetypes before the consultation will save time, but we can establish your archetypes in the session itself. I use the Archetype Cards designed by Caroline Myss for my consultations. As a guide the 4 survival archetypes (The Child, The Saboteur, The Victim and The Prostitute) we all share collectively as human beings. You will select another 8 archetypes from the list that best fit your character: be that light, dark, or ideally, both. You will end up with 12 Archetypes in your consultation session.

After discussing your archetypes, they will be compared, by house placement, to your astrological chart. For further insights, your romantic partner's birth chart, or significant other (child, friend, colleague or family) can be compared to yours to give insight into the relationship if you purchase the relationship comparison consultation. 

If you would like a detailed analysis of your love and romance profile overall, and to understand patterns in your relationships, or discover when new opportunities for love could be forming, then the love consultation will be the best option. Visit the MAKE A BOOKING section to select this consultation or click the button below.   

Accurate birth time(s), date and location(s) are required for best results.  


yearly Transit Reading

Finances, Business or Career

Personal Archetype Readings, or Astrological Readings, with a focus on wealth providing planets and yogas

2-hour Astrological and Archetypal career combination reading: £218

1.5-hour Archetype Reading £159

1-hour Solo career Astrological reading £109

This career consultation, using either a Combined Reading, a solo Archetypal Blueprint reading or solo Neo-Vedic Astrological reading, will identify key areas based on jobs and career or breaking new ground. The Astrological component will also look at the current transits of the planets which reveal the influences at work at the time of the consultation, and which areas of life that are being activated in regards to career, income, and inheritance.


These questions concern us all in some shape or form in either: finances, business, career or finding success. The Archetypal Blueprint will identify practical ways to implement the skills and talents you already have for your level of potential and success. The Astrological data will reveal times when success, of any kind, is easier to achieve, and to what magnitude, or when to go with the flow. 

Despite the pressures of popular culture, not everyone is destined to be a multi-millionaire or billionaire: do not beat yourself up about this. Huge wealth can come with its own set of problems. This is about reaching your full potential in your life and work. 

This service will show you what success looks like for you, the best way to go about achieving that success, and at a scale that is proportionate for your life, skills, talents and experience. We are each on our own path, and our success in life is in proportion to that.

This consultation can also help a person, a lot, who either feels they wish to change course in job or career, recover from redundancy, or highlight hidden talents. This consultation helps you connect with what success means for you. 

Accurate birth time, date and location are required for best results.    

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