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Baboon L'Orange: my new name for Trump.

These are surreal times... Even by astrologer standards. The whole world is in lockdown, the medical professions all around the world a scrabbling for a vaccine, people are still dying in their thousands, but the current President of the United States thinks now is the best time to cut funding to the World Health Organisation... Hmmmm.

It's difficult to know what to say for an action like that. There may be some issues with the WHO, maybe they are too close to China? As some say, but is this really the time, when the people of the earth are in such peril, to withdraw funding from the WHO?

Baboon L'Orange is a colourful and unpredictable character, but much like the wildlife found on Safari: it's better certain wild beasts are viewed at distance, and not allowed to drive the car. Baboon L'Orange is driving America to strange places, and it's literally costing American lives. It's hard to comprehend how the situation should even continue.

L'Orange is very keen to get the economy up and running and even went as far as to declare himself as 'all-powerful' before he was slapped down by state Governors reminding him of the US Constitution: a prospective president should not even be allowed to take office if they do not know even the rudiments of the US constitution on which America was founded. It beggars belief what L'Orange has been able to get away with. Naked lying and self-interest have been tolerated by Americans, on the whole, it seems, in return for a decent economy he largely inherited from Obama. L'Orange has improvised, pivoted, wheeled and dealt with all sorts of political intrigues and outrages, and has revealed a precocious talent for audacious escape moves that even Houdini would be proud of.

How long this can continue is for the gods, but as they say: 'all good things must come to an end'. Who L'Orange is good for has become quite clear over the years: the top 2%, but how long can he keep the common man or woman on his side with 22 million (and counting) of Americans unemployed? This explains the panic of Baboon L'Orange, he's acting like a key sector of his territory (the economy) is under threat, which it clearly is, and is wanting to move heaven and earth to get it all going again so that he can stay 'king' of his patch.

If this proves anything, it proves the extraordinary vanity of a man that will literally risk lives in the middle of a full-blown bonafide global Pandemic, to rush to re-start an economy that is in no safe position currently (at the time of writing) to open safely.

I've written before about the Grand Stellium of planets currently in Capricorn (Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto) which is happening in the USA's 2nd house. The 2nd house not only represents our income, savings, job, and food but also our family and our values.

As L'Orange pushes for his 'big bang!' economic opening, the values of America are being sorely tested, and some US citizens in Michigan have started protesting to have the economy opened, even as the numbers infected in the state continue to go up.

L'Orange has also floated the idea of becoming a radio host for two-hour slots to talk to the US population live and take questions on the radio show of Conservative Radio Host Rush Limbaugh. The host said:

"Trump is one of the few who could fill my shoes. With proper training and instruction. I can see that. I think there'd be no one better to fill my shoes than Donald Trump... I find it once again very pleasantly satisfying that a man who owns television wants to be on radio." (as quoted on CNN Saturday 18.04.202 15:10, approx, UK time).

This is quite interesting because the 2nd house also represents the mouth and that which we speak: it seems the President is very keen to stay in control over the narrative and deflect attention away from the general view that he's mishandled the whole situation in regards to the US Coronavirus response. Where does this leave America?

In a very difficult place, I have to say. If Baboon L'Orange gets his way and is effectively able to pressurise and bully state governors to open up their economies early, not only will the virus circulate even more than it already is, but there could be a situation where millions of Americans could die, rather than the 22 thousand and counting. And yet people humour him and listen to his rhetoric when he should be locked in a safe-room to protect the public.

Obama would not have got away with one toe-nail's worth of what Baboon L'Orange is indulged with, and Hilary Clinton was derailed in her campaign by speculation over her emails: which was later debunked, and she was able to win the popular vote, yet still came out empty-handed. How trite it all seems now.

Now, I'm not writing to defend the record of the democrats, but more to contrast how people in the US have behaved towards them. Astrology, of course, paid a major role in L'Orange getting elected (with a little help from his friends, no doubt) but as powerful as astrology is, a big part of what happens in life is also down to free will. Regardless of the personal opinions that one may have in regards to the President, a LOT of people sided with him over the economy. However, with the US economy resembling a burnt train wreck on buckled rails, and with US citizens queuing up in their thousands, in their cars, for food hand-outs, it is a wonder how many will continue to support him.

The beaches in Florida have now reopened, and social distancing is not being observed from live press reports from the beaches: who knows how that will turn out? The arguments are that if one can go to the shopping store, then the beach can't be worse, which is a fair argument: the saltwater negative ions air that one finds at the beach is unlikely to be a nice environment for a virus - and the constant breeze should disperse the virus thinly.

There is also evidence emerging to suggest the monies given by the US State to companies to keep on staff, have already vanished into the pockets of well-connected companies close to the US State, and have not reached the thousands common man on the street companies that are still waiting for approval. There is also breaking news that employees at meat processing factories, like Tyson Foods, (remember the 2nd house is also food intake) have high rates of infection and are starting to die in high numbers. Lincoln, Nebraska is thinking of re-opening its mall come 24th of April... Let's see how that goes, infection rates are currently rising at 30%... Hmmmm.

What a complex pickle of things going on. I enjoyed my travels in America, it is a bombastic and colourful place, but it is full of contradictions and far from united. The lack of a common joined-up vision is the greatest weakness to afflict the nation: and division and inequality are making it worse. One can only look on and watch the dynamics of the planets play out.

I wish it were different. But fate is fate, and the rest of the world is fated to watch it all unfold.

Keep your spirits high, dear readers, lockdown will eventually end, and freedom shall return.

I've had cravings for BBQ's with friends, house parties, picnics, and iced caramel lattes with whipped cream from Starbucks... One thing that I've learned is that food loses a lot of its meaning and flavour when it cannot be shared with others, and I'm frankly bored of my own cooking! I miss the pleasure of dining out with friends and family, and paying someone for service... Sigh.

Strange times, but we will all come out stronger and much more grateful after all of this. I expect queues at places to eat when we can return to restaurants again...

Stay strong.

Love and light.

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