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The Karma Bus has Arrived for America

Well, well, well. Look at the circus that is unfolding before our eyes for all the world to see. America is in the grip of Coronavirus, and the President denies the truth and says it's all a big hoax, or that he'd prefer to keep US citizens marooned on a cruise ship in order to not 'add to the numbers' in a thinly veiled attempt to keep his re-election prospects alive. The situation is so grave for America, that it's hard to know where to begin or end. I see a nation frightened and unprepared for what is to come, and an incompetent administration fighting to keep the illusion of their competence alive.

I've been saying for years that Donald Trump will ruin America, and his recent attitude only underlines my views in bright red: this is THE TEST OF TESTS. Hilary Clinton, recently on CNN for an interview, said that Trump was even worse than she expected, and hoped he would rise to the gravitas of the office. In her interview, she discussed how the Republicans had engineered and re-heated the bogus claims about her emails to distract their base from their failings. This will work for a short while before the truth makes an appearance to shatter the delusions.

As those that follow my blog will

know, I often talk about the nodes of the Moon and their gifts for creating massive change on planet earth. Well, Rahu and Ketu have returned to the portion of the sky of September the 11th for America and the wider world. Rahu is in Ardra again in Sidereal Gemini and Ketu is in Mula in Sidereal Sagittarius. Mars, the Karma bus driver, passed over Ketu (the planet of epidemics) on the 25th of February 2020 setting the stage for what is likely to be a very difficult time for the USA. Now the karma passengers have well and truly got off the bus and are going to their various states because with so little testing the USA has no idea how many of its citizens have the virus. Vice President Mike Pence admitted on March 5th 2020 that the administration does not have enough testing kits, "We don't have enough tests today to meet what we anticipate will be the demand going forward" (Quoted from a CNN post) while Trump says there are plenty.

The administration said there would be a million testing kits available at the time, which soon turned out to be untrue, and in a recent US news update I saw said the Trump administration was trying to get hold of 4 million testing kits. Not only does this seem unlikely, but considering that if a US citizen wants to get themselves tested it reputedly will cost them $3,000 for the privilege. What a ridiculous situation for the USA to find itself in. One only has to look at Italy to see the true cost of dropping the ball when it comes to Coronavirus, and the Trump Administration cannot even tell you where the ball is on the pitch! It is a disaster for Itlay, and being fond of the nation and visiting many times to research my historical novels my heart goes out to them.

I also feel sorry for what is to unfold in the US, and almost every state in the world will need to or is reflecting on Coronavirus. But what's to unfold in America could shock the world. We see Italy in lockdown, all of Lombardy is effectively under house arrest. And all this is after becoming aware of how many of its citizens have become infected, the Trump Administration doesn't even know. I'd also argue that if it eventually does know, the Trump Administration will try to lie about the numbers affected, as some of the US media has already started to call out. Trump disbanded the US Whitehouse Council's entire Global Health Security team in May 2018 to cut costs: what type of human being does that?

This incompetence could prove devastating for the US because so many people are not under isolation, and will be spreading the virus to each other on a huge scale. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared: "the United States has never been less prepared for a pandemic". One has to worry when people like that are saying those things about your country. When people present with symptoms, there is not yet the kits in place to test people, and of those that test positive they should self isolate, but what will that do to the US economy? I shake my head in bewilderment.

Pluto is now already in the USA's 2nd house of finances, assets, resources, family and security at 00:18 degrees - returning to himself at originally 06:48 in the Original USA Constitution chart. Pluto will return completely to himself in 2024: by then America will be a very different place. I've said in my earlier blogs that this Pluto return could be devastating for America, as he's the planet of death, destruction and rebirth and he does his required karmic work without remorse. On top of that Pluto is retrograde in the US constitution chart of July 4th 1776 18:30, which means the significance of Pluto is confused and not well understood, and thus will have an even deeper karmic impact as his power is unleashed. As I speculated in an earlier blog post about America, what happens to a nation of people when they start to panic, and they're also armed with guns? What happens to a nation with politicians that boast of their nation's wealth, while many ordinary American struggle to make ends meet? What happens to a nation where access medical services are an extraordinary expense, and a significant proportion of American citizens cannot afford their care bills? In America, you have to PAY for the ambulance to come and collect you. Most American live on the edge, and cannot afford to take 2-3 weeks off work unpaid, which it would likely be. Look what happened to a lot of American when Trump shut down Washington. Not many people could afford that in most nations on earth, let alone in a place where the upfront costs of care are so high and unequal.

