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The US Election 2020: The Most Important in History

When it comes to the ups and downs that have happened in America since the Covid break out it's hard to know where to begin, or where it will all end. The various dramas that have been unfolding are worthy of a surreal, whacky, and often frightening show of macabre monstrosities. It's getting difficult to recognise what America has become under Trump's leadership. We have collectively seen things that we've not seen before, but yet there will be more. Mars is retrograde, and Mercury will go from retrograde to stationary direct ON election day. The last time this happened was in the year 2000 with Gore vs Bush. We didn't know who the President was, and the courts got involved: the same could likely happen again depending on if it's close either side. If one side wins by a clear margin then that will be the end of it. It was a completely different world back then - just before September the 11th - so much has happened since then.

If Biden wins America stands a fighting chance of recovery and regaining some international standing. If Trump wins it does not bear thinking about: that's not to be unfair to Republicans who are also welcome to my channel, it's just based on how Trump has handled things over his Presidency - and the big 'C' overall. There is so much at stake. We have seen so much it's exhausting! The collective psychological, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual fatigue in the world due to the virus is almost overwhelming.

However, humanity will get through it. We need to forgive one another and ask for forgiveness if we know we have done wrong. It's also a time to overcome our differences and try to find common ground with one another. There is so much crisis going on from the virus and the environment that holding grudges or being difficult is only going to backfire while Saturn, the planet of karma, is so strong for the next 5 years. Karma is speeding up for everyone, be it good, indifferent or ugly. Many have lost livelihoods, but yet there are plenty of people doing well too - it's just VERY uneven. See the link to my March 2020 blog below, which I wrote just before things started to kick off with the virus in the USA:

The blog takes a critical look at the seeming strategy of the Trump administration at that time and the planetary influence that I took into consideration. Now, upon reflection, I think the best thing for people to do is not to contribute any heat to the fire, take all Covid precautions and to stay safe and keep out of harm's way.

For those of you that have not seen, here is the link to the YouTube I did with Dianne's Tarot:

It covers the energies in Ameria as a nation and Trump, Biden and Harris' birth chart interaction with the USA Constitutional chart. In this blog that will be less astrological detail as so much is covered in the March blog and the video above.

I wish everyone safety and restraint in these incredibly testing and surreal times.

Love and light.

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