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2020 Predictions: Bash, Boom, Bang!

What a 2020 that lays in store!

Already, right at the inception of 2020 we can see the global stage set for more drama, as if 2019 were not eventful enough already. 'Please, no more drama' I hear you cry. Well, drama is going to be on the menu for quite some time, so we all, collectively, have to get used to it. So what's going on and why is it all so fractious and difficult? Allow me to explain what's going on in the heavens and why it's important.

At the moment, Saturn is still in Sidereal Sagittarius, but only just, with Jupiter, and is about to go into Capricorn in the middle of January. The nodes of the moon are currently in Sidereal Gemini and Sagittarius too and all the major eclipses are happening there - that's why politics, religion, beliefs and foreign lands have been so much in the global news in 2019. However, the nodes will go into Sidereal Taurus (Rahu) and Scorpio (Ketu) in mid September 2020. This will mark a significant shift in global affairs where we can really see some movement on the environment because Taurus is the feminine earth sign that most pertains to earthly matters like food, security, money and values: these will be emphasised and amped-up greatly when this shift happens, and the global tone will change significantly. Food security and financial security will come into focus: likely for the reasons that I'll state below.

America is in for some MASSIVE changes. Why?

The USA, according to the constitutional astrological chart that symbolises the official birth of America: The Declaration of Independence, ratified on July 4th 1776 at 18:30 Philadelphia has a Sagittarius (Mula nakshatra) Ascendant and Gemini (Ardra) descendant. (There is some debate about the exact time as there was some too and fro in the lead up to things in regards the drafting of the document, but this chart works).

The Saturn Pluto conjunction I've mentioned in earlier blogs happens in the 1st house of the US chart, and that relates to the body, personality, health, vitality and physical reality. For anyone that has ever had Pluto and Saturn going over their ascendant, as most Sagittarius ascendant people have of late, there is no way that a person is not profoundly affected by that. Saturn and Pluto when together have a breaking down and restructuring effect when embraced, or a painful and explosive cataclysmic effect when the changes they urge are resisted. Saturn and Pluto are both planets of karma: Saturn gives the fruit of our actions, and Pluto shows us the results of our unresolved traumas, unless we face and transform them into light and wisdom. There are a LOT of question marks around America: its role in the world under the Trump administration, its foreign policy, its environmental policy, its domestic drug issues and opioid crisis, its health system, its college system, the big pharma companies, the massive national debt, its guns, its homelessness crisis... The list is very long.

Saturn and Pluto will pressurise all these issues in the US personal 1st house and then drag their influence into the 2nd house of values, finances, security, money and food, hmmmmm? If you're thinking that doesn't sound good then you're correct. America's 2nd house is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn: making Saturn the Landlord of their food, finances, and values (and people wonder why America is generally conservative as a county) and the 3rd house of business/commuting/communications and desires which is in sign of Aquarius. Saturn restricts things in general: it is well known that many US citizens do not own a passport. The third house also represents travel, but locally. Americans, in general, prefer to travel inside their own country - and Saturn is the ruler of that aspect of the US chart: just thought I'd point that out.

So in a simple break down: issues of the character, 1st house, will affect the values and resources of the native, 2nd house. America is going to face profound questions around these issues, and also by extension the 8th house of secrets, transformation, death, taxes, and the resources of others: because Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars will all join up in Capricorn in the spring of 2020 to oppose the 8th house. How could this not be eventful?

The planet Mars is currently in Sidereal Scorpio, VERY powerful, in America's 12th house (of losses and hidden foreign enemies) and Scorpio represents the Middle East as a whole, and Iran in particular. Are we joining the dots here? My previous blog makes reference to the recent assassination of the Iranian General. To add even more chills to this the nodes of the moon are almost back to where they were on September the 11th 18.5/19 years ago (the amount of time it takes the nodes to return) this is a concern, not a friendly place for America, especially as that axis falls plumb on top of the USA Ascendant in the 1st house, and 7th house of business, trade, exports, the outside world and open enemies.

Because the 12th house is hidden enemies and losses, and Scorpio represents Iran/Middle East, but also Russia to an extent: America could suffer an attack on home soil, 1st house, that will trigger a domestic crisis in regards to finances, values and resources, 2nd house.

If so it will likely be a cyber attack, as the lord of the 8th house, the Moon, sits in the 3rd house of communications AND in the sign of Aquarius which is associated with technology and science. Remember Saturn rules both of those signs under the traditional rulerships. Because the 12th house can represent indirect enemies and attacks of a more psychological and non-physical nature when we see Saturn with Pluto this suggests to me an attack, if carried out, could combine with some kind of power surge, because Pluto represents literal energetic power - especially nuclear, and one that affects the government/infrastructures, represented by Saturn, in some way. As I write that I've just thought of a nuclear power station... maybe something like that may be targeted on American soil via a cyber hack?

I hope not, but if an Iranian attack proves successful, especially as they have vowed bitter revenge so it will be a matter of pride that they retaliate, the attack could cause panic and global market turmoil, especially as Brexit, on January 31st 2020, will add volatility to the money markets, and the UK, energetically and spiritually, is the 'mother' of modern America.

An explosion at a nuclear power plant would deeply affect 2nd house issues because the fallout would affect crops, water systems, and the power grid and cause panic, also, only those with passports will be able to leave the country... it is worth remembering that America is about to have a Pluto return in their 2nd house - a very sensitive part of any person's chart. A Pluto return happens only once every 248 years. This means that Pluto's return will be exact upon its natal placement in 2024: America will be a very different place by then and will either undergo a complete rebirth or, unfortunately, destruction. The Pluto return in America's 2nd house in Capricorn and 8th house opposition in Cancer suggests that America's force as a financial and global power could end, or at the very least be radically transformed. Why?

