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The Grand Alignment of 2020 and the shake-ups of 2019

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Hold on folks: it's going to be a bumpy ride!

A person, these days, would quite literally have to be living in a cave for years not to notice the sheer amount of change and flux that convulses through the Earth, global events, and our daily lives. Humanity, at this point in our history is going through one of the biggest transformations we have ever undergone and global events, as hectic as they have been, are only going to get more tumultuous as we prepare to enter 2020 and beyond.

So, why is this all happening? The reasons are many, but one of the best places to look are the heavens because: 'as above, so below'. Many say 2012 was a turning point. It was, if one spoke about it at the time, the end of the Mayan Calendar and the Glorious celebrations of the Olympics in London. Why was 2012 important? It is said that was when Gaia, planet Earth, began the raising of her own vibration to begin the evolution into 5 Dimensional reality, yes, I did say 5 dimensions. The ancients knew this, and this is one of the main reasons why the Mayan Calendar ended in 2012. There are other calendars, but the one that ended in 2012 was very important because it marked the point when humanity would start to increase its vibration with that of planet Earth. If you would like to know more about this please click on the link below.

The point is that we all on a journey to a higher state of awareness and there is no going back. Think just how much society has changed since 2012. Look at the globe, look at politics. Many would say that things have changed for the worse. At this moment it seems they have, however, the upheavals are all part of the change: out with the old and in with the new.

Collectively our attitudes are changing. We are all taking climate change more seriously. We are considering our well-being, and it seems no one had ever heard of a Vegan until after 2012. That movement has been going on since the Victorian period in the West, and as for India people there just roll their eyes when people try to say that it's new. The point is that these topics are becoming global. We are all becoming aware of each other and what is going on in other cultures.

But ascension does not come without growing pains, and goodness - what growing pains we are all having! In order to cleanse and clean we must clear up the muck - and that is a lot of what we are seeing right now, lots and lots of it, and the planets are helping dredge all of this up into the light for us all to see. The stench of greed and corruption at work in the world has been hard to stomach. The scourge of inequality, particularly in Western democracies that like to pride themselves on high international standards, is almost overwhelming. Nowhere more stark are these contradictions then in the UK and the USA. Brexit and Trump is really showing what is deep in the bowels of global politics and it is not a pretty sight. It also seems the far Right and the far Left are back in vogue, and there are reasons for this.

The role of Saturn, Ketu and Pluto.

These three characters make an explosive combination: expect the darkness to be exposed in all of its ugliness. In March 2019, a matter of weeks away at the time of writing this, Saturn, Pluto and Ketu (the south node of the Moon) will meet together in Sidereal (the Vedic positioning) Sagittarius: this is very important. Sagittarius is all about seeking the truth, it also governs our ideological values, our 'Gurus', our teachers and those we look up to, admire and respect.

Saturn is all about structure, discipline, restriction, hard work, rules, regulations, and our fears.

Pluto is a very hard core planet (small but immensely powerful). Pluto is all about death, destruction, the underworld (he is the Roman answer to Hades after all), power, control, and transformational rebirth via painful lessons and insights that ultimately change our lives for the better. Pluto is akin to the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Ketu (the headless south node of the Moon in Vedic astrology) is all about spirituality, sudden changes of fortune, karma, past lives, and the revealing of secrets and the uncovering of what is hidden. Ketu, like Rahu, in casting shadows and also cast illusions.

Pluto is a very hard core planet (small but immensely powerful). Pluto is all about death, destruction, the underworld (he is the Roman answer to Hades after all), power, control, and transformational rebirth via painful lessons and insights that ultimately change our lives for the better.

When all those factors listed are combined in one house and sign one can begin to understand how powerful these changes are going to be and we are seeing it all already. Brexit and Trump alone can account for all the themes that are emerging around the world, not to mention the meddling of others states that shall remain unnamed (believe me when I say I personally had to deal with the interference from a certain country that is now famous for internet hacks and manipulation).

If one glances over those characteristics of the planets I've described (Nodes of the Moon are considered planets in Vedic astrology) then you can see how they describe a lot of what is currently going on and what is to come. The whole world is starting to see the mechanisms, the structure, (Saturn) of how those in power have corrupted the system for their own ends to maintain their dark power (Pluto) which is now being exposed (Ketu) for all to see.

Pluto is so powerful that when its near Saturn, as it is now less than 5 degrees away, it can cause Saturn to lose grip of his structures. Saturn, along with the sun, represents government and companies, but their structures in particular. Pluto, as the higher octave of Scorpio under the new co-rulerships of the planets in the West, really goes deep and drags up his dirt from the pits of the underworld for all to see. Pluto tells us of the nature of power and how it is wielded. Pluto is aligned with dictatorship, dark organised crime, people trafficking, smuggling and Mafia bosses - you name it. When he is with Saturn he can cause the breakdown of governments: but Pluto drags us through hell so that we may learn the deepest truths that change our lives. With Ketu in the mix all those effects are exaggerated and exposed. Pluto is no longer in the underworld because Ketu, by blocking the Sun, allow other things to be seen that would normally be in the shadows. Expect as 2019 progresses for all of us to see the true mechanisms of how power and corruption have infiltrated the structures we all thought we could believe in (Sagittarius). These coming months and years could be painful for many, but yet there is hope.

The gradual exposing of all the corruption and dark emotions at the heart of global politics has also led to many women around the globe to stand up and raise their voices. Women in India are standing up to abuse. More women than ever have joined politics in America. And today (as of writing this article on March 20th 2019) three female politicians took the brave step of leaving the Conservative party (Saturn influenced) to join arms with seven other men and women from Labour. Their voices rang out loud and clear and there was a media frenzy. They, all together, are challenging the nature of power and politic in Britain today. And the new Independent Group which they now form (until they potentially become a party) declares that British politics is broken and a new way must be forged. They say their former parties must transform or die - that could have been taken out of Pluto's mouth, for as dark as he is his ultimate goal is transformation and resurrection. These Saturnine structures can only be effectively broken down when he is in conversation with Saturn, and right now they are in the same living room talking about the nature of power and structure going forward for the new age. Ketu will be conjunct all of this dialogue and will be adding drama to it all, and exposing all the sordid details for all to see like a gossip columnist with a great juicy story.

So hold onto your seats folks, there is more to come, and in 2020 we are to have an alignment of the planets, Saturn, Pluto, Mars and Jupiter and Ketu (while still there) that happens every, some that say, 2,160 years! It's a big deal.

But do not fear, this is a rebirthing of humanity, and a washing away of all those things that no longer serve our collective higher purpose: much will change, but as is always best with change - go with it.

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