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USA: Dodged the Iceberg, Just, But Mixed Fates for Global Leaders in 2023.

Well, the USA, and the wider world, survived the Midterm elections on November 8th, 2022, and the full lunar eclipse that fell on the same day. The 'red wave!' that the GOP evangelized like the second coming of Jesus, turned out to be a dribble of red food colouring spilled at a pink candyfloss party.

The Democrats held on to the Senate and should have an additional seat if Rapahel Warnock wins his run-off with Herschel Walker on, or about, December 6th, 2022.

A Warnock win is anticipated, but it's best to wait until all is said and done before the victory lap begins. Herschel, it seems, has had too many impact injuries to the head over his sporting career, and is struggling to tell up from down let alone right from wrong. The wonky thinking of the GOP via Trump for this appointee is quite staggering.

Only now the laments come from certain members of the Republican party that maybe Trump appointees are not a good idea and that Joe Biden has turned out to be a seasoned politician after all: I mean, he's only been doing the job since joining the Senate in 1972 (aged 30 years old) and got himself re-elected 6 times until he left in 2009 to become Vice President to Barack Obama from 2009-2017, and it seems he learned a thing or two about governing, and winning, in that time: who knew?

The GOP, after three consecutive electoral defeats handed to them by Trump, seem stumped at Biden's wiley endurance powers.

Now some Republicans say Biden should not be underestimated: it took a while for that penny to drop in GOP Head Quarters it seems.

However, the Republicans did 'win' the house, but their majority is thinner than a mosquito's willy.

Kevin McCarthy's dreams of being House speaker seem to be on much shakier ground than he had hoped, as word has it that he may not quite have the minimum 218 Republican votes he needs to bag the role of his dreams.

If the wheels of justice, eventually, mangle any Republicans in the January 6th fallout, or other obstructions to democracy, then the GOP will be wringing their pearls, even as they will try, most likely, to bring as many cases they can against Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden (very likely when I look at Joe Biden's chart - but that's hardly news given the crowing and pitch-fork waving from the GOP in anticipation of their 'red wave' take over).

Much has changed. Eclipses are famous for bringing issues out into the open that were previously hidden, suspected, yet not quite perceived. There have rude awakenings for the GOP who are now faced with a new reality that they had been ignoring. But politics aside, many of you, dear readers, may have had unpleasant surprises between, or around, the Solar Eclipse in Sidereal Libra on October 24th, 2022, and the Lunar eclipse on November 8th, 2022. Even astrologers are not immune to such things, and I had an unpleasant revelation of my own in my family life that has changed a lot of things.

So, Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas looms. My excitement for the holiday season is virtually nill. I'm looking forward to the food and spending time with friends and family, that's about it: bring on the new year so that this one can be put in the rear-view mirror. I'll be doing a few things differently in 2023, but I digress.

I shall discuss what's in store...

I'll give mentions of Biden's, Trump's, Putin's, and Xi Jinping's charts and what we can likely expect the wheel of fortune to bring them in 2023. I'll then look at the eclipse seasons for next year, to see if themes repeat, and then certain hotspots that may make themselves known to us as 2023 progresses.


Joe Biden. Sidereal: Scorpio Rising, with Scorpio Sun and Venus in the first house. Aries Moon in his 6th house.

He's had a great run of late and has proved himself, again and again, that he should not be underestimated (never throw a Scorpio in a corner). Mars is the ruler of his chart, and is currently retrograde in Sidereal Taurus hovering close to Joe's natal Saturn at 16:53 and natal Uranus at 09:43. On January 1st, 2023 Mars will have retrograded to 14:46. However, Mars will cross over Joe's natal Saturn, again, on December 22nd, 2022 (just before Christmas) and once more, after becoming direct, on February 4th, 2023.

This transit of Mars could prove significant for Joe Biden, because he entered into his Saturn Mahadasha period, known to be testing, on September 21st, 2022. However, the Saturn Dasha, although greatly feared in India, can be a time of significant accomplishments.

Some Vedic Astrologers are predicting doom, health issues, and 'endings' if you follow the meaning. However, I think it's more sophisticated than that. Saturn is a planet of Governance, rules, regulations, and infrastructure of all kinds, including architecture.

