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Mars heats up a Tory Leadership Contest in the UK and tests the rest of the World

Well, well, well: here we go!

As those of you who read my blog will know I often compare the world of politics and global events with the movement of the planets, to help give us all some insight into why things happen as they do. Well, darling Mars, which is a very important planet for Cancer ascendants, like myself, is really in not such a good mood at the moment. Mars is going to reach a peak of rage come around the 17th of June, and will be breaking furniture, smashing holes through walls, cursing and spitting, and declaring war until he reaches his debilitation point in Cancer around the solstice, in the northern hemisphere, between the 21st-22nd of June.

So what has Mars been getting up to of late?

Just in the last few days we have seen a helicopter crash into a tower block in New York, multiple explosions around the world, including an explosion at an explosives factory in Kristall in Dzerzhinsk Russia, another explosion in Russia on an oil tanker in the southern Russian port of Makhachkala, and, just today, two oil tankers have exploded in the Gulf of Oman after seemingly being attacked. To add to this we have, according to the Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program, at least 15 volcanos in an ongoing state of activity since May 2019, when Mars entered Gemini on May 7th. Most notably Mount Etna in Italy and Mount Sinabung in Indonesia. This is not a coincidence. Yesterday, on the 12th of May 2019, Mars became conjunct with the explosive shadow planet Rahu. Both nodes of the moon can be explosive, but Rahu and Mars together is hot stuff indeed, because Rahu adds his element of air to Mars' fire. Yesterday we saw Hong Kong erupt into civil violence the likes of which has not been seen for decades. I watched the footage open jawed: I've never seen the people of Hong Kong so angry, nor its police so violent. They used batons, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

Mars, with Rahu, as stated in my previous article, is opposing the grand conjunction in Sagittarius between Saturn, Ketu (the South Node) and Pluto: potent stuff. This, quite literally, is heating up divisions in the world around our beliefs, religion and politics. The youth of Hong Kong are rioting because their politicians want to pass a bill to allow Hong Kong citizens to be extradited to China. Saturn and Ketu both deal with the themes of separation (like extradition) Saturn represents structures, but in Sagittarius he represents laws and governments. Pluto represents destruction and rebirth so that we may reach a higher and more exalted spirituality and personal transformation. Is it any wonder then that fights like this are being fought in one way or another around the world?

Returning to less violent, but no less tumultuous, events in UK politics we see the Tories have flung themselves wholeheartedly into a leadership contest that could apply to be recognised as an Olympic sport. The contest really does represent the political equivalent of a middle distance race. The first round of voting has started today. Normally I'd be watching live coverage, but if I did that I'd not be able to write this article: there's more twists and turns in the Tory Party then an episode of Strictly Come Dancing! (And for those of you who know that show you will understand the analogy).

So what does this all mean?

It means that life on earth is going to become increasingly unstable for now as old structures break down and new ones are put in place to replace them: for better or for worse.

In UK politics both the Tories and the Labour Party both face existential crisis, turmoil, and political irrelevance in a rapidly changing world. The two party system is broken: and how can it last with Pluto and Ketu doing their best to break those structures down? In the UK we even see retailers on the high street trying to stay afloat as the internet takes a hammer and tongs to bricks and mortar stores (represented by Saturn). The Arcadia group only just managed, literally, to avoid all of their stores being liquidated and 18,000 jobs being lost: which, frankly, would have finished off the high street as we know it in Britain.

But but Pluto and Ketu, with Saturn's blessing, will carry on their work of separating, destroying and rebuilding so that people are forced to wake up to new realities - some people will lose everything. Only a matter of weeks ago British Steel as an industry ended, with barely any fanfare from the UK media. Car manufacturing plants are closing down across the country, and I suspect that those that voted for Brexit in those areas may now be having different conversations with their families over dinner as they work out how to keep a roof over their heads. I do not state this with any kind of triumph. It's sad and terrible news for all those caught up in this. Even now those in the leadership contest state that we must crash out of Europe come hell or high water on Halloween 2019.

My answer?

Such politicians can afford to say such things because they have the means to protect themselves from the worst. The rest of Joe Public do not. Those that are going to lose their car making jobs already know this, and the writing is on the wall. Irrespective of how a person voted on the Brexit issue, which has become THE defining political and financial topic in UK peace time, the whole thing has gone pear-shaped, and we really are facing the prospect of being separated from our wealth and prosperity forever. Saturn, Ketu and Pluto can be merciless when it comes to dishing out their lessons and karma, and my goodness we're going to get it if we keep denying the truth.

Many people will not be aware of the connection between Great Britain and the planet Saturn: but there is a very strong one. Saturn represents, among many others, all things that are old, be they buildings, traditions, ideas, and structures of all kinds. Saturn also represents banking, and things that have dark colouring, and even the colour black. Is it any surprise that Lloyds Bank, one of the oldest in the world is represented by a beautiful black horse? The UK also holds the chief Archetype for Monarchy for the whole world. The UK has one of the oldest continuous monarchies that has ever existed. Saturn also represents jem stones and anything that takes a long time to form. The British Monarchy has the best bling in the world - just visit the Tower of London.

So what am I saying?

What I suggest is that Brexit, as already proved, has global significance for the institutions, rules and regulations for banking, trade, and the established norms for the whole world. Remember it was the vote to leave result that put some wind in the sails of the Trump campaign: not the other way round. But, as we see, if one studies the skies, Ketu and Pluto are unpicking the establishment with Saturn's consent. So maybe the time has come for Britain to no longer be a global influence and power? Many say that Brexit has hugely damaged Britain's reputation anyway - this is obvious - but I think it will become permanent if we crash out without a deal. We will become the only country in the world to have no separate trade agreements whilst on World Trade Organisation terms. This is a disaster! The politicians know it, yet they ignore the truth. The Saturn, Pluto and Ketu grand conjunction will be ruthless. One of the best ways Saturn, Ketu and Pluto teach us spirituality is through profound loss. Will the leaders make the right choices and accept the truth? Or do they thinks themselves more powerful than the Gods? If I were a betting man I know who I'd have my money on: an it wouldn't be on Boris Johnson.

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