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The Meaning of Eclipses

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

How the nodes of the Moon, the eclipses, affect you and society.

Eclipses matter. An eclipse is not just something that just happens in the sky for us all to gawp at whenever the Sun or the Moon are obscured, eclipses offer us opportunities for deep reflection.

A powerful eclipse in such a position can even end a relationship, business partnership, or even marriage if the foundations are not strong...”

Eclipses fall into Zodiac signs and houses.

Eclipses: the nodes of the Moon referred to as Rahu (north node) and Ketu (south node) fall in zodiac signs. The signs where these events happen flavour, greatly, the energetic and symbolic meaning of the eclipse and what likely effect it is to have on society and the individual. Just as star signs have certain characteristics, so do eclipses and their effect can last up to six weeks, or even longer, after they have happened. Eclipses mainly work on a subconscious level for the individuals and countries where they occur. An eclipse falling into the sign of Aries, for example, can cause us to reflect on how we go about starting new ideas, asserting ourselves in the world, or how we bring courage into our lives. An eclipse in Taurus can make us reflect on our values, self worth, finances and family and so on.

Eclipses bring issues up to the surface and can trigger great change within ourselves and our relationships. Where these events fall in our natal charts, the houses, will bring change and transformation in that house and what it represents, including the house opposite. As an example, the shadow of an eclipse falling into the 1st house (the self) of a person's chart, also falls into the 7th house (relationships, marriage, contracts and business) and can lead a person to feel very different about their closest partnerships. A powerful eclipse in such a position can even end a relationship, business partnership, or even marriage if the foundations are not strong: that's how powerful some eclipses can be - although this is an extreme.

The power of eclipses take effect before and after they occur. Recent political events can attest to this. In British politics seven Labour MP's broke away from the Labour party on Monday the 18th of February, and today (as of writing on the 20th of March 2019) three Tory MP's have quit their party. It is said that the effect of eclipses can be felt most strongly up to six weeks after the event. This year started with a Solar eclipse on the 6th of January (in Vedic Sagittarius at 21 degrees of Purva Ashada) and a Super Wolf Blood Moon eclipse on January 21st (in Vedic Cancer at 6 degrees of Pushya). In combination what do these two eclipses mean? Eclipses tend to reveal what is hidden in the subconscious: Sagittarius asks us questions about the truth, what inspires us, and what ideas we are prepared to fight for. What is truth in these days saturated by 'Fake News'. All over the world people are asking questions about the information we are being offered as 'truth' and we can see how certain social media platforms are being questioned on their integrity and what they put forward as 'the truth'. US politics is riven with questions about what truth or lies were present in the US elections and this has spilled over into the Muller investigation which is all about establishing the truth.

Likewise, with Luna eclipse in Cancer on the 20/21st of January has now brought up questions around security (there is a huge debate currently of what to do about people that have joined terrorist groups and wish to return to their countries of birth, as well as a whole host of issues of national security and people using food banks in the UK. The more one understands about these themes the more can see these issues playing out. The current crop of political defectors that have joined the currently named: Independent Group, have all spoken at their strife of leaving their political 'families' (Cancerian issues) for their true values (Sagittarian issues). Personally and politically this can lead people to examining their hearts and their minds for the greater truth to the, hopeful, benefit of all. These eclipse themes are playing out in front of us across our televisions and our personal lives. (#eclipse #politics #reflection)

I'll be exploring more themes like this in future blogs, and I hope that in stating things in the way that I have helps people understand some of the effects that the movement of the skies can have on everyday life and society. Expect more change. More eclipses are due in July and December of 2019. This will be a year of great change and revelation.

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