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Mercury Retrograde plays havoc in UK Parliament

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Theresa May is bruised and battered by betrayal, dicent, and failed by an unreliable voice as she loses control of Brexit.

If any more proof of the trickiness of Mercury retrogrades were needed for those that doubted these things, then one only need to have watched the UK Parliament rollock in yet more turmoil and intrigue, the likes of which have never been seen. Even the most seasoned of the political sages are left breathless at the tumult they see before them.

Today, (as of 13.03.2019) Theresa May struck a strangely serene figure amongst the riotous noise and hullabaloo that surrounded her. May, her party in disarray, her Brexit deal torn from her breast, and her voice shot to bits stood with the calm resignation of a weary commander who has seen too much slaughter on the battlefield, and awaits the noose from the enemy with the calm that at least oblivion will mean peace.

“May, her party in disarray, her Brexit deal torn from her breast, and her voice shot to bits stood with the calm resignation of a weary commander who has seen too much slaughter on the battlefield, and awaits the noose from the enemy with the calm that at least oblivion will mean peace.

Meanwhile the public and businesses look on aghast at the political world imploding before them and wonder how the nation got so derailed! However, those that are interested in the movements of the stars and planets look on with shrugs and sighs and smirk when they declare: 'as above, so below'.

So what is going on?

What isn't going on may be a better question. The scenes playing out in the UK Parliament, as well as many other democracies around the world, but in particular the UK and USA, are influence by several factors. The first is that Mercury is retrograde, which even the layman is getting wind of, retrogrades cause breakdowns in communications, glitches in tech, travels, and also misunderstandings. When Mercury is in a water sign he tends to act out more, and especially when he's in Pisces - which he is, whoops.

So what does Mercury retrograde in Pisces mean?

In short it means Mercury struggles to sort fact from fiction because he's in his sign of detriment and weakness. Mercury is at his best when exalted (highest functioning dignity) in Virgo - one of his own signs along with Gemini. Pisces sits opposite Virgo and is ruled by his enemy Jupiter - not good - on top of that Neptune wades in to all of this by throwing fog in Mercury's eyes. Neptune is the co-ruler of Pisces and the new Moon (also representing the mind) a few days ago was joined with him. In this kind of situation the fog of illusion and delusion are mixed in on top of the retrograde making it hard for us poor earthlings to sort fact from fiction, and navigate our way out of the maze! Is it any wonder then that Brexit is in such turmoil and that the UK Parliament is in such a fog? As if that were not enough Jupiter is currently Gandanta (as of 13.03.2019).

What is Gandanta?

In short it means drowning - yes, I said drowning. One of the most important planets for our feelings of optimism and well-being has gone retrograde right on his Gandanta point between the deep hot waters of Scorpio and the fire of Sagittarius - oh dear - it's like Jupiter has fallen overboard into a boiling lake without any life raft: uncomfortable to say the least! This, unsurprisingly, tends to leave people quite emotional, exasperated and crying out for help. It's almost as if all is turning upside down. Scene after scene plays out in the British public of people wailing slogans outside of Parliament, and Press Camps, as flags for the UK and the EU are blown ragged by the wind. As for the rest of the world they seem to think Britain has lost its mind. For me it is almost as if the figure of Britannia, so beloved by a certain generation that voted leave, has run out screaming into the street in her bra and knickers.

The leaders of Europe look on, shaking their collective heads, as Britannia froths at the mouth demanding to leave, but cannot decide on what terms she wants, and cannot seem to be reasoned with in any fashion whatsoever. It seems the sanitorium of WTO trade awaits as the medicine to numb and pacify the patent.

Parliament is hopelessly divided. To make matters worse Mercury will be retrograde until the 28th of March, just a day before we are due to leave, and the nodes of the moon are due to change into Ardra (early Gemini) and Mula (early Sagittarius) on the 24th - one could not make it up. There is a decent chance that Brexit may not happen at all.

Neptune, on his negative side, is the planet of illusion and delusion after all - is this Mercury retrograde causing decision makers to examine the fog and spells of Neptune (and untruths spun by those with something to hide)? I think the nodes of the moon will decide it. Rahu, the north node, will move into Ardra/Gemini and will provide much needed clarity. Rahu is an eclipse so expect secrets to be revealed. Neptunian deceits could be revealed for all to see. The whole Brexit process will either unravel, or something sensible will be agreed to go back to the EU with - especially as 'No Deal' has been taken off the table by MP's. However, the confusion of this retrograde is powerful. The motion to abandon no deal is not legally binding in law, and an extension to Article 50 is required. The granting of an extension needs to be approved by the EU.

Mercury is at his least capable of rational judgement in Pisces, and Neptune is in his element: he could well have us leave the EU without a deal by accident - all hangs in the balance - it's hard to see cliff edges on dark foggy nights.

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