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The Law, The Queen and a Jester

Forgive the big time gap between this post and the last, I was away for a few weeks and unable to blog. And look at all the developments since I've been away!

The political developments and churn happening in the UK these days is worthy of some kind of breathless political drama dreamed up on HBO. As mentioned in much earlier blogs the planetary alignment of Saturn, Ketu and Pluto has proved explosive and dynamic. Not only have the three been throwing potent herbs and spice into the cauldron, but acid and dynamite too!

Saturn represents the establishment and long living institutions. He stands for government, regularity, tradition, discipline, structure and is the conductor of time. Saturn is currently in the company of Ketu and Pluto: two of the most dynamic and transformative forces for change that the solar system has to offer - an my goodness they've been showing off their power.

These are rare times indeed. We are in a time where governments around the world are having their systems tested like never before, and for good reason too. People around the world are angry and frustrated: and so they should be, because the current structure (Saturn) is no longer fit for purpose in serving the ordinary people. As is the great prerogative of the circling planets of the solar system, they do their work to enhance our collective consciousness to higher levels of refinement and beauty. However, change, like birth, is often painful and laborious. Saturn, Ketu and Pluto together is the astrological equivalent of a C-section. Saturn and Ketu are dividing forces in our life (in early October of this year they literally start to separate) and Pluto is fond of blowing stuff up and destroying things that we do not need, but yet cling to.

This psycho drama is being played out in global politics for all to see in lurid and ghastly detail. This has lead to some of the most extraordinary legal and political bust ups that we have ever seen in British politics, let alone what's going on in America, Hong Kong, and the rest of the wider world.

Yet examination of the principals at work reveal sense in the madness. Saturn, 'father time' represents all things that are old and lasting, old values, traditions and politics, and following the rule of law. So is it any wonder then, that within Britain that has one of the oldest political systems containing three of the world's oldest political parties: The Conservatives (1834), The Liberals (1859) and Labour (1900), and some of the oldest law institutions (and one of the longest consecutive monarchies the world has ever known) that it should be these Saturnine structures that are being compromised?

Never before has a sitting Prime Minister been denounced and found to have mislead the Queen! And all 11 justices of the Supreme Court were unanimous in reaching their damning bombshell verdict on the Prime Minister and his government. Under any other circumstances a Prime Minster found wanting in such a way would have resigned with their reputation in tatters: yet, Pluto, in his vast powers, shows the rot for all to see and illustrates that certain persons in power have neither shame nor integrity.

This is the ugliness we all have to face: the brazen lack of integrity at the heart of so much of the world's politics, governments, institutions, and global businesses at the moment. Pluto is dredging the depths of the collective conscious and showing us all what lies at the depths of the underworld. The fact that there are people in the government and in the public that defend the Prime Minister's position show how far we have fallen collectively: people now defend the indefensible and hold up lies as truth - in broad daylight.

History has proved that no society can last for long when the fundamental rule of law is questioned, when justice is shunned, and when a Prime Minister seeks to mislead the head of state. The fact that all of this is being passed off as part of the normal rough and tumble of politics beggars belief.

I admire and marvel at the ability of the planets to show the collective content of ourselves, and yet I also despair at humanity's ability to delude itself in the face of such truth. Our planet is in turmoil, our politics is in turmoil, and people's judgement is in turmoil.

Yet, when one steps back one can see that this is all part of a greater change being ushered in by the planets in their great and infinite wisdom.

Consciousness is collaborative: whether we're aware of it or not. As above, so below. The planets reflect our OWN contradictions as human beings, and the way we project our consciousness onto others. Their positions in our natal charts show us our blessings and our challenges. Each planet has its positive and negative side, as all things have to in the nature of existence. Yet, even baring all of that in our minds, the ultimate choice is ours and what we choose to believe: on earth we have free will.

There are many in society today that are choosing lies over truth because it suits them: this IS a conscious choice. There will always be those that pedal lies because it gives them what they want: be it power, status, wealth, sex or whatever else comes to mind. There is nothing wrong with power, status, wealth and sex: those are not dirty words. It is how those things are used and to what methods and ends are employed to get them that are the questionable parts in certain individuals. Pluto, wrongly in my opinion, was downgraded from the status of planet to planetoid: as if a planet of such gargantuan power deserves such disrespect. Pluto may be tiny, but he has incredible power. And a great deal of that power will be observed in 2020 when the USA has its Pluto return.

So what am I saying?

The planets, ultimately, reflect qualities that we ourselves hold: that's why even the nicest planets: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon (the moon is referred to as a planet in Vedic astrology) have their dark and unpleasant qualities - the malefics are just more honest about their shady sides. This too reflects the nature of humanity: how many people have been honest about the dark feelings they harbour? What lengths have others gone to in order to preserve their lifestyles, wealth and status? And what have the 'good things in life' collectively cost the planet? This is where Pluto steps in, because he shows us where the dirty tricks, filth, obsessive, compulsive, and, frankly, horrors of what humanity is capable of. He is also capable of transforming us into our highest enlightenment by destroying the vices and contradictions that lie within ourselves.

As Pluto continues his work, more and more about the nature of how power currently works on earth will be exposed: and yes, it's going to be painful. Pluto carries out his operations without anaesthetic and without remorse. The 'Plutonic Purge', when it comes, will be total and transformative. We will remember these times for generations to come, and we will say to those that will outlive us: 'I can remember the world before it changed'.

What kind of world we get depends collectively on us, and how much truth we are prepared to hold in our hearts. If we throw our support and consciousness behind liars, we are ultimately telling lies to ourselves and perpetuating the status quo that has brought us and the world to its perilous state. Or, we can hold truth in our hearts, speak truthfully to ourselves and others and move in the direction of light and progress. What we see collectively right now, in front of our eyes, is the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness: and we all have to make a choice.

Standing back with an objective eye it is quite clear who the liars are in our society, and there is no need on my part to call them out any more than they already have. It is on the part of others to choose which side they want to belong to: the light or the dark?

How Biblical this all sounds! But such are the times my dear readers. The planets will do their work, and they, in their movements, show us the times, and what is likely to happen.

2020 will witness a planetary alignment that happens only once every 2,160 years: that's a big deal, and it's a big choice for humanity.

Which side will you choose?

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