Biden's Saturn does sit in his 7th house of open enemies, and it is a death-inflicting house (along with the 2nd house) however, the 7th house is also a house of trade, imports and exports, and business of all kinds. Let's remember too that Mars is the chart ruler, and thus inclined to protect the chart it rules: including Biden.

The upshot I can see of this transit is that Biden could be more impassioned than ever to get his rebuilding America agenda made into a reality (Saturn is the planet of discipline, pragmatism, and reality after all). Saturn is also a planet of humble 'greatness'. The dasha is also said to establish the long-term legacies and achievements of a person too, remembered by history if they use the energy the right way.

This could mean remarkable things for Biden and his wishes to revamp the infrastructure and economy of America, usher in new levels of business and trade with the wider world, and create even more jobs in the USA.

The shadow side could mean attacks from public enemies, but that's obviously the GOP, and MAGA bandwagon folk, still glued on as the wagon goes over the cliff. They have made their ambitions clear from the get-go. If there is any hostile action from foreign lands (also the 7th house) we will have to see how it goes - most countries have played their hands, and the greater threat seems to be within America these days.

However, the 7th house can also be the 'spouse', and Mars will be opposing Biden's Venus in his first house, and Venus, for a man, will represent his wife(s). That means Jill Biden, so she may be in the news herself. hopefully not for health issues, but instead because she's supporting Joe's rebuilding agenda: especially as Saturn is the lord of the 3rd house (media, skills, travel, trade, and education) and the 4th house (of home, mother, homeland, and comforts).

Let's hope Jill could be in the news for positive reasons. Venus also represents sisters and daughters in a person's chart and females of all kinds. Let's hope it's positive news in the regard to the factors I've described - but if there's a story that comes up about one of Biden's daughters that wouldn't shock me.

However, Mars represents sons in a person's chart (if they have children) so that's obviously Hunter, who may find himself getting raked over the coals by his father's enemies - but we will have to see how things play out.

Donald Trump. Sidereal: Leo rising and Mars in Leo in the first house. Taurus Sun with Rahu and Uranus in the 10th house. Scorpio Moon (debilitated) with Ketu in the 4th house. (Trump was born on a lunar eclipse).

Man oh man, what a world of woes Duck L'Orange finds himself in these days!

Mars for Leo and Cancer Ascendants is a Yoga Karaka (meaning it rules an angular house and trine). The angular houses (power and action) are 1, 4, 7, and 10. The trine houses (luck, blessings, and dharma) are 1, 5, and 9.

So for Leo Ascendants Mars rules the 4th house via Scorpio, and the 9th house via Aries. For Cancer Ascendants Mars rules the 5th house via Scorpio, and the 10th house via Aries.

So you'd think that Trump being a Leo rising with his yoga karaka planet going through his 10th house of reputation, career, name, and fame would be doing him good. However, Mars is retrograde which means revise, review, reassess, and accountability in regard to all the Mars represents. The eclipses this year have been falling in Sidereal Aries and Libra: Mars rules Aries. Trump also has a debilitated Scorpio Moon, the Moon represents the mind overall, and Mars rules Scorpio too. These Mars retrogrades have been having a huge affect upon him, almost all of his plans are getting slapped down at the moment. Even the GOP is 'reviewing' their relationship with Trump right now.

Mars also sits in Trump's first house, which represents a person, their persona overall, identity, public face, body, health, and how they present to the world. Retrograde Mars is also with Rahu (the shadow of which is liars, narcissists, addictions, and poisons) and Uranus (unexpected shocks and surprises). Mars too, for Leo Ascendants, is the 9th lord which deals with the law, politics, truth, publishing, and judgment.

Libra is the 3rd house for Leos, and the 3rd house is communications, close friends/colleagues, and media of all kinds, and the eclipses have been falling there too - afflicting Trump's Truth Social, and him starting to have accountability in regard to things he says, and who he's mixing with.

Libra also represents relationships and partnerships of all kinds, trades, and services, but also the law, lawyers, and judges. We know how full Trump's legal dance cad book is right now.

Look at the two Neo-Fascist characters he entertained for dinner recently: car crash Kanye West, and Nick Fuentes (a far-right White Supremacist).

This was a rediculous and distateful act by Trump to elevate such people. And deserves to be widely condemned.

