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The Candid Guide to Neo-Vedic Astrology is Now Available and has debuted at #1 on for Its Category.

Updated: Apr 27

Dear reader, it's my pleasure to announce that my first astrology book, released only days ago, has debuted at number #1 in its category. I'm honestly quite astonished, and I want to say thank you to those of you who have already bought the book. It must be quite a few of you!

I'm extremely passionate about Neo-Vedic Astrology and the power it has to give powerful insight into people's lives. One of my greatest joys is accurately explaining to people why things happen as they do and showing them what is most likely to happen in the future. It's one of my life goals to teach the world these insights, particularly to those in the West. We, collectively, in the West, are no longer in alignment with the stars and their teachings. This book seeks to correct that and does so in language that everyone can relate to, yet maintaining the power and essence of the insights that I share.

The planets really are 'people' and how they show up in our lives, so for those that have not bought the book yet, one topic I cover is relationships and how Jupiter is the 'husband' and Venus is the 'wife' or sister... The early part of the book focuses on the Sun and Moon, which are indicators of the Father and Mother, and with details on the Sun signs, what you are, and the 27-star asterisms (called Nakshatras) that give their power, influence, and meaning to the star signs in the first place.

Readers will also learn about the collective cycles of consciousness from enlightenment to ignorance and back again. Readers will also learn about how the planets, and Rahu (the North node) in particular, affect politics and some of the cray-cray we have witnessed over the last few years.

However, the section of the book devoted to the outer planets, I personally think, is one of the most important sections of all. In that section, I reveal the influences playing out in the collective now: billionaires, technocrats, and 'false prophets' abound, but I also reveal why we have entered a new spiritual age and how Neptune is part of a new movement that humanity has not seen for 165 years.

It's so early at this stage, but the reviews are already coming in, and it's genuinely moving for me to read them and see what insights and pleasure readers are getting from the book.

I sincerely wish to have as many people read the book as possible so that all are equipped with the insights and knowledge the book offers to help us all navigate this complicated modern world.

Magic is returning, folks, and I hope that with this book and others, I will make my contribution to the light and alchemy.

To learn more about the book, please click the button below.

Love and light,



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