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Notre Dame Up in Flames

Oh dear! One of the seats of the Catholic Church up in flames. For those that follow my blog you will know that I look at how the movements of the planets affect global events. This is further triggering caused by the coming together of Saturn, Pluto, Ketu AND Jupiter (while Gandanta between Sagittarius and Scorpio) all coming together in the sign of Sagittarius. As I've mentioned before, Sagittarius is the sign responsible for man-made religion and rules. When you have Saturn the planet of rules, structures, and old things coming together with Pluto, the planet of destruction and a Phoenix of flames, also with Ketu, the south node of the moon which can also represent knives, flames and explosions - ALSO with Jupiter, the planet of Gurus, Priests, Teachers and religious people is it any wonder that Notre Dame should be up in flames? It's a terrible shock, and very traumatic for the people of Paris and all of those, like myself, that have a soft spot for beautiful architecture: but the planets are the planets and the ancients called them gods for a reason - they are POWERFUL!

So what can The Church do?

Nothing much really. The full alignment of the planets that is due to reach its zenith in early 2020, and beyond, is only just gearing up: this is the start of a much bigger process. Everything that we have come to know over the last 2000 years or so since Christ is about to go through a radical change up - yes the changes are going to be that profound! The alignment of 2020 is one that comes only once every 2,160 years, Yup, mmhum.

What we have to do is go with those changes because it will lead to our collective liberation so that we all may find the god within: this is what it's all about ultimately. For this new realisation to sink in, the structures of old must come to an end. The Abrahamic religions and patriarchy have been in control for thousands of years and now the planets are saying that must come to an end. Regardless of if one has faith or not one cannot say that religion as we know it has not been great for the environment! Why?

I argue that in religions based ultimately on the power of patriarchy the innate feminine nature of the Earth, Gaia, will be overlooked and exploited: and any objective view of current events since in the start of the industrial revolution can see that Mother Earth has lost out. This cannot continue any longer and massive change is on the way: the Earth is a divine god in her own right and it seems the planets are coming to help her out. The hammer blows of the gods will get to work on the Catholic Church, the world's first true international franchise, and then some of the other major religions in turn. I suspect that Buddhism and the Indian Vedic religions will be fine as they speak more of the nature of spirituality - which is not the same thing as religion - those that speak of the ultimate truths will survive and even thrive. This could be a great time for Vedic Astrology: people en-masse, particularly in the West will start taking Vedic Astrology seriously. The events of the world will intensify and grow more strained and desperate, but this is a great purging of things that must die and leave society, so that other things may grow and develop. The caterpillar must become a butterfly. Tax, death, birth and change are the only constants that one can rely on in life: the rest is fashion.

Many people will be shocked at these changes and will freak out. Many more will suffer in silence and try to escape via drink, drugs or Netflix: this is life, and people will have to find a way to cope. The best and smartest thing we can do is life our lives as best we can, be good to each other, and be good to the Earth. We must collectively stay calm in the face of testing situations and see the events around us as a destruction that will lead to freedom. Does that mean that all will be sweetness and light? No, of course not: quite a bit of it will be smelly nappy. However, all will come to pass. If there is any time in life to make a change this is it. Use this time as an opportunity to reflect and get rid of any old beliefs that no longer serve you, or any structures or restraints that you've outgrown. Even people, relationships or situations that you no longer want in your life: this is the time to change those things.

Look within for the truth, be kind to yourself and others, and sip a cool drink as 'Rome burns'. Change is coming.

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