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New Black Hole Picture Looks Like the Eye of Sauron

Today, 10.04.19, with great fanfare the Science community revealed to the world the first ever picture of a Black Hole - called 'Sagittarius A'. This, as billed, was a momentous moment for humanity and a leap forward for mankind. Yet somehow, it seems the boffins of Science have an unfailing ability to make breakthroughs seem pedestrian: they lack the flair and the drama so say and do the things that capture in the public's imagination.

To me the Super Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy looks like a cross between a solar Eclipse and the Eye of Sauron! One of the scientists introducing the picture did say it looked like the gates of hell, in a rather flat tone, and that's as exciting as it got.

However, this is a blog about the movement of the planets and how those movements can affect individuals and society at large. There is something VERY interesting on a planetary level about the timing of this event.

Allow me to explain.

As you will have seen in my earlier posts I described the planet Jupiter, the planet of aspirations, beliefs, visions, and truth as Gandanta (or drowning). Since that post Jupiter has moved forward into the sky into his own sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius as a sign strives for the discovery of the truth, but Jupiter is in the Nakshatra of Mula (in Early Sagittarius). The symbol for Mula is a root: quite literally getting to the absolute bottom of things, or 'dragging out by the roots'. Jupiter, by moving into Sagittarius has also become conjunct: Ketu the South Node of the Moon (revelations of secrets) Saturn (reality and structure) and Pluto (the god of the underworld and the deepest darkest places of immense power that's hard to comprehend).

When one puts all these meanings together it makes sense to me that Science, unconsciously, should chose this time to reveal one of the deepest and darkest secrets of the universe - which then in turn changes our reality, truth, and boundaries of what was previously understood. The formal identification and visualization of the Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy fits perfectly with the meanings of the planets in the configuration in which they currently are.

To make the whole thing even sweeter, the ancients knew about the Galactic Centre, and also knew that the Nakshatras of Gemini (containing Ardra) and Sagittarius (containing Mula) align with that Black Hole in the Galactic Centre from which, the ancients said, that all knowledge and destructive power emanates (it is sometimes referred to as the belly-button of a great god or goddess).

It seems at long last that modern Science as we know it is finally catching up with ancient knowledge and Astrology: this Galactic Centre Black Hole has been known to astrologers for literally thousands of years! The fact that the Scientists have called the Black Hole Sagittarius A is even further support for the significance of the Black Hole's location within our astral Zodiac.

The nodes of the Moon are eclipse points, as I've said before, and ultimately eclipses reveal what is hidden. Is it any wonder that one of the biggest secrets in the universe is revealed at the time when the nodes of the Moon are in one of their most dynamic and powerful places aligned with the Galactic Centre? The symbolism and symmetry of the movements of the planets and their meaning for us on Earth can seem poetic at times.

But this discovery also holds a portent for us all: Black Holes are dynamic and extremely powerful mysteries and we should collectively beware their dark power. Black holes, afterall, are places of oblivion and destruction - so powerful that not even light can escape their grasp. The photograph today should also act as a reminder to humanity not to indulge in darkness and destruction because if we do, not even the light can escape.

So let us be wise and be prepare not to only look at 'the darkness out there..' But also the darkness that lies within, those parts of ourselves that secretly yearn to sabotage and destroy. We all have this power, just as the universe does. And destruction when harnessed for good will bring about new light into our worlds. We can destroy ignorance, blind hatred and bigotry. We can destroy small-mindedness.

One thing one of the scientists introducing the photograph said, that was very pertinent, was his call out to the politicians of the world to follow the examples of Science and work together for the mutual benefit of all.

And that, for me, was one of the most radical things the scientists said.

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