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Theresa's Tears Set Alight a Leadership Contest.

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

What can one say about the Tories these days without shaking one's head with disapproval?

The UK is in the midst of the biggest drama to face the nation in peace time, and the Tories are busy organising a beauty pageant of some of the most unappealing faces in national politics. No sooner had Theresa given her heart-felt departing speech, where at last the electorate were allowed to see a beating heart (I felt sorry for her) then her sentiments were smothered in the rain of hats being tossed into a leadership contest ring.

All one can do is sigh and shrug at the vulgarity of it all.

At the time of writing this on 26/05/2019 at 20:42 UK summer time Europe, including the UK, will start declaring the results of the EU elections. Many are anticipating a mauling for the Tories the likes of which have not been seen since the film American Werewolf in London: the Tories would do well to come third in London behind, what I anticipate, to be the Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats. In reality, in London at least, I think the Tories will come 4th behind Labour, or even 5th behind the Greens! I shall watch the blood-sports, sorry, results come in as I munch Pringles and sip a beverage. How much I'll laugh I don't yet know.

Of course, this being a blog of an astrologer, I say that one can look to the heavens for explanation of the somewhat bonkers political situation going on in Britain and the wider world. As I've mentioned in my other blogs on the subject, we have a rather big and important alignments going on in the Sidereal signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. I've mentioned before that Saturn, Pluto and the South Node (Ketu) are all conjunct (also retrograde) and conspiring: stirring their pot of karma together like three witches in Macbeth. Well, opposite that conjunction of dark power is the coming together of Mars, Mercury, and the North Node (Rahu) in the opposite sign of Gemini. This does not bode well.

In Astrology be it Tropical Western or Sidereal Vedic, or Babylonian or whatever, the opposition is one of the most powerful and activating of all the aspects in astrology: and things are only going to heat up.

One date to really look out for is June 19th 2019 at 5 am UK summer time. I don't know what will happen, but planet earth will be in an extraordinary position to have ALL of the internal planets in opposition - with Pluto thrown in for good measure.

Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Rahu will all be together in Gemini lighting dynamite and hurling it at the Saturn, Ketu, Pluto and Moon conjunction opposite them in Sagittarius. On top of that Mars is 'out of bounds' basically meaning he is well above his station in the sky (his declination) and is lording it over everyone going berserk. And to add into all of that Venus and Jupiter (the two great benefic planets) are opposite each other: Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio (which is ruled by Jupiter's friend Mars).

What does this all mean? I hear you cry!

An awful lot, is my answer. The next few months and years on earth are going to be remembered for a while. Let's start with Gemini. What a chilli-spiced hot pickle that is.

Ok, signs and planets represent certain things. Gemini (the talking twins) ruled by Mercury, represent communications, media, trade, e-commerce, email, social media, travels, busses, cars and aeroplanes - I'd also go as far as satellites as they are small, like all Mercurial things, and they support communication and navigation at high speeds. So one can see that Gemini is a very important sign, especially for modern life. Add to this that Mars the planet of heat, energy, anger, war and conflict, passion, drive and strategy is feeling violent and unbalanced in the sign of Gemini which belongs to one of his enemies, Mercury. Not a pretty picture so far. To emphasise the point even more the gods also have Rahu in the same sign and house. Rahu, depending on the circumstances can make for a rowdy flatmate. He's colourful, but prone to mischief and exaggeration, he likes to 'big things up' so to speak and cast illusions. Basically Mercury and Mars will be breaking tables and chairs over each other while Rahu will be telling the neighbours and broadcasting it all live on social media. If that were not bad enough the Sun will also be in the house of Gemini to turn the flat into a sauna and shine his light on the fight for the whole world to see.

But let's not forget about the pot stirring, muttering, and the whispering of spells being said over that cauldron of karma in Sagittarius. Saturn, Ketu and Pluto will all be throwing their auspicious ingredients into the pot of caustic broth that they are brewing, and the full Moon, like Galadriel, will show up to wave the wand. Saturn, Ketu and Pluto mean business - as I've said before -and when you get those three around a pot one needs to pay attention. Once every few thousand years do Saturn and Pluto take council with Ketu in this way. The stuff in that cauldron contains exceptional transformative powers the likes of which have not been seen since the fall of Rome! And Mars, Rahu, and the Sun will be heating that pot via their glaring opposition. Mercury will be feeling a bit beaten up by a brutish Mars at this point.

