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The Solstice Eclipse Foretells Dramatic Events on Earth for the Rest of the Year

When will the world just calm down? I hear you cry... Too much is going on. We need a break. We need a holiday! If only god and his/her mysterious ways were thus: reasonable and predictable life would make more sense.

But this is earth school, and life in many ways, be it sweet or stressful is littered with tests. Some points of history are more testing than others, much like the school system has more tests at certain times of the year. The 'mock exams' are over. The stabilisers lay torn from the bicycles, and almost everyone feels like they were thrown into the deep end without armbands or a lifeguard in sight! So much has happened already this year, as if any of us need reminding about the horrors of Covid-19, and the sheer ugliness, murder and injustice exposed by the horrific death of George Floyd, which has sparked protests around the world for the Black Lives Matter movement. Since Floyd's death yet more unarmed black men have died at the hands of the police, with at least two black men found hanging from trees with ropes around their necks in apparent 'suicides' while their families state that both men had everything to live for. One can only imagine what that could mean for America in 2020.

Astrology is a wonderful art/science, but it's not fluffy and can often be cruel. Planets in certain places mean something, be it for good or ill. Certain parts of the sky are less joyful than others, and the nodes of the Moon really do influence destiny of animate things on planet earth, and where they reside above plays out down here on earth below.

Watch out whenever the nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu) are in Sidereal Gemini and Sagittarius as they are now. They play in this portion of the sky every 18.5 years or so, and when they do they carry clubs and Molotov cocktails: when Ketu (the south node) is in Mula and Rahu is in Ardra one can forget about having a peaceful 18-months or so until they move completely out of that section of sky.

Now, I want anyone reading this article to understand one important thing: Ardra (6:40-20:00 of Sidereal Gemini) is the most HARDCORE transformative part of the sky, and when there are nodes or eclipses there shocking and stressful events happen on earth. To the day that Rahu moved into Sidereal Gemini, the Democrats started the impeachment of Donald Trump in 2019 (remember when that was the big story in the world? It may as well be a decade ago). Why is Ardra so significant? The reason why is that Ardra lines up with the ginormous black hole in the middle of our galaxy referred to the Galactic Centre. In Vedic astrology, it is known as 'the belly button of Vishnu': this sounds peaceful, doesn't it? What harm can a belly button do? Quite a lot actually. It is from this section of the sky where 'God-consciousness' emanates, things like gamma waves, and toxic radiation as science would describe. This is, as one can imagine, abrasive stuff. In fact, if it were not for the Sun's heliosphere, Jupiter's vast gravity, and our own atmosphere we'd all be dead here on earth: it frazzles everything with its awesome power.

Yet, within the frightening forces of that power is much information and transformation. Lord Shiva via his avatar Rudra, the great howling deity along with his wife Niriti (the goddess of destruction in Mula) combine their efforts to basically bitch-slap humanity into higher levels of truth and consciousness. Now, because we humans love to live our lives without too much changing and a collective: 'well, I'm alright' attitude for many of us, the universe relies on this bit of sky to drag us out of bed, and drench us in iced water before raking us collectively over hot coals. Not fun! This is the September 11th 2001 part of the sky, nuff said.

So, here we are again. We are still dealing with Corona, we are in the middle of Black Lives Matter, and on the June 21st solstice we will have a major solar eclipse at 06:13 of Sidereal Gemini slap bang on the Galactic Centre, conjunct a fearful star called Betelgeuse, and squared off by Mars (planet of war) who is also conjunct a nasty star called Scheat at 04:22 of Sidereal Pisces in the constellation of Pegasus. Mars adds pepper spray to this pungent mix by being half-way between the fateful Lunar nodes (not good) just at the time when he is closest he's been to the earth in almost 40 years (also, not good). This makes Mars very powerful to cause conflict in the world (which is part of his job) along with sport, or energy for the righteous fight if he's expressed well. Usually, it means war and at this time of writing (19.06.2020) China and India are facing off over the brutal murder of Indian soldiers that were ambushed in the Galwan river valley in the Himalayan border area between the two countries.

Unfortunately, as the Lunar eclipse on the 5th of June foretold, 'misleading words will be spoken' a BBC News article just published shows that much footage of clashes between India and China circulated on social media, are not directly connected to the incidents that happened on the 16th f June 2020:

This is very worrying because it is clear that there are persons, or state actors, that want to stoke conflict between the two countries.