Remember the USA has HUGE domestic debts. As of February 2019 it his a new record of $22 TRILLION! Pluto according to the ancient Babylonians represented huge wealth OR huge debts: the extremes of wealth. Saturn in Ancient astrology is a natural enemy of the Moon. Saturn and Pluto will be opposing the Moon's 8th house lordship in America's chart. America will ALSO be going through a 'Sade Sati', also known as 7 years of trials. When Saturn enters Sidereal Capricorn in mid January, it will be one sign away from the natal Moon placement in Aquarius: this makes Saturn the dispositor (the director) of the Moon who is lord of the 8th house. Saturn is the Karaka (indicator) of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses for all astrological charts, and natural enemy of the Moon: can one see the pile-up I'm seeing?

America HAS to face its karma for the choices it has made, all 244 years of them thus far, and Trump is part of it. The US will have to reevaluate its position in the world: it has no choice. Saturn being the dispositor of the Moon in the US chart makes his impact even more profound. The blessing is that he will be strong in his own signs, but it means his will and power will be total and unavoidable: whatever Saturn dictates and brings as karmas will come to pass and there is nothing the USA can do about it. Due to the recent Trade wars, China, which owns a lot of America's debt, will likely do something that could potentially crash the US dollar to render it almost worthless, and thus trigger inflation and panic that could then lead to the Civil War that some astrologers predict: it is on the cards. What happens in a nation that has a lot of fear, a lot of guns, and is running out of food and money?

Anyone with any sense and a rudimentary understanding of astrology knows that China has a lot of 12th house things going on right now: the 12th house also represents Prisons and isolation - think back in the news and one can see why my association is pertinent and relevant at this time I do not have to state it. Some say that China has been secretly stock-piling resources: that's also another 12th house activity: only time will tell. China is due for change, as the battles in Hong Kong demonstrate, some even say true democracy will arrive there. The recent eclipse shadow just after Christmas day went through China which does symbolise big changes: but they could be more environmental. However, China is a global power who senses that the timing may be ripe to take the mantle as global leader. The US is vulnerable, and those debts are too big, and there are too many problems at home.

All this that I'm writing may not come to pass, and this article will be a happy irrelevance. But if America suffers an attack, which is likely, that either cripples its infrastructure, finances, or poisons the land in some way it could trigger a Civil war over ideology and resources. China will then have the international stage free, especially as Brexit is likely to further weaken Europe - which is already suffering a gentle decline: and changes to weather patterns will only make matters worse. Many say there will be more flood in Europe, and the UK. There was a taste in 2019 with many floods in Europe, and Venice was turned into a pond.

If America's enemies do strike, it will be due to the US government's self-interested manipulations of the government apparatus, their peoples at home, and people abroad via questionable foreign moves - especially recently. The 8th house also refers to the resources of others: interesting when viewed through the prism of US foreign policy. Cancer, ruled by the Moon (the masses), as 8th house lord in the US chart, and Saturn, ruling Capricorn and Aquarius as the 2nd and 3rd house lord has the Moon sitting as his tenant in the 3rd.

The fact that the Moon, the 8th house lord is sitting in the third house of communication brings 8th house qualities to the the 3rd. This suggests that the media and technology are being used to control the masses: the Moon represents the common people, Aquarius technology, 8th house is the resources of others and control.

Look at how information has been weaponized, especially by Trump and the proliferation of Fake News (again a secretive 8th house taboo issue): however, its biggest use in on the American people themselves, facilitated by technology: we already know that this is plausible, and may one day be stated as fact. Social media, like this, has its uses but we must be careful what we consume.

This will all likely come to a peak starting in 2020 going into 2025, because Saturn will be in his own signs for approximately 5 years. This profound change on the cards could even lead to America transforming by internally splitting into separate independent countries WITHIN the US itself: this could happen.

Forgive my bombastic pros, there is such change in the air, but the planets do not lie: as above so below. Hopefully, none of this will come to pass. But given the astrological configurations and enormous power at play I find it hard not to see the USA, and the wider world, coming out of the next 10-20 years unchanged. It will change.

However, through the doom and gloom this is also a time of great spiritual manifestation and transformation on planet earth. A time where we must all take responsibility for our contributions, or not, to human progress and development. As I write this on 07/01/2020 Australia is in the grip of the worst bush fires it has ever known. I've seen a wonderful psychic called Amanda Ellis, who says the sacred Uluru (formally known as Ayres Rock) has rebooted its power since people were banned from walking on it. Feel free to watch her excellent YouTube video on the topic of the Australian bush fires.

The old systems and values are breaking apart. The era of Kali Yuga, the age of iron, is coming to an end, and is part of why things feel so relentless and pressing, the urgency of the times are upon us! The age of the old patriarchal systems and toxic masculinity are being expunged.

However, I wish to end on a positive note: this is one of the greatest times for spiritual development and personal empowerment that could take this whole planet into a new age of insight and enlightened progress. Many will not want to leave the old world behind and will want to stay there. If you're reading this blog then it is likely you will want to become a citizen of the new, brighter, world that is emerging and coming into life. We are all here to contribute to that change so that we can be lifted. In the chaos, fear and madness that will kick off this decade, try to keep your inner peace, be loving and forgiving, and be kind to those you either know or love, because that DOES make a difference. Onward and upwards all.

Peace and light. H

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