This could mean some kind of MAJOR breakdown in global communications of some kind. It could either mean some kind of major circuit related blow-out, some giant kind of computer hack/terrorist attack, or, this is my personal theory, a solar flare that knocks out some of the orbiting satellites that will affect global communications. To help pin this down further we need to look to Jupiter and Venus. As I've written in my earlier blogs Jupiter is hovering around the Gandanta point in sultry Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, who'll be fighting with Mercury in his sign, but also co-ruled by Pluto who's scheming with Saturn and Ketu next door in Sagittarius. Jupiter is known to affect the weather, and has created major floods while he's been in Scorpio - and burned down the roof of Notre Dame when he snapped his fingers briefly in Sagittarius before returning to the deep. But Scorpio, although a water sign, also represents things that are hidden down holes, in caves, or deep underground. Scorpio can be hot and simmering. Venus is in her own sign of Taurus - Taurus represents the earth. Venus and Jupiter, although both benefic, do not get along and will also be opposing each other - staring each other out. Jupiter expands things, just like Rahu, and can be scheming, cunning, secretive, and even bombastic when in Scorpio.

This suggests that even an earthquake or volcanic eruption could be, ultimately, what affects global travel and communications the most. It could also mean mud-slides, land-slips, or even Tsunamis (the earth moving under the sea).

Whatever it is it's unlikely to be small: too much power is at work. The scrap between Mercury and Mars, although brutal, will be relatively brief, but the dark divinities around the cauldron will be stirring and casting spells at least until October 2020.

So, in summing up, how do we proceed? We must carry on as best we can and try not to get caught up in the craziness. Most importantly we have to try and stay calm. All sorts of weirdness will be going on globally, nationally, locally and even personally for a lot of people. Saturn, Ketu and Pluto will pour their scolding broth on all that's old and outdated and many people will see many things break down and dissolve that they thought would last forever. Governments will change, so will institutions. Rules and laws will change. Old political parties like the Conservatives in the UK could find themselves wildly out of fashion. A recent survey of 18 - 25-year-olds showed that the Conservatives only have 5% of that age group's vote: hardly an indication of a bright future. Labour too, the other political stalwart of British political life could find itself in a retirement home unless they look spritely and pick a side.

Amidst all this tumult, scandal, and breakdown something new will emerge. We don't know what it is yet, because it is not fully cooked, but we will know it when we see it. Saturn and Pluto, with Jupiter as midwife, will be the ones to give birth to the creature that could change the world.

That thing be it good or ill will be significant, and we, as the human race, will have to make choices. I hope it's something positive and progressive that we can all support and will save the earth. But the Pluto, Mars, Ketu, and Saturn track record is not great. The famous Dust Bowl, starting in 1936, in the Midwest of America got going when Mars and Pluto (two hot planets) joined up in Cancer (a water sign). Cancer which represents the motherland, security, and creature comforts, and Mars also represents real estate: Mars is debilitated in Cancer. Then with Ketu (also hot) in Sagittarius (fire) conjunct Jupiter, was opposite Rahu in Gemini (air). On top of that Uranus was squaring Cancer from Aries (fire), and Neptune was squaring Jupiter/Ketu in Sagittarius from Leo (fire): all that friction coming from fire signs affecting the American homeland dried everything up - no wonder there was a huge drought! Then the famous winds of the time would blow the 'Black Blizzards' as far east as New York - Rahu is known as shadow and smoke and in airy Gemini he blew himself over the land.

What we will get this time is a matter for speculation, and I, just like everyone else, can only ponder what will happen. Mine is a guess and should not be taken as gospel, but we humans are stubborn in our ways and often need a hard beating to change our ways. Rest assured whatever is coming will be big and significant and will be remembered for a long time. Let's hope it can be a force for positive change in the world where we can rebuild our spirits, beliefs and our trust in each other.

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