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Iran on the Brink...

Here I go again with my dreams, but this one was strong I just had to get it down before it breaks as a global story: I think that the high ranks of the Ayatollah are being wiped out by Corona Virus. I feel something massive is going on there, and Iran is trying to cover it up, but it will be impossible. I feel there is a huge problem brewing in Iran in regards to the virus, and, as usual, the powers that be are trying to cover it up. However, the Saudis will smell blood and could use the opportunity to strike their enemy. The trouble for them is that they host the Hajj Pilgrimage, which will only spread the virus further.

Anyway, this is a super quick post as I must dash, but after delaying with Carrie and Boris, it's better to have these things on the record.

Love and light.

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