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'Cray-Cray' and Santa Fe!

2024 is well underway and I'm sure, that like me, you were hoping for a little relief from the general cray-cray of 2023 and its political upheavals and turmoil.

Well, there was Thanksgiving and Christmas (for those who celebrate those holidays) which gave a brief respite and then the world carried on its rollercoaster ride hurtling to heavens know what.

We see war and breakdown at every corner these days, institutions and sure-footed foundations seem to be crumbling everywhere, and major members of the Royal family (which many follow the fates of even if it generates an eye-roll in some people even at the mention of their names) are facing health crises and turns of fate, which, in turn, seem to mirror many of the health challenges that people are facing in their own lives or those of loved ones.

Everything happens for a reason, dear reader, which those of you who read my blog will well be aware of. The main reason for all this upheaval is Pluto moving through Sidereal Capricorn - and forgive me for constantly preaching this, but so many are steeped in Western Astrology that they howl with confusion when I say Pluto is NOT currently in Aquarius and ushering in a new age for humanity, and liberation from bondage and suffering.

Dear reader, you are savvy and familiar with my ways by now and also understand that Western Astrology is 24 degrees ahead of the true placement of the stars. Thus Pluto, the planet of crisis and transformation has thrown his stink bombs into all of the established traditions, norms, structures, and Governmental systems all around the world: we are also seeing the true nature of global business and institutions emerge in front our collective eyes, and for many, they find it uncomfortable.

Discomfort and unpleasant revelations will still be on the main menu for a while - but this is also a medicine of sorts.

Rahu and Ketu have changed signs on November 29th, 2023. Rahu is in Sidereal Pisces and Ketu is in Sidereal Virgo, and Virgo is all about health. Many of us are experiencing health crises this year, and what was already significant in 2022 and 2023 is likely to reach epic proportions in 2024 and 2025! Not even I, your devoted astrologer, have been able to escape the health b*tch-slap being dished out to so many this year. I have overworked myself and I'm in the process of restructuring my workload. I understand that many of you, dear readers, are going through similar things, or have loved ones going through difficult health situations.

This is part of the great awakening that humanity is going through, and that so many have been speaking of. It is happening and unfolding, his great awakening, as more and more people begin to ask deeper questions about society, its narratives, and the nature of reality itself. It is said that 49% of the global population will be voting in elections this year - which is profound. Conservatism, anti-globalisation, and a fair bit of Fascism are likely to be in vogue this year as Pluto continues his journey through Capricorn which deals with the power structures and hierarchies of the world all over.

So, it will be a mixed bag of justice, restructuring, new rules, government scandals, shocks and surprises, breakthroughs, and general douchebaggery that we've seen from the Government and big business. So, where's the hope I hear you cry?!

There is plenty, and the positive stuff is happening too. But all of the positive changes that we wish to see happen externally in the world must come from within: this is how Pluto works, really, and is his great lesson to all of us. The great awakening is really about humanity taking an internal inventory of their shadow stories, their hidden drives and beliefs, that could be running the show of their lives. Great awakenings of any sort are rarely comfortable experiences: but they're often great opportunities to experience the new, they're opportunities for FREEDOM, and freedom is very, very sweet.

Many of you who regularly watch my YouTube channel will know that I'm having my first retreat happening in Santa Fe New Mexico in August, but I see my last blog posting was back in December 2023, and things have changed from the original announcement of my retreat in Italy. I used my intuition - yes men have it too - and I felt that everyone would prefer to be in Santa Fe. I pulled some Tarot cards to confirm my insight, which they did emphatically, and then I did a YouTube survey to check in non-esoteric terms that could be explained to those who do not believe in such things, and the survey demonstrated that 50% of those surveyed expressed their preference for Santa Fe in August 2024, so viola!

So, for those of you who are still on the fence but would like to take the plunge, there is still time to sign up! For those who have already booked, you'll be getting an email from me, likely on Monday, so we can arrange a group Zoom call so that everyone can meet everyone else. It will be a hoot, but also give everyone a chance to meet people in advance who they'll be sharing this special experience with.

The link to join is below, and this is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people that you will have so much in common with. Everyone will have their birth charts to work with and compare to others and I'll be sharing with you all my astrology insights, secrets, and the ways that you're connected to your 'astrological family' it's remarkable (along with the beautiful sights and culture of Santa Fe, of course):

So, I want to say to everyone there is plenty of hope! There is, but it's up to us to generate the alchemy and magic within - I, in my own way, am making my contribution and you are all part of that contribution to the light too. We are all transforming and creating a new earth together!

Peace and light,


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