There will likely be a domino effect with this virus, which will quickly lead to very dramatic outcomes as it becomes increasingly clear to the public that the administration doesn't have things under control. The US is already a fearful nation by nature, but it could soon find itself in a situation where the world will ban it from travel to other places, rather than the US banning whoever it can from its own shores. With so many citizens owning guns, imagine what will happen when people start looting en masse as a result of self-isolation, desperation, or sheer opportunism just because the situation is out of control?

Things could quickly spiral out of control in a pandemic with mass panic at the same time: this is a recipe for a cataclysm and possible civil war. Please forgive my bombastic language, but that really is something that has the potential to happen in a place like the USA. Many people, due to the corporate nature of the health system, are in a poor state of health, and already have many underlying conditions like diabetes due to the obesity crisis in America. So many people cannot afford basic care.

I've already said before that Pluto is a hardcore planet whose motto is: 'Transform or die'. It has returned and is soon for form part of the super conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all in Sidereal Capricorn starting on the 30th of March 2020: that's only 22 days from now. That's major alarm bells ringing there. Saturn and Mars together is always a test, but to have the planet of wealth, Jupiter, debilitated in Capricorn, but at the same time exactly conjunct Pluto, also a planet of finance but also huge debts, does not seem like a recipe for financial optimism to me. Some astrologers say that the debilitation of Jupiter will lead to a reduction in the virus, however, Jupiter is also a planet of hope, and his debilitation usually leads to a 'lack of hope' in the world. Looking at the situation unfolding in the USA I suspect the situation could soon become hopeless for many Americans if the virus continues to go unchecked as it currently is. We are also in the same energies of the financial crash of 2008, which was bad enough, but with Coronavirus on top, it could be even worse.

China it seems is already recovering in terms of infection rates, although still dealing with tragedy with a hotel used for the isolation of Coronavirus infected citizens recently collapsing. However, China is better placed than America, it also owns most of its debt, due to Trump's trade wars it has broadened its horizons, and when the summer heat arrives, and a good deal of the virus gets killed, China may find itself in a very commanding position on the world stage. It will still have struggles because so much work has to be done to clean up and stop being a nation that creates a lot of viruses that go around the world. But the cold truth is that China is better placed than America, and is a more dynamic and fast-moving country, with better controls and logistics. I'm not saying that I want to join the China Communist party, but I'm just stating the differences between the two rivals. America is in far more danger from the Coronavirus than China, because they already have a handle on it and with far more citizens. The Trump Administration has not even begun to fully understand the pickle it is in.

As Machiavelli suggested in his book The Prince, appearance is everything in politics. When America's enemies see the devastation and panic caused by the incompetence and idiocy of the Trump Administration, it is likely they will pounce and cause America yet more troubles: potentially in a cyber or terrorist attack. If this does transpire, then it will only hasten the demise, on top of this, I feel nature will continue to play her part and may throw a natural disaster or two in America's path as well: climate change denial has been at the centre of the Trump Administration, and is still believed to be a 'hoax' to may of its citizens - this denial will come to an end. Again, this may seem apocalyptic, but as astrologers, we take the planets seriously. The alignment of Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in Capricorn only happens once every thousand years or so, some say as early as 1894 BCE!

Suffice to say this is a very big deal. To add to this the Moon will be in Capricorn in the 2nd house of the US chart to combine with Pluto, Saturn and Mars to create a super stellium and a true Kala Sarpa Yoga: this is when all the planets are within the nodes of the Moon. This will happen on the 11th/12th of May 2020 US time. This will intensify things ten-fold. We will witness huge changes in the world, and some of it could be astonishing.

These alignments are so rare, that there is no human on earth old enough to be able to say what happened 'the last time'. This is a great time for spiritual awakening, transformation and rebirth. All of us will have to dig deep and make peace with our shadows. This is also the time, through the chaos, where new and wonderful things can happen if we can rise above the fear. The world is changing, but America will have to face some very deep, dark, and difficult truths. There is likely to be more conflicts in the world, and the Middle East, as we have seen already with migrants weaponised by Turkey, the crisis in Iran, and now intrigues afoot in the Saudi Royal family. However, this is also a chance for the US and us all to change for the better, as the Jupiter and Saturn exact conjunction that is on December 21st (the winter solstice by the way) ushers in a new cycle of transformation.

It's an interesting time to be alive.

Peace and light to you all, keep the light alive in the tests of the dark: humanity can get through it.

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