However, part of me does raise an eyebrow that it is this particular act, inviting them over to dinner, that is repulsing members of the GOP and setting their hair on fire: where Marjorie Taylor Green has been saying the most outrageous things, and trading in anisemetic slurs for years: as opposed to the armed insurrection where Congress members lives were threatened, several people died, and Democracy as we know it was almost taken by thousands of marauding insurrectionists - all planned, aided and abetted by the orange Albatross.

But it seems there are red lines to be crossed in GOP land after all. You can be as biggoted and violent as you want, but never, EVER, sit down with such people for dinner - interesting.

It's very revealing. What that says to me, trying to put myself in the GOP mindset, is that those involved in the insurrection are pawns to be discarded, but never give such bad actors the status of a dinner, because then that implicates them all. That's my read on it.

However, the news moves on, and Trump, as I'm writing this, has gone gang-busters and torn off any last remnants of what can be considered a 'fig leaf' to come out of his fascist closet, and declared, in writing, that he wishes to see the US Constitution overthrown and he be reinstated as President again.

What more evidence is needed? Just lock the guy up. he's admitted in public.

When one puts all that astrological lego together is it any wonder Trump is in the pickle he's in, along with that imbecile Judge Cannon who cremated her own credibility with her stooge judgments in favour of Trump's blatant theft of classified documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago? It all beggars belief.

In yet more defeat for Duck L'Orange the Eleventh Circuit, Court of Appeals, utterly trashed Trump's desperate arguments, for a special master, and the opinion of his buffoon Judge Cannon whose career will likely never recover from the radioactive influence of Trump. 'Radioactive poisoning' happens to almost all of those that work closely with him. Yet they never learn.

I've said, in quite a few of my videos, that late 2022 would be difficult for Trump, but that 2023, particularly from October 22nd, 2023, when he goes into his Jupiter/Ketu Dasha, will be grim indeed. Turns out that a massive court case into the Trump organisation, yet another one (it's hard to keep up) and all that lays therein, has been set for October 2023 - right on time, I say.

The fact that this man is still walking free speaks volumes about certain legal realities that different people face in the USA, but it seems he's getting some genuine pushback at last. Trump has now officially outed himself, on the record, as being against the US Constitution so those that support him after this, can be considered as against the constitution too. No other excuse for it, really.

Not much further detail is required to discuss about Trump: just sit back and watch the wheels fall off the Trump bandwagon as it barrels over the cliffs of doom and oblivion. Hopefully, taking his acolites with him, as reasonable voters reach for the handbreak of sanity in these times of political madness.

Vladimir Putin. Sidereal: Libra Rising with Venus in Libra in the first house. Vigo Sun with Saturn, Neptune, and exalted Mercury in the 12th house, and Taurus Moon with Ceres in the 8th house.

Well, I've done quite a few videos on Putin, also warning of the dire consequences if he went to war with Ukraine: the evidence and situation speaks for itself. I also said that from November 24th, 2022 things would start to change and more losses would come to him.

Putin started his Mercury Dasha on that date. However, Mercury rules the 9th house and 12th house for all Libra Ascendants. Both houses are associated with travel and foreign lands, but the 12th house can also deal with loss and endings - it's highly unlikely that Putin is taking up the positive, and spiritual, side of both houses, and travel seems to be off his list too: as travel of all kinds is risky when you have a lot of people that want you dead.

Mercury (communications of all kinds, logistics, planning, and skills) is the current Dasha ruler of Putin's chart and is sitting in the 12th house with the Sun (self-esteem, health, and leadership) Saturn (karmas, rules, regulations, Government, and infrastructure) and Neptune (in the shadow expression for Putin: secrets, scandals, illusions, and delusions). Once again this astrological lego is all in Putin's 12th house of endings, hidden enemies, foreign lands, foreign income, secrets, intrigues, addictions, expenses, self-undoing, hospitals, and prisons.

Needless to say that Putin is suffering losses of all kinds in the war since day one, and now has just had the G7 Coalition (USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the 27 nations of the EU) cap the price they will pay for all Russian oil to $60 per barrel - which significantly impacts on the money Russia makes for oil.

This happened on December 3rd, 2022, just 3 days ago at the time of writing this article, and only 9 days after Putin starting his Mercury Dasha.

Putin, as we know cannot defeat the Ukrainian army, and has resorted to an all-out attack on the Ukrainian people by attacking vital infrastructure, plunging innocent civilians into cold and darkness, and hoping that winter will do the rest: as I've said in previous videos and my last blog.

