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Will Boris Be Eclipsed by His Past?

Well, here we go!

UK readers of this post will know that we have a Tory leadership contest going on at the moment between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. After a brief tussle to whittle down the contenders from a vast field of chancers, the Tory politicians have voted for their final two. Now the Tory membership decide on behalf of the whole nation who will run the country... Hmmmm?

It is said that Boris' team wanted Jeremy to be his opponent, and that they - at last - were able to exact revenge on Michael Gove who famously stabbed Boris in the back during the 2016 Brexit campaign. However, I have a feeling that this will be no cake-walk for Boris into the seat of power - for, as ever, the planets will have their say.

What am I talking about?

The planets have powers, and there could be quite an event to come along to shake the Boris campaign. The main obstacle to his success, as his team have worked out, is himself. Boris is a fickle, vain and unstable man: yet these seem to be qualities that Tory politicians and the membership like - or is it?

I suspect that the longer the campaign continues the harder Boris is going to find it to keep unsavoury elements of his past from scrutiny.

July 2019 is going to be seeing two eclipses in the month and the first is a whopper! On July 2nd there is a full solar eclipse, and on July 16th there is a partial Luna eclipse. For more detailed information on eclipses feel free to reference my earlier blog on the topic, but is essence eclipses of any sort tend to reveal that which is hidden: especially solar eclipses as they have a strong impact on politics and world affairs in particular.

The Sun in astrology represents 'the King' or 'the leader' in a nation and also in a person's personal chart: where we have the power to create a kingdom and lead. So with this being the case, a person wanting to become the leader of a nation (the 'King') who has a bit of a past that they'd rather people didn't discuss or know about is probably going to have a few issues to deal with near a solar eclipse time. The effects of eclipses can be felt 2-3 weeks before they happen, and they have a ripple effect that can last up to three months or even more. Right on cue, as soon as the leadership contest gets under way people have been muttering about Boris' past, his past comments, and his past track record.

There is something very important to know about the Sun: as much as we love it, the Sun is a malific. Malifics tend to be cruel. The other malifics are Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu (and Mercury can be malific with bad company and so can the Moon when waning). However, the Sun represents truth, for although he's cruel, he's noble and honest. The Sun likes to tell the truth, and he's even more inclined to be truthful when eclipsed: this does not bode well for Boris.

Already the planets are at work and the eclipse is already taking effect, for not more than a couple days ago the police were called to the flat of Boris' young girlfriend after concerned neighbours heard screaming and rowing past midnight. The row was recorded by the neighbours, the police said all was fine, but the recording made it to the papers, and now Boris has questions about his private life to face. I suspect there could be more, MUCH more that we learn about Boris over the next few weeks and months.

UK politics has its knickers in a twist anyway, and the knot in the nation's panties has chaffed for some time. This discomfort is likely to get worse as the leadership contest continues, and the Sun will start confessing his sins under the duress of an eclipse. Boris, at this stage, is still likely to become leader of the UK, but the process will not be comfortable and much dirty linen is yet to be watched. I don't doubt for a minute that Boris will have enough unsanitary 'bed sheets' to rival Tracy Emin's Un-made Bed. Who knows what else lays, yet undiscovered, in other closets? The solar eclipse on the 2nd of July will reveal this, not only in UK politics, but international politics too, and in people's personal lives. That which is hidden shall be revealed.

July will see things heating up both literally and figuratively: much will come to a head. The Mars Rahu opposition of the Saturn, Ketu and Pluto conjunction of the last week or so saw much disturbances around the world, and we see the power games being played out between the US and Iran. These are tricky times. The eclipse on the 2nd of July does not bode well for Iran or, Turkey for that matter, and the eclipse could be a bad omen for the leaders of those countries. Yet more revelations will come out of the woodwork for Trump, and it will reach a point in the not so distant future where Jupiter, the main planets that protects him, will no longer be able to do his job.

A whole can of craziness could be opened in regards to terrorist activity come July, or it may be more of a case of cyber terrorism from the eastern part of the world in retaliation to the US cyber attack on Iranian missile launchers. Iran shot down a US drone, and the US launched a cyber attack instead of a physical one. This is fortunate, because Mars had just slipped into Cancer, the gentle sign of his debilitation, when the drone was shot down and Trump held back at the last minute to avoid loss of life. This is what can happen when the warrior Mars comes to rest in Cancer. He puts down his weapons and schemes and cooks instead. Cancer is a gentle sign, and one of the few places where Mars can relax. Trump's finger may have hovered over certain buttons, but he opted for a more 'gentle' cyber attack instead of brute force. I suspect that this frustrated Iran somewhat, as it's not the narrative they may have wanted. I doubt the Iranians will forgive this and are probably plotting something massive to get their own back when the US least expect it.

It's almost as if Iran has suffered a bout of instant karma in regards to the US cyber attack just when Mercury, the planet of communications and technology, has gone retrograde. One cannot make it up. I suspect international actors will keep their powder dry until the US elections of 2020: then I think we'll really see where the powers lie.

I digress: this blog was about Boris.

Expect to see and learn quite a lot of things that we did not know before over this eclipse period. Some of it could be shocking, some of it could be funny, and much of it will be mundane. The world is in the grip of huge changes, and by the time we his 2024 it could be a whole new world. Keep your eyes peeled, and have the truth be your guiding mantra. In these testing times, try your best to be patient and kind. Be honest as you can with yourself and others and try to see the higher purpose in everything.

Slap on the sun cream because things will be hotting up.

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