The Guardian also reports on the conflict which seems to implicate China in creating a premeditated attack:

All of this is of great concern and could lead to violence between the two countries if this is not handled well. India is likely to turn to the USA for assistance, especially as Trump recently visited the country, and Trump wishes to look strong on China as his own popularity continues to sink, like a bad cheese meringue, in the US. The conflict between the two countries could be a convenient stick used to attack China and possibly impose more sanctions in the US-China trade war.

Trump himself, is set to start a campaign rally tomorrow in Tulsa Oklahoma, which is in of itself a controversial and potentially flammable situation because it is where 'the Massacre of Black Wall Street' happened between May 31st - June 1st 1921 where between 300-400 black American citizens were murdered. On top of that Trump wished to hold the rally today, called 'Juneteenth' in America, a national holiday to celebrate the abolition of slavery in the last Confederacy of America (in Texas) on June 19th 1865.

Feel free to click on the link to my YouTube channel where I express some of my concerns over the rally under the current astrological circumstances - let alone the social distancing issues the rally will cause, with the Trump administration shrugging its shoulders at the raised eyebrows in the media:

It's my personal belief that Trump will either say something very controversial at this rally (which is the usual form for him anyway) but I feel it could be something that really cuts through in some way. I'm also concerned that there could literally be violence at the rally itself, or more protests sparked in regards to what is said at the rally. The President's health has recently been in the news where he was seen to be struggling to drink from a glass of water and looked frail as he descended a steep ramp at a recent speaking engagement. What if there is an attack on the President, or he has some kind of health episode during or after the event itself?

Trump is looking at astrological weather in his birth chart that would give hurricane Catrina a run for her money! His popularity is dropping, he enraged the church with his ridiculous tear gas-induced photo opportunity outside St John's Church next to the Whitehouse, which Hilary Clinton has described as Trump trying to 'hijack' Christianity. See the link to the article featured on Sky News to listen to the former First Lady's response:

How things will pan out is up to the gods in these historical times.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary in the UK, thought that 'taking the knee' in regards to Black Lives Matter, which is global news, thought the idea came from Game of Thrones. Really? Raab was utterly ridiculed for his comments: as he should be for such utter ignorance as Foreign Secretary of state. I've included the text from the internet of what taking the knee is about for those that may not be familiar with the term (The protests began in the National Football League (NFL) after San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat and later knelt during the anthem, before his team's preseason games of 2016).

If there is one upshot of Ardra and Mula it is that they help reveal the truth of our collective situation here on earth, and the other planets have conspired to do their fair share of dredging too. All of the secrets are coming out, and there will be much more to come, especially in regards to politics as Jupiter is retrograde (along with Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, and Venus) and is directly conjunct Pluto right now as they both reverse into Sidereal Sagittarius at the end of June, which is likely to inflame fundamentalism and terrorist attacks.

Australia today admitted that they suffered a cyberattack on the systems of the whole country, and they blame state actors for creating it.

If reading all of that makes you want to crawl into bed I don't blame you. Amongst the dire economic figures for the world and the UK in particular, there is not much to feel happy about. However, these are times of spiritual evolution, and a chance to make the world a better place. Black Lives Matter is already starting to have an impact for the good. Banking institutions in the UK are confessing to profiting from Slavery and has prompted wider reflection in the UK in general. The environment is still key, more people are cycling in the UK than ever, and the exposure of incompetence, corruption, or sheer wickedness of certain global leaders means we will collectively know what we're fighting against for the rest of this year as we bring about positive changes via better choices.

The US elections are likely to resemble the Rocky Horror Show by the end of the year, with all sorts of outlandish twists and turns likely. One thing we can all agree on is that 2020 will be remembered for many, many years to come.

Let's not forget that all of everything that's happening now is to raise our collective consciousness, so that we may understand what we are doing and make positive changes. Hold the light, and try to remember that every kind word, prayer and gesture contributes to better outcomes for all. Don't give up, stay kind and joyful as many of us have managed while in nature and the sunshine.

Love and kindness matter and it does make a difference, and now they say more people are praying than ever before - this will soften the blows, and lead to better outcomes as we emerge into our new world.

Hold tight, peace and light...

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