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Will America Become the Pity of the World?

With each passing day, one looks at America with incredulity as if watching a particularly bizarre episode of the Twilight Zone or Twin Peaks. No country is perfect, but it seems as if America has become a place that can only be represented accurately by a Salvador Dali painting. The truth and reality seem to be melting in front of our eyes like the clocks in Dali's The Persistence of Memory painting. Never in my life have I, or anyone else for that matter, seen such blatant lies pedalled as truth so brazenly. There is not even the thinnest of veils to cover the naked lies to the American people and the world. What is even worse is the obvious cohort of the GOP, and swathes of American society, that actively support and uphold those lies: it is truly astonishing and deeply disappointing.

A friend of mine came back to the UK from a year-long stint in Atlantic City, a GOP stronghold, last week. My friend said that Trump flags abound in that broad land (even on the lawns adorned with, incense holders, Buddas and wind chimes) and my friend also informed me that many people he believed to have sound judgment, and some moral compass, turned out to be avid Trump supporters. This does not mean these are criminal people, of course not: but NO ONE with even an ounce of education cannot say they can't see Trump for what he is because it is obvious to the world.

My friend said these people know good and well what he is, and they are going to vote for him out of pure self-interest: and there is the ugly truth at the epicentre of the psyche of America today - and where it has gone wrong. America is falling apart, and it's not just because of COVID, it's because of a deep moral bankruptcy laying at the very foundations of the nation. Trump is a mirror, a black mirror, that reveals all that one needs to know about the previously buried psyche of a significant part of the US population. Trump famously promised to 'drain the swamp' but what he actually did was break the dam of the swamp so all the sewage, and slurry, of the most fetid and rotten parts of the US collective unconscious could find expression in daylight.

This is a blog about astrology, so allow me to remind you, dear reader, that the planet of the underworld, and our deepest and darkest secrets, Pluto, sits retrograde with Ketu (representing the past) in the 2nd house of values, money, assets, family, food and shelter in the US Constitution birth chart (18:30 July 5th 1776 Philadephia) . America is currently experiencing a Pluto return which only happens once every 248 years. When a planet returns to its original placement in our birth chart it arrives with a shovel and spade to do some digging and soil turnover in areas of life under its rule. In sthis case Pluto will be digging in the back yard next to the pumpkins and sweet potatoes and plucking out all the rotting corpses that are buried there. Pluto represents the worst of what humanity is capable of in his shadow form, and yet the highest of our achievements when in his highest expression (like self-sacrifice for the highest good, charity, and transforming ourselves and the world for better).

He is truly the sinner turned saint when his brutally transformative lessons are faced and understood. I repeat: we get our highest human expression and god-like powers when Pluto is faced, integrated and understood. Pluto is the dark night of the soul, Pluto is the liberation and empowerment that comes with shadow work and integration.

Pluto is retrograde in the US constitution chart. A retrograde planet is technically stronger in a chart because it means it is closer to the earth. However, a retrograde planet acts less like a boat and more like a submarine when it returns in a chart. It makes the qualities of that planet more difficult to integrate and see clearly: that planet becomes a 'blind spot' in the psyche that the native gladly avoids, because to fully make conscious and integrate a retrograde planet takes work and digging to get that planet's blessing and gifts.

So, when Pluto - the planet of the collective unconscious, underworld, trauma, abuse of power, ruthlessness, dictatorship, mafia bosses, people trafficking, explosions, death, genocide, exploitation, slavery, power plays, and transformation are all acting whilst overlooked in the collective unconscious of the United States in the house of 'money and family values', we can see why America has got itself to this place where naked lying has become acceptable: as long as one's powerplays are supported. When those Plutonic representations are overlaid upon the reality that is playing out in America, so much of what is happening there makes sense. Currently, the swamp is not being drained - it's been undammed, allowed to spill all over America and is stirred with gusto by Trump, his administration and the GOP.

Those that my friend mentioned in Atlantic City know full well what is happening, and they are going vote Trump regardless because it suits them nicely. Social justice, equality, and truth are of utter irrelevance to such people and are effectively 'Trumped' by self-interest and personal gain.

Now, allow me to discuss Jupiter 'the great benefic'.

Often described, myself included, as the 'Santa Clause' of the heavens yet even benefics have their shadow sides: if the shadow of Venus is hedonism and self-indulgence, then the shadow of Jupiter is GREED and ideological self-righteousness. There are one or two, not many, that doubt the USA Constitution chart is a Sagittarius Ascendant, but instead a Scorpio one. I doubt this very much, although some of the arguments for a Scorpio Ascendant make sense in isolation... However, the Sagittarius and Jupitarian qualities of the American psyche are obvious. Jupiter is the ruler of the 12th house in the natural order of the zodiac via his sign of Pisces that is also co-ruled by planet Neptune (the planet of spirituality, photography, movie making, alcohol, drugs, liquids, oil, petroleum, fog, secrets, lies and delusions). What is the biggest social construct at the heart of the American psyche so famous that the whole world knows it? The American Dream. The 12th house is also the house of sleep, dreams, bed pleasures, escapism, hidden enemies, incarceration, losses, religious institutions, and the film industry.

If there is one overwhelming justification for the unbridled greed of certain elite sections of USA society, then it's the American Dream - and almost everyone, except those hurt by the lie, buys into it with the zealous faith that would rival the staunchest person in any radical terrorist group. The American Dream is the defacto religion of America - because no self-respecting Christian could stand by and accept such outrageous discrimination, unfairness and inequality that are blatantly on display for the world to see. Of course, not all Americans are like this: we have seen the global support for Black Lives Matter erupt from the US and be widely supported by multitudes of white as well as BAME youth within America and around the world, yet, for all the marching and the cries of change - there is a stubborn, and largely silent, contingent of American society that wishes to maintain the status quo.

