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Rebirth and Revolution 2020 and Beyond

For those of you that follow astrology closely, or have a creeping interest in such things, you will no doubt have seen more videos on YouTube, and various other platforms, discussing 2020.

I myself dedicated a post to the up-coming alignments earlier in the year, and as the year has progressed we have all collectively seen the energies at work in the world. It seems that global conflict and struggle fill every inch of the news: be it Brexit, Trump, Hong Kong, South America or even global news on adverse weather - the world, and humanity, is in a state of flux.

As the year has progressed the general theme has become more obvious of what is at stake and what needs to be changed in the world.

In January 2020 there will be a grand alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn. At a later point, those slower planets will be joined by the faster ones of the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars. This is EPIC. The last time so many planets were in Capricorn in a similar configuration was in the 10th century, and before that was the fall of Rome near the start of the age of Christianity. We also had a very similar alignment in the 18th century at the start of the Industrial Revolution: so this is a big deal.

So what is in store this time around?

Those reading this may have heard it said that we are upon the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution, it's been mentioned by some in the Labour Party in domestic UK Politics, but continues to be a topic of debate around the world: the truth is we are, and it will have huge and wide-ranging effects upon humanity.

When the planets express themselves through us they act in polarity, for that is the nature of creation: everything must have its opposite. The light will create a shadow, and a shadow needs the light in order to define itself and become conscious. So too it goes with human behaviour. There will be those that will embrace the light of higher consciousness to higher and increasing degrees and there will be those that will live in the shadows and try to darken the world. Saturn and Pluto together can represent the very worst of the shadow in human consciousness and behaviour, for the darkness they can bring is the utter blackness like the vortex of a black hole, however, in this darkness there is immense power and the opportunity for humanity to use the energies they will release to unleash and re-birth within themselves and create new structures that transcend the old.

Saturn on its own represents governments, authority, rules, regulations, the administration of the law, structures, traditions and the old ways of doing things. Pluto represents true power, how power is used, the underworld, the deepest secrets, destruction of the things that no longer have value, and the rebirth and building of a new tower in our lives. The moment is almost upon us when humanity will have to re-evaluate everything in their lives. Talking with those that I know well, the themes of breakdown, change, and rebirth and being forced to look at things anew is common. Many people have struggled with sudden bouts of ill-health, relationship breakdowns, and issues related to work. We see collectively these themes being mirrored around the world with people protesting at the cost of living, a lack of jobs, and issues around finance and healthcare.

Those that have been in power for centuries sense that mood for revolution within the people and a desire for change, but it is highly likely that those that hold true power will double down, and try to suppress those that challenge the status quo. We see this with increasingly authoritarian governments around the world, and political parties moving to the right in many democracies in the west. Yet there is hope. As planet Jupiter continues to move through his own sign and triggers the nakshatras of truth withing Sagittarius, more and more truth will seep into the world to expose the tactics of the powerful and hold their actions up to the light. We see this happening in the USA with the impeachment process, and more recently with a senior member of the Royal Family who has created a media storm after a BBC interview asking questions about under-aged sex.

This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg as inevitably one revelation will lead to another and then another: much like the pulling of a loose thread from a knitted jumper. As more and more of these revelations become exposed by Pluto this will shake people's beliefs, and their minds will expand to ideas of self-governance and self-rule rather than trust the politicians and other establishment figures that relay on their trust and respect. These changes will be painful for many because so many people have invested their trust in politicians and the like to hold up their best interests. Discontentment is spreading around the world as more and more people begin to see the truth of their situations. The establishment will fight back with lies and empty promises in order to try and maintain their power, or, as in the case of Hong Kong and Iran, use force.

However, this will not be enough to contain the masses as the higher consciousness that is coming in will overwhelm the darkness in the political sense. However, giant corporations are not likely to sit still and see their empires undermined. I anticipate that automation will be rolled out to a higher amount to decrease the need to satisfy human needs like sick pay, rest breaks, and holidays. Job security is likely to be one of the biggest themes of the 2020s as well as new and innovative ways of earning money and exchanging goods and services. The upcoming election in the UK on December 12th will indicate the direction of travel for much of the world as the UK holds some of the most significant archetypes for power, government, banking, and institutions of law and governance.

Will the UK stick with the establishment, the Tories, or will it embrace something new like a rainbow government? No one can accurately guess, and opinion polls can be unreliable.

The time has come for us all to stand up and discover our own power within, and break free of the bonds that surround us: either external or self-created. We must seek strength in each other and connect with truth with all our loved ones and be prepared to do things in new and innovative ways that we have not done before. There is no resisting Pluto, and when he's with Saturn and Jupiter just forget trying to stick to 9-5 thinking: that world is almost at an end. Now humanity must think outside the box and embrace new ways of being and working. The environment must be put centre stage, and old ways of thinking will be challenged and defeated. By being brave, flexible, innovative, and loving humanity can defeat the authoritarian ideologies that will try to express themselves even more as the new decade progresses. The 'New Age' is almost here, and we can face it with courage, determination, faith and success.

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