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Can America get out of its Tailspin?

No one and no country is perfect. Covid-19 has affected everyone in the world in some way or another, and many of those have lost loved ones. These are strange, strange times that we're in, and by astrological accounts, things are yet to become stranger still.

In my opinion, the USA seems to be the strangest place on Earth at the moment: and I mean that with all the compassion I can muster.

Recently I did a new YouTube video which was an update and follow on from the blog I wrote on the 8th of March 2020 called 'The Carma Bus has Arrived for America'. In the post, I wrote of my frustration at the Trump administration, its silly outlook, and its lack of leadership.

My frustration has now ebbed away into resignation of what is inevitably to come for a nation that once prided itself for leading the free world.

America has lost its sense of direction under this administration, and can no longer lead itself, let alone the world. This is a great source of sadness, because, for all its faults, America stands for a lot, and was always fighting for the concept of democracy and freedom. Now the Trump administration is dabbling in authoritarianism and Orwellian 'News Speak' (fake news). This is a slow unfolding tragedy: especially as America's enemies (Russia, China and Iran) have a better grasp of Covid-19 (with China doing the best) and are in an increasing position to deal mighty blows to a morally and financially weakened America. Yes, technically America is one of the richest countries in the world, but the money is held by so few that there is next to no resilience held in the populace who live from care to care and paycheck to paycheck.

In the state of Oregon, protesters were bundled into the back of unmarked police cars and driven off without explanation. Thousand of children that crossed the Mexico border to be with parents or relatives have vanished from the camps that they were kept in - yet no one seems to notice, or care. Multiple millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are relying on food banks, and state handouts that the state resents giving in the first place, and all of this headed by a man that does not want to lead and rejects the advice of health professionals. It was only a couple of days ago that Trump has endorsed mask-wearing, and many deduce it's only because he's behind in the polls. Is it now the case that 'Sleepy Joe Biden' is sleepwalking his way to victory? But it is too soon to speak of such things, as the world seems to pivot on a dime these days: the nodes of the Moon still express their awesome power - it would be foolish to think that there will not be more dramatic developments to come.

As usual, it's all in the stars, but the stars do not bode well for America if they don't fix up their collective act fast. Please click on my Youtube for more information, and let us hope that America can get itself out of the Covid tailspin and fly to calmer places.

Love and light.

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