Planet Pluto shows where that intransience is: it's in America's values. The 2nd house shows what our life was like growing up: that's why having a Malefic like Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Pluto in the 2nd house can be so damaging, because it affects the values you were brought up with, your personal values and beliefs, and your attitude to money and resources. Pluto, in the shadow form, is all about money and power used to maintain one's position potentially at the expense of others at all costs: in the 10th house that can play out in the kind of ruthless fighting and status for one's career - which to a certain degree comes with the teritory of high office and very influencial power roles (hense why Malefics do very well in the 10th house). But when such things become the values that you're raised and imbibed with with, and the yard-stick by which one measures others, including their tangiable values and assets: this sets up a very bleak society of have and have nots where being poor is seen almost as a state of depravity: and yet is exploited by the better offs for personal gain. Retrograde Pluto in the 2nd house will exploit others for personal gain, and not see the problem of it when it's pointed out, or will give a violent denial. Pluto not only represents the wealth of billionaires but also the debts of the destitute - so we see that both can be true at the same time in America, or anywhere in a nation's chart where Pluto is in a money house (2nd, 6th, 10th).

This is one of the biggest issues lying at the heart of the American Dream: it's not about everyone succeeding, it's about certain selected people succeeding and 'screw the rest!'

If one happens to be fortunate enough to be on the privilaged side of the fence then there is no greater idyll than America, because the living is fabulous if you can have it. However, if one falls from the American Dream into the American Nightmare then no greater disgrace can befall you. To be poor in America is to live in a state of disgrace and social isolation the likes of which many in Europe would find hard to understand. There is little to no compassion in America for those that fall on hard times. When the eviction morritorium ends in America, everyone will still owe missed rent and mortgage repayments and will have to pay INTEREST on their repayments: it beggars belief. To add insult to injury the emergency payments of $600 per week to help people stay alive has now been slashed to $300 per week (at this time of writing on 07.09.2020) while trillions are pumped into the stockmarket and the hands of those that do not need the money. I could go on but this blog would never end for all of the examples of how this malign blight plays out across American society.

Trump reaches new lows, and is now insulting the dead of America's military campains and calling them 'losers', which is so outrageous a statement that it makes even bona fide dictators blush! For all of the most vindictive dictators that have ever lived in history, you will not find one that would insult their military publicly: for dictatorship and military are like hand and glove - the dictator that loses the respect and support of his military is soon doomed. Trump is not even a tin pot dictator - he's barely a cardboard one - but give him a 2nd term and who knows?

My point is that he's proved himself to be utterly ridiculous and incompetent. However, what I will say for Trump, especially examining his chart in my recent 4-part mini series on his astrological chart:

Is that Trump has excellent 'reptillian' intelligence. What I mean by that is that he has a powerful knack of knowing how to appeal to people's bassest instincts, throw wounding insults with uncanny accuracy, and inspire fear in others for his own gain and advantage. That above all others is probably Trump's greatest talent - to get others to support him against their better judgement. He's shown this dark gift of his time and time again - and it is the shadow gifts of Neptune and Jupiter in his 2nd house of values, money, and speech. He lies constantly (the shadow of Neptune) and appeals to people's self-interest and greed (the shadow of Jupiter) when one knows and sees this then everything makes sense of why not only America, but most of the world, is as it is. It is humanity's responsibility to rise to the higher vibrations of the planets. Earth school is a test. Will we serve and elevate others, or will we only seek the elevation of our own selfish interests? Free will is sacred: even to evil.

We all have a duty to look after ourselves while here on planet earth, as it's natural. But humanity gets into problems when people who should know better, and do know better, advantage themselves at the expsense of others: when this happens on a grand scale society breaks down and becomes pointless: because no one is invested in the outcome. This is how Rome fell.

Many, many people overlook the most important attribute of Saturn, the boogy-man of woe, in the heavens: Saturn, planet of karma and paying your dues is exalted in the sign of Libra - which represents the peace and equality of all humanity. Humanity can only truly prosper in a state of fainess and peace. That's why warring nations are poor nations by default. Ah! But America is the richest nation of earth! I hear you cry. No, it's not: it's the most indepted. At the last count of February 2020 America's debt stood at 22 Trillion, and counting.

American tax payers money (largly coming from the poor, working and middle classes because top corporations worth billions hardly pay any tax) is over invested in the military and the police. All of this while America's infrastructure creaks, and most of the population is medicated with prescription drugs, buying their opioids off the internet, or 'spice' off the street. The 'socca Mom' that trump likes to refer to as living in the suburbs baking cookies, is face down in her cerial after yet another overdose on a cocktail of prescription drugs that would leave Judy Garland dazed and confused. None of this is sustainable.

Everything that I wrote in my March 2020 blog (please have a look down the list) has basically come true, along with the cyber hacking and American hunger.

So what is to be done? American's must wake up and do better, for if it doesn't the baton will be officially passed to China: and based on current trends that could be a whole world of pain. Americans must look within and question their motives, and give up that 'greed is good'. Americans need not take up Marxism, but it needs to build a fairer society or implode under its own weight of injustice and neglect. We the world, can only look on, but yet what we can do is pray for America to start making the right choices - it's starting to happen in places - but I can't shrug off the feeling that what America stood for is falling apart like the world of Fantastica in the Never Ending Story, and that it will fall apart in front of our eyes unless, like the child Empress, America is given another 'name' that restores faith and hope.

Let us all pray that this miracle should happen, not only for America, but for the whole world.

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