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Solar Eclipse Strikes the Gong for Global Change

What an interesting time it is to be alive. And I emphasise interesting.

The Chinese have a saying that they reserve for those they detest, which simply states: 'may you live through interesting times...' Seems benign on the surface until one examines the profound consequences of such a put down: these, dear readers, are interesting times indeed!

As you will know by now my blog is about the celestial goings on in the world from the perspective of astrology. I trawl the net for esoteric information to share, and then provide that to my readers in a form that is much easier to digest. Folks, there is a LOT going on, and you don't really need me to tell you that much, really, because everyone is feeling it on some level or other. Some people are dealing with huge debts, some are dealing with health issues (like quite a few of my friends). Many more find themselves in existential and spiritual crisis, or in a state of being numb and life not seeming normal anymore. The truth is that it isn't. So much is changing around us all, and the heavens are indicating where these changes are like to come.

Of course, it's natural that I'll talk about the UK first as that's where I currently reside (though I'm seriously contemplating escape). UK politics and political thought is going through the kind of breakdown that has not been seen for a very long time. It's as if the political elite are roaming loose in an asylum where their paranoia is causing them to lock themselves into ever more constrained positions: it seems the guards have left the inmates to themselves. One can only shake one's head at the television as we see the Tory leadership candidates suddenly trying to outspend each other, and find hoards of cash to splash on people that don't need any more, while the rest of the country languishes on the edge of ruin.

The whole thing beggars belief.

At the same time the wheels seem to be coming off other parts of the world too. So what's going on?

According to the research of an Ancient Babylonian research astrologer called Krasi Attasio, depending on what side the shadow of the moon strikes the sun during an eclipse, that will affect that directional part of the world. According to the NASA website, the eclipse shadow struck the eastern side of the sun first. This means trouble for the Middle East and Asia. This observation was made a few weeks ago, and since then we have seen the Turkish President face setbacks, Iran under the kosh, and Hong Kong erupt into violence. China is now finding itself under great scrutiny over it's camps for reforming Muslims, and is finding it's technological advances being criticised. On top of that the US trade war is affecting the global economy and various other spanners are being thrown into the works.

The main shadow of the eclipse falls across the whole of South America including Brazil and Argentina. Brazil is facing a huge up surge in violence in their gang warfare, Venezuela continues to free fall, Ecuador just admitted responsibility for much of its citizens misery, and the whole of South America seems to be looking at itself and wondering how to stop the carnage. The planets are letting us have it.

However, there are blessings. This is a great time for enlightenment and spirituality. Those that pursue enlightenment and looking after others will be rewarded. On the 17th of July there will be a Luna eclipse. Luna eclipses tend to be more about endings (as I've learned from my own experience). The solar eclipse would have helped reveal where new starts can be made in our lives. Many of us will have experienced new insights or truths that may have been unexpected, but also pleasant (with possibly some unpleasant surprises for others). This Lunar eclipse is about what we need to give up or what must naturally end. It could be outmoded thinking, relationships that no longer work, or situations that can no longer continue under the new insights gained from the solar eclipse. Everything links together and shapes the story of our evolution here on earth.

Who knows where all this will end? And do we even need to know? Would that even help?

What I can be sure of is that the planetary alignments we have going on now are rare and powerful, and we all are compelled to stand up in some way and be counted. So much change is upon us that at times (as I've observed) people just go into a veil of denial or apathy. This will not solve anything for long, for as many have found, trouble will break through the back door, or just come in through the roof or through the floor.

This is the time to reach out and be with friends and family, and share as much love and light as possible during these testing times. Give to charity when one can, pay genuine complements, do one's little bit for the planet and count one's blessings. This is also a time to look after one's health, and go on an adventure or even pilgrimage. Share your wisdom with others, no matter how trite, and remember to smile. It may seem like the world has lost its reason and everything is turning upside down - in many ways it is - but life can still be enjoyed.

Support one another, pray for the suffering and try to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

This, my friends, is just the warm up, more is still to come. Keep your eyes peeled and try to laugh when you can: humanity can get through this.

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