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Trump COVID Positive!

Well, well, well... The pile-up continues: I watched the debate between Trump and Joe Biden a couple of days ago and I was going to blog about that - which was like watching a car crash and train crash combined - now as the news of the Trump's positive test floods the news, one can add a plane crashing into a swamp smothered with alligator excrement on top of that deranged debate!

What a gargantuan pickle! This is a ridiculous situation for the Trump administration to find itself in. My message to anyone reading this blog is that astrology is powerful. In my last video on Donald: Trump! From Riches to Ruin. Sex and Sin. Secrets of his 12th House

I detailed that it was likely that Trump's downfall would come from a woman. The source of his infection cam from his young female aid.

The significance of this for America at this very sensitive time cannot be overestimated, we saw what happened with Boris Johnson, and the concern that caused, Trump testing positive is a hundred times more significant: Trump has put his whole administration at risk. The White House is now in paralysis. Vice President Mike Pence is also likely to have to quarantine because he was in very close contact with the President.

As I watch the news as the story unfolds the domino effect is likely to be very impactful.

First off Trump is in a high-risk group with co-morbidity issues: obesity and heart disease.

As the virus takes hold, there could be unpredictable outcomes for Trump... Boris Johnson barely escaped with his life. The planetary positions do not bode well for Trump.

This is what motivated me to create my four-part YouTube mini-series about Trump and his chart. One of the things that I stated in my videos is that Donald Trump is due to have a massive eclipse fall on his natal Moon at 28 degrees of Scorpio in Jyeshta Nakshatra.

There is something very important to know about this section of Scorpio, Jyeshta is ruled by the god Indra 'King of the Gods', Indra is powerful and determined for victory at any cost, which we have seen Trump embody, but the god is also known for his impulsiveness and the master of self-undoing due to reckless behaviour. This is why the Moon is considered debilitated in the sign of Scorpio. The Moon represents the mind, our emotions, and how we get our needs met. Scorpio is the sign of insecurity and is opposite the sign of security, Taurus, where the Moon is Exalted (getting our needs met in healthy nourishing ways).

When the Moon is debilitated in a person's chart they are vulnerable to 'self-undoing' especially in the portion of Scorpio that is Jyeshta, where the god Indra gives his powers. This is, however, a part of Trump's past success: his ability to ride rough-shod over all of his rivals and detractors. But, as the world has seen, Trump has been reckless in his pursuits! We learned recently that he knew Covid-19 was dangerous, via his recorded voice statement, back in February 2020! Now the President and his First Lady have now tested positive. Trump has been holding rallies all over the US without wearing masks, and he had the arrogance to mock Joe Biden for wearing a mask in their recent debates. Now, look. Miles Taylor, a former security advisor to the Trump administration, said that there are more COVID protocols at his local Starbucks than the whole of the White House. The whole Trump administration, the White House and the American nation are now in a bonafide tailspin.

The USA is now currently in a national security risk if America's enemies have any attack strategies up their sleeves they may now choose their moment to strike, or, more simply, watch 'Rome burn' as Trump lays waste to the safety and integrity of a whole Superpower. The stakes could not be higher... America is in the grip of a Pluto returns - which happens once every 248 years, and a Neptune return which happens every 164 years. The whole planetary configuration since the inception of 2020 has had the blueprint for the fall of Rome over 2000 years ago, as I've already stated in my previous blogs.

With Saturn, the planet of burdens and karma, turning direct again we are going to see a pincer move between him, Jupiter and planet Pluto come the winter solstice on December 21st 2020: you couldn't make it up. The huge solar eclipse due on December 14th, right on top of Trump's Moon, will be a massive test for him and could go either way: Trump could even win the sympathy vote and become elected, or it could end in utter ruination for him.