However, on the 1st of May 2023 transiting Mars will be exactly on Putin's natal Uranus in Sidereal Gemini in his 9th house of foreigners, languages, travels, politics, and the law. Something very significant could happen at that point - something potentially shocking and unexpected.

Maybe it could be announced that Putin is charged with war crimes at this point. (Mars does represent war, anger, weapons, aggression, logic, sports, but also surgeries). I hope it's not a dirty bomb scenario, as Uranus can represent shocking things like that, electrical energies, technology, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, as we've seen happening all over the world. We have lava flowing in Hawaii and now mount Semeru has erupted in Indonesia. Uranus is involved in the eclipses this year, and next could see more of the same.

Returning to Putin, he may have some kind of medical emergency. Either way, it will be something difficult to anticipate as Uranus is always a surprise. We shall have to see how the energies play out, but I cannot see Putin gaining any long-term advantages in this stage of his life, as it looks like it's all stacking up in the wrong ways for him.

Xi Jinping. Sidereal: exact birth time unknown, so 12 Midday was used, and it works very well.

Rising sign Leo. Sun sign Gemini with Mars, Mercury, Ceres, and Uranus in the 11th house.

Moon sign in Cancer, with Ketu, and Gandanta Pluto in the 12th house.

I very recently did a video on Xi Jinping's chart when I shared my dream about the dragon of China, so I will not go into too much detail here. Please check out my YouTube channel.

The long and short of it is that the people of China have absolutely had enough of 3 years of lockdowns, constant Covid testing, quarantines, isolation, and loss of livelihood. Many people in China have committed suicide, and followers of my channel living in China have communicated the unfolding situation happening there via comments on my channel. They have given powerful insights.

Life there has become bleak and like a never-ending sentence of house arrest. When I examine Xi's chart, his combination of Ketu (snip-snip) south node of the Moon, with the Moon itself, and with a Pluto Gandanta (drowning/karmic knot) illustrates that Xi is all about pathological control due to a profound type of potential mental illness. Why do I say this?

The Moon represents the mind overall, and our predominant thoughts and emotions, the Moon is also the mother. Ketu with the Moon can be extremely spiritual, but the shadow can be very dark and lead to deep pathologies and extreme weirdness.

Pluto can represent the worst of what humanity is capable of and is a difficult energy at the best of times to integrate and transform, but in Xi's chart, like with Putin, Pluto is 'drowing' and it can mean the planet has lost control and is inclined to extremes. Pluto is the most extreme planet by a country mile. One can imagine what kind of behaviour this can lead to if unchecked and remedied.

The Gandanta points exist between Fire and Water signs going into each other at 2 degrees on either side. Each house is 30 degrees wide so Gandanta happens at 28 degrees of Cancer (water) and 2 degrees of Leo (fire) and the same for Scorpio/Sagittarius, and Pisces/Aries.

Xi's Pluto sits at exactly 28:00 degrees of Cancer in Asleysha nakshatra, and Putin's sits at 29:31 Asleysha too: they are on top of each other, and both are control-obsessed dictators.

Trump ALSO has his Pluto in Asleysha at 16:56, but not at the Gandanta point - wasn't quite able to fully manifest total dictatorship - but he tried! And has outed his true feelings.

Asleysha is a very special nakshatra (star cluster) ruled by Mercury within the sign of Cancer. It deals with mysticism, magic, the occult, jewels, luxuries, business, and trade. It can have beautiful qualities.

However, the shadow of Asleysha can also deal with mental illness, extremely dark thoughts, never wanting to let go of someone or something, poison, and mother issues.

Putin's relationship with his mother was dreadful, by many accounts coming from books about him and documentaries: he also suffered abuse at the hands of his mother's terrible boyfriends. This does not excuse what Putin has done/is doing, but it gives us an insight. He's likely seen and experienced extremely dark things while growing up, and it is said that he also used to catch rats as a young boy - some say for food, but I'm not able to verify - so take that bit of his story with a pinch of salt.

The pathologies of Putin have been on display for all to see, remember too he was a top FSB agent, but especially with the war in Ukraine and all that's since transpired: he's a war criminal.

