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Tory Landslide leaves Labour in Ruins

Well, well, well, what a turn of events. It is said that the Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, but the utter trouncing of Labour and the sheer scale of the Tory victory really is one for the history and astrological books. Like almost everyone in the country that went to vote in the general election, I hemmed and hawed at all the political intrigues in British politics that have often rivalled big Netflix productions for high-stakes scenarios, plot-twists, and improbable outcomes. Easily this period in Britain's history will go down as one of the most interesting for politics and social change.

The campaigns were dirty, on many fronts, lies were exposed, classified dossiers flaunted at press conferences, and all sorts of unpleasant smells and bells were hauled before the public to gawp at and shake their heads.

Politics is a blood sport. For years there have been multiple shades of grey and ambiguity plaguing Brexit. Delay has been an ongoing theme, and then, as if by magic, Saturn, the great malefic, with his foot upon the doorstep of his home (in Sidereal Capricorn) ends the ambiguity and delivers Boris Johnson a majority the likes of which has not been seen since Margaret Thatcher! Tory blue has ventured to parts it has not seen in generations, and split asunder the 'red wall' of the north like a blunderbuss. Vast swathes of mining and industrial towns, that would have rather died than vote Tory in the past, lent their vote to Boris to deliver Labour a right-hook that knocked the teeth out of the Labour leadership, and left them dazed on the floor.

This outcome is devastating for Labour, a cataclysm, that saw them getting their worst defeat even since Michael Foot: the worst ever. Oh the shame...

Political defeats like this often have overtones of Greek Tragedy, but in this instance the comparison is valid. Like in all the best tragedies, the fault and fate of the hero or heroine is known from the start: all that are wise can see the end as the deluded character eventually succumbs to their fate, which crones and sages warned them of all along.

Tony Blair. A man that many in contemporary Labour sneer at with contempt, sang his Cassandra song from every lectern that was given to him, about the impending demise of the party he loved. What bitter, bitter medicine for Labour to swallow as the party descends into the underworld with scant hope of return.

Whatever one thinks of Tony, he won three elections, and always advised those that remained to listen, that elections are won from the centre ground.

This wisdom was lost in the gale of contempt put his way, as party members turned their shoulders and told themselves they had the right leader for their party. Labour were told, many times, from without and within, that Corbyn was un-electable, that they needed to tackle their significant issues head on, and that he had the worst approval ratings of any opposition leader.

Yet, the cloth-eared carried on. Fence-sitting on THE leading issue in the UK since war time was pure foolishness and obstruction. The north did not see red, they saw blue. If Labour had just emphatically picked a side for leave or remain the outcome may well have been different. If they came on the side of remain, the issue could have been decided on another referendum, the nation may have voted differently and the campaign would have focused on the domestic agenda. If they had come straight out for leave (which they said they would) various deals would have passed, and we would have be deep into the negotiations phase, and Labour would have mopped up on domestic issues: oh the benefit of hindsight. But none of these steps were taken, and Labour got trampled.

If there is any consolation for Labour, the fates were even crueller to the Liberal Democrats. They increased their vote share by more than 1.5 million, yet Joe Swinson lost her own seat and career on less than 150 votes, only to see Nicola Sturgeon celebrate her demise in gleeful fashion. Most of the MP's that had defected to the Liberal Democrats were culled like rodents, where, it seems, any ambiguity sensed by the electorate was mercilessly punished: oooof! Politics is cruel. The Brexit Party fell into a hole, as all of the one man pressure groups that Nigel Farage creates often do: he digs the hole. He knows the game, and will live on.

Just when one thinks that Saturn with Ketu (since March 2019) would have been the end of the establishment, Saturn sides up to Pluto and autocracy is restored. Maybe it will not last? But for now, at least, Boris is a King. Will the mandate be squandered? Or will he act in good faith and rejuvenate the north and the rest of the country? Against all odds the country has given him their support, even some of those that have to use food banks (due to the grip of Tory austerity) gave him their vote. On one level it makes no sense.

But seeing all of the new Tory MPs make their way down to Westminster, who have very different backgrounds, and accents, to the usual fray, one cannot help but smile.

Saturn represents tradition, the old way of doing things, but as the lord of time he also represents change. All things conservative are made in his image, but in giving the Tories a landslide he's mixed in new blood, new perspectives and new ideas: the Conservatives may have won, but they'll never be the same again.

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