The problem Trump has is that Ketu, the planet of losses, is returning to its original place in his chart (called a nodal return) and its original place is a very difficult one, yet Ketu is exalted in Scorpio... either way, it will have a profound effect. Ketu is Gandanta (which means drowning - and there have been a lot of whale beachings recently - Gandanta is the meeting point between water and fire signs two degrees either side) and is currently at 28:49 degrees of Sidereal Scorpio at the time of writing this blog at 09:23 UK time on October 2nd 2020. Trump's natal Moon is at 28:05: this is why we are seeing the effect happen now. By the 6th of October 2020 19:12 UK time Ketu will come to the EXACT degree of Trump's Moon, this will be a day of reconning for him (the nodes move in reverse).

It could be that Trump has an epiphany of some sort, as Ketu is an intensely spiritualizing force, or it could represent a kind of severe breakdown in his mental health to the extent he may no longer wish to continue his campaign, or cannot continue for health reasons, OR possibly goes into ICU at the hospital as Boris Johnson had to himself months ago. ANYTHING could happen. The solar eclipse coming up on December 14th could even indicate an end of life scenario with Trump, as the nodes set fate and destiny, and are extraordinarily powerful at this time - stronger men than Trump have succumbed.

The Sun and Moon are luminaries of a person's chart and hold huge significance. If the Moon is the mind, emotions, and mental state, then the Sun represents our physical vitality and the light of our soul. An eclipse endangers those luminous parts of the chart... so Trump, with his new COVID infection, and relatively poor health, and advanced age is at great risk. This is all happening to a man that is already stressed and depleted: Trump was unhinged during the debates and was out of sorts. Maybe he will pull through, but there is no doubt from the astrology that Trump is lined up for a huge loss of some kind most likely. The nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, are malefic, and it is a bad omen to have the nodes fall directly on a natal luminary in a chart. Sometimes it can work out, but it ALWAYS shows a very significant turn of events.

The time has come for America to truly, and deeply reflect on where it is going as a nation. America is in great peril, as I've predicted, this is just day one of the fallout... there is likely a great deal more to come. Every karma possible for the USA is ripening all at once.

Even if Joe Biden wins, the momentum that Trump has unleashed may not be stopped: so much damage has been done. His 'base' has proved insensible thus far and could take anything happening to Trump as a call to arms, which could fully trigger the Civil war that the planets indicate (America is already in a quasi Civil War already with the riots over policing and race). One hopes it will not come to this scenario, but the stage is already set.

A targetted attack from an enemy now could derail things yet further in the USA, and be the push that ends it all... if America's enemies even need to act at all? There is civil unrest, economic fallout, natural disasters, and a White House in peril all on its own without a finger being lifted, except off keyboards, by America's enemies.

These are extraordinary times. This is why nations must choose their leaders very carefully because the leader of a nation's chart becomes combined with his or her homeland and their fates become one: this is not good for the USA because Trump's chart is DEEPLY flawed, and his fate will influence the nation.

Now more so than ever, people of the world need to pray for America at this time in its history, I fear that a Biden victory may not be enough because of the dire state the USA finds itself in. What happens if Trump perishes? What happens if he survives and wins? What's going to happen to all of the people he has come into contact with that he could have potentially infected - which includes the whole of the West Wing?

The consequences and ramifications for America are extraordinary, yet the planets are not done, more is to come!

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and the nodes will all do their work: US citizens will learn the truth of their vulnerability as a nation, and understand, truly, that a virus that was played down the President was their undoing.

I hope and pray that America can make it through, but they are to be severely tested for, likely, years to come. Pluto, the planet of death, destruction, transformation and rebirth spends approximately 12 years in a sign, and he does not become exact in the USA chart until 2024 (the next USA elections - if they are still happening in their current form) so the Plutonic changes, which are the most painful, are only just beginning: these are labour pains of gargantuan proportions.

To leave some hope in this blog, it is worth noting that within every crisis there is an opportunity. This is the opportunity for America to wake up to the truth and to try to be a better, more conscious nation moving forward. Its very democracy and democracies around the whole world are at stake. America can do better and MUST do better or lose it all and fall into utter chaos and oblivion.

Hold the light folks, and envision a better world for all in these dynamic times of change and transformation.

Love and light.

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