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The USA Unlocks the Gates of Hades and Throws a Rocket Inside

Well, as of today, 03/01/19 the Trump administration has announced that is has assassinated General Qasem Soleimani: oh dear.

Whatever the general beliefs in US policy and its entanglements in the Middle East, former administrations have avoided such a move: and for good reason. However, Trump is not an ordinary President and nor does he have an ordinary administration. Astrologers like to do their best to predict the future, and we also do our best to be accurate. The nature of the work means that results vary, but if one thing can be said with certainty it's that this move will NOT bring good results!

The Trump Administration is under huge pressure with the Impeachment process and badly needs a distraction, but this move will backfire spectacularly: this is why...

I've stated in previous blogs about the movements of the Nodes of the Moon, Saturn and Pluto, and the other planets in general, however, Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes are all planets of Karma and fate. When these guys show up on your doorstep, as they're doing in the US constitutional chart of 1776, then you need to have said your prayers and have written your will! This is no joke. Really, it is not.

The US, astrologically, is in a very volatile and dangerous place. The Nodes of the Moon are currently in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis which is very tricky anyway. Rahu is in Ardra, the nakshatra of tragedy, tears, storms and spiritual transformation. Ketu, the south node of the Moon, is in Sagittarius, but in Purva Ashada, however, on the 12th of February Ketu moves into Mula, the nakshatra of death and destruction. This was the same axis, approximately, 18.5/19 years ago... That's how long it takes for the nodes of the Moon to return to their original positions. The USA is in the same axis again. When Rahu was in Ardra (Gemini) and Ketu in Mula (Sagittarius) September the 11th happened. Currently, Mars, the planet of War is going through the USA's 12th house of 'Hidden Enemies', this is NOT good for America.

There is a very good chance that Iran and its allies will do something the likes of which has not been seen before, that will devastate Trump's Presidency, and affect the USA deeply. I do not want to say too much here but know this: Scorpio is one of the most powerful and secretive signs in the zodiac, capable of immense cunning and transformation... it is secretive, dedicated and ruthless. Zodiac signs can also represent countries as well as businesses and people, so I'll leave readers to join the dots on the countries Scorpio represents: where are scorpions plentiful after all?

As is being discussed widely on the news as I write this many are speculating on how I ran will retaliate. Iran will take its time, however, the response will be covert yet devastating. If there are 'flashy' attacks, don't be fooled as those will be decoys, the real strike will be powerful, deadly and profound. I wish this blog post could be more optimistic, but such are the times that unfold around us.

However, we must all live our lives and hold the light, much will change in the coming years in alignment with the divine plan. Change and destruction are part of the cycle of life so that new things can come about: we are in such a phase now. The important thing is to focus on the light and opportunities that are present. There are great opportunities out there, and much change to come. Hold the light and it shall guide you.

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