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LOVE: Where is it in Your Chart?

This consultation examines your 7th house of relationships and Navamsa

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 159 British pounds
  • Online Session

Service Description

We all need love and for many people, that means finding a special person to share our life with. But where are they? And what are they like? This can be seen from the 7th house in your natal chart, the 7th lord, Darakaraka (planet with the lowest degree), and the D9 (Navamsa chart). The first house represents us. The 7th house represents our partner(s). In this consultation, I take your 7th house and use it to represent the 1st house of your potential (or current) partner and I read the chart from there: where the planets and aspects fall will reveal information about the person you're supposed to meet or will reveal details about your current or ex-partner. I'll also look at the condition of Venus (the planet of Marriage, business, and relationships) and Jupiter which represents the 'husband' and children in a woman's birth chart. In a man's chart, Venus reflects the qualities of his 'wife' or potential partner he'd like to meet. You get your Zoom recording of the session, and birth chart sent to you as part of the service. For this consultation, your birth TIME, birth DATE, and birth LOCATION are required. Please leave those details where prompted in the booking form.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, due to the intensive nature of casting chart and archetypal consultations, refunds are not possible with these services. However, there will always be an option to reschedule to a more mutually convenient time. Kindest regards, Hogarth

Contact Details

London, UK

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