I don't know anything about Xi's mother or personal life, but from the experience of reading hundreds and hundreds of charts, the Moon's placement with Ketu and Gandanta Pluto indicates the relationship was likely very extreme and intense in some way, and that the relationship would have likely had deep darkness to it. Xi may have been rejected by his mother, there could have been mental health issues or depression, or, on the lighter side, his mother could have had a deep interest in metaphysics, jewels, crystals, and the Tarot.

However, given Xi's behaviour and his policy extremes, this positive side is very unlikely.

When a person has a poor relationship with their father it can create a rebel who likes to break the 'rules' and challenge 'authority'. But when a person has a poor relationship with their mother it can affect the mind, the soul, their sense of self-worth, and even their right to exist. Many of us have had challenging relationships with our parents, but if the child receives severe neglect, abuse, punishment, or abandonment from the mother (like what happened with Trump) for the person involved trusting others can become very difficult.

And in some extremes, with boys and men in particular: it can make them savagely cruel.

Food for thought.

The Chines people, as we've all seen in the news have begun to loudly protest, and call for the end of the CCP and Xi Jinping. This has not been heard of since the 1980s and Tiananmen Square.

Xi, his government, and the police are cracking down and dragging people off. This could quell things for now, however, transiting Mars (planet of passion, strategy, war, and conflict) will cross over Xi's Sun (leadership and the Kingdom) again, as it did, briefly, in November 2022, but this time for longer and also going over all the planets in his 11th house (Sun, Mars, Mercury, Ceres, and Uranus) all in Sidereal Gemini. The same will happen for the USA when Mars enters Sidereal Gemini crossing over natal Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun. More on that in another blog.

Mars will be in Sidereal Gemini from March 13th till May 9th, 2023, and Debilitated in Cancer (going over Xi's Ketu, Moon, and Gandanta Pluto) from May 10th till June 30th, 2023.

Needless to say, this could be really huge for China and Xi Jinping.

In my dream, if the dragon of China flies Xi will be humbled like Duke Qing of Qi at the battle of An in 589 BC. If the dragon flies and breaths fire, then the Chines people will rise up, overthrow the CCP, including Xi, and burn the whole thing down.

However, if the dragon of China doesn't fly, then Xi will stay in power until he dies: the stakes could not be higher.

The Eclipses of 2023

To bring this lengthy article to a close, I'll share the eclipses of 2023 to give us all an idea of what we can expect.

The first solar eclipse of 2023 will be on April 20th, in Sidereal Aries again, but this time in Ashwini Nakshatra which deals with willfulness, leaping before looking, innovation, horses, speed of all kinds, healing, and beauty. It will involve Mercury and Uranus, so expect issues most likely with aviation and communications and tech of all sorts, again, potentially, as this is around the time of Easter when a lot of people travel for the holiday.

But something interesting could happen with social media platforms of all kinds. Maybe Elon will sell Twitter, or the platform collapses entirely to be replaced by something new.

But also, as Ashini can heal, can we hope that by next spring the war in Ukraine is finally over?

The 'off ramp' that I've discussed on my channel is that Putin will use winter as an excuse to pull his troops out of Ukraine, and just not return them when spring returns. We'll have to see. But Aswini does deal with optimism and speed, and healing, so I'm Hopeful.

The first Lunar Eclipse will be on May 5th, 2023, and will be Sideral Libra in Swati Nakshatra with Ketu. So this can be a lot to do with legalities of all kinds, and changes to business and trade. There will likely be a lot of talk of international trade deals, and hopefully some indictments of certain shady characters. This is also a time when many of us will see our relationships affected, especially if we have natal planets in Sidereal Libra.

The next eclipses after that are the Solar on the 14th of October 2023, and the Lunar on the 28th of October 2023, but they're too far away to discuss in detail or this blog will never end!

I'll do a video later in December looking at the year ahead for all the signs, so we can see what lies in store on a more personal level.

And if any of you would like a consultation with me to examine what's going on in your life, or a look into what could be happening for you in 2023, then please take advantage of my special Christmas 20% off all my consultations offer.

See when I'm free in my automated diary, and put this code into the coupon box at check-out for your discount: crimbo20

The offer lasts until December 7th, 2022, so you still have a couple of days left to get yourself a bargain before the offer ends. Follow the link below to go direct to my bookings page:

Peace and light to all, not long now until a new year begins, and I'll have a few surprises for you all in 2023 so watch this space.

Love and light,


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