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Harry and Meghan Resign Senior Royal Status

2020 is barely more than a week old, and the dramatic twists are coming thick and fast!

Many that are fans of the Royal Family will be shocked to learn that Harry and Meghan as of 08/01/2020 have stepped down from their senior roles in the Royal Family for a more simple and self supported life.

For those that have born witness to the extensive criticism, and quite a bit of it racist, flung Harry and Meghan's way, one cannot be surprised, ultimately, that this is happening. Quite a few Psychics predicted that such would happen, and given the movements in the skies at the moment - those predictions were valid.

So what does this mean for the Royal Family, you, and the UK as a whole?

Many nations and people on a personal level will be going through significant changes this year as Saturn is about to step into his own sign of Capricorn. Wherever Capricorn falls in a person's natal chart is where those changes are going to be felt the most, this also applies to Aquarius which Saturn also rules.

Many say that the natal chart of the UK has a Libra Ascendant, and given the overall nature of Britain over the years I'm inclined to agree. A Libra Ascendant according to Sidereal Astrology makes Saturn the Lord of the 4th (home, feelings, real estate, mother land, emotions) and 5th house (intelligence, advising others, politics, speculation, education, romance, investments and children). This, as a Brit, makes much sense to me. After all the UK is famous for its old, refined, stone-built stately homes with great historical significance - which are very symbolic of Saturn as ruler of the nation's real estate. The 4th house is also about history. Us Brits are also known to be cold, initially, when meeting new people, but very loyal friends once the 'ice' has thawed. Saturn is a cold planet after all. We're also known to be fond of putting our children (5th house) into boarding schools (4th house-real estate) and not minding very much that they're left there. Saturn is not a cuddly planet, as you may have figured. But is Britain is also famed for its professional services and advice, and also its world famous universities, financial, legal, business and political institutions: all of these relate to the 5th house. Britain is also known for Empire and 'Gun Boat Diplomacy' but what can one expect from a nation that has a 7th house (business, trade, foreign lands, diplomacy, partnerships and negotiation) in Aries which is ruled by aggressive and conquering Mars? It's not an excuse, but it is an accurate description of the energies at play, and history validates my claims.

However, Saturn has given Brits the famous 'stiff upper lip' and a stoic resistance to adversity and challenge (also Saturnine traits) that is admired around the world. Terrorist attacks on home soil are often met with some supermarket flowers, a shrug, and then getting on with work and life the next day. There are no national days of mourning except D-day: the 11th of November. Cool, organised and dignified: with some ancient veterans, the Queen and a bit of silence and then we carry on. We only cried publicly with Diana, who was an understandable exception: where dry faces became wet with tears. These qualities are Saturnine gifts. Once you're in the ground Brits move on. They're not warm traits, but they get one through life.

This also may be the default survival tactic: not talking openly about feelings - which is not a very Saturn type trait at all (he is an enemy to the emotional Moon) - but it has its obvious downsides. Saturn is also a very critical planet, and with Saturn ruling the 4th house the sticks tend to come out at home!

Baring this in mind, it seems, and was stated by the Harry and Meghan in interviews, that harsh press and social media critiques were a major factor in the choice to step back, and divide their time between the UK and Canada. I don't blame them.

With the imminent move of Saturn going into Capricorn, around the middle of January, he'll be walking straight into the 4th house of the UK natal chart: HOME. All this no doubt has been tough on the Queen who must be wondering what other bad news he'll have for her on her doorstep. The Queen is the 'Mother of the Nation' after all, and Queen of the Commonwealth too. Whatever house Saturn enters he changes the decor and the furniture , often throwing out, or breaking, items you've grown attached to over many years: or selling them on eBay. This is what he does. Saturn comes with an inventory of things that he wishes to change in the house that he's in. If it's his own sign, the changes will be tasteful and proportionate - if you go along with his choices. However, if you wail, cling, cuss him out and lock the door to resist his choices, then one can expect to be slapped with a situation that's hard to recover from.

Given that Saturn rules, via Capricorn, old institutions, traditions, protocol, old stately homes, and gemstones: is it any wonder the Queen feels like she has a lot on her plate! Especially with her children (5th house), she can't seem to keep any of them out of the news. I imagine more is in store. As one of the oldest Royal Families on earth the monarchy will face a lot of change in the coming years, especially as the Queen is getting very old herself. A moment of reflection that comes to me now, is that the 4th house represents the female influence, homeland and mother. Capricorn represents power, hierarchy and the highest of female signs: no wonder 'Britannia' has had many influential and powerful Queens remembered by History - Mary Queen of Scott's, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, and our current Queen Elizabeth II - even King Henry VIII had 6 Queens before all of that. And everyone knows Margaret Thatcher, who was effectively a political Queen on the world stage.

So, this powerful 4th house of the UK is getting a re-shuffle, and our own Queen is going to have to let go of some treasured things. This is not all literal, of course, but many could be personal and psychological in nature. It is the nature of Saturn, he will put pressure on whatever house he sits in and will test its strength. The test is to bring about greatness if we are prepared to do the work required of us in the area where he sits in our chart. Saturn, though, is a planet that is fond of separation and distance, and we see the effect he is having already upon the Royal Family - it's likely there will be more separations in every sense on the way. But this is part of life. Change is constant. But looking at the positives there is much to be gained from the challenging energies at work. The growth made over the next 5 or so years that Saturn will be in his own signs could bear great fruits with time.

Now is great time for personal development in whatever area of the chart that Saturn directly affects. Ponder this for a moment and reflect. Chances are that you've already experienced a flavour of what is to come. What are the areas of your life that could do with developing? Where can you take on more responsibility and maturity? What foundations do you want to build that will secure your future and make you a greater person? We all know that to gain such things take great efforts on our part, and that is often the reason why we run away from those situations because the trials seem daunting.

But with practical effort, realism and dedication the REWARDS can be wonderful. Saturn, as a rule, rewards sustained efforts - especially a little done every day. Rome was not built in a day, and nor is a human life or success, because they take maturity and time.

With Saturn moving into his own sign of Capricorn, try to view the many tests put in our path as opportunities for growth. There will be a lot of who-ha and drama over this year and after, but it's all about the higher path. Take that higher path wherever you can, and climb your personal mountain, bit by bit, like the goat does that represents Capricorn. Capricorn is also a spiritual sign, yes it is, which is capable of great insight and realism about the world. There are many realities that we'll have to face going forward, but many chances for growth and progress if one stays grounded and carries on and embraces change.

So many things are likely to happen in 2020 as my earlier blogs attest, and much will be dramatic and quite shocking, but remember there are also great opportunities and new things that will be worth striving for, or one could see past projects, involving much effort, bear fruit now. Master new skills, grit your teeth for the efforts, but also go with the flow because there is almost always some sort of pleasure to be had. When you do well and reach a goal, even if minor, pat yourself on the back and give thanks: Saturn will notice, and may even offer a helping hand.

Peace and Light.

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