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Italy Banking Crisis on the Doorstep

Astrology is a very powerful thing, it's like a mirror of the world and all that it contains. Of course, the world is in the grip of the Coronavirus as Pluto does his destructive work. Pluto energy is not easy, because what he does is tear away everything, except that what we need the most. When we are unaware of this, as most of us are because Pluto represents the subconscious, the effects of the loss can be very traumatic. But, like all the other planets, Pluto does what he does for a reason. He destroys that is meant to die, in order that new things can grow.

Unfortunately, looking at Italy's national birth chart of 17th of March 1861 not only can I see the problems the nation has in its first house, which is in Gemini, making Italy a Gemini nation, how could it not be when we think of the gregarious, gesticulating and communicative Italians? But being a Gemini nation poses problems for Italy, not only because the country is having a nodal inversion in the 1st house (Rahu has crossed over natal Ketu in Gemini, and Ketu has passed over natal Rahu in Sagittarius) which tends to flip things upside down. I can also see that Italy has the Moon, Lord of the 2nd house of family, and planet of rebellion, Uranus, in the 12th house. The twelfth house is not only far away lands but isolation and prisons: what do we see? Prisoners rioting, sitting on the roofs and watching as their families protest outside, clashing with police, as they demand for their loved ones to be pardoned. It's quite extraordinary. But, alas, there are more woes to come, because Saturn, the 8th Lord of Italy's chart is now in the 8th house with Pluto, soon to be joined by Mars, which is a difficult planet for Geminis (as the 6th and 11th Lord) and Jupiter, one of Italy's best planets (exalted in the 2nd house in Cancer in the natal chart) is soon to become debilitated towards the end of March. Jupiter is the planet of wealth and optimism and is closely connected with global finance. Saturn and Pluto are also planets of finance. Capricorn itself represents governments, and corporations among other things, and to top it all off this very testing conjunction is happening in Italy's 8th house: the house of death, disgrace, and transformation.

For me, I can only see this going one way: outright banking collapse.

People have been talking about the weakness of Italian banks for some time, but I think this is when it will actually happen. How much Italy has done to shore up its banks I'm not sure, but with the Coronavirus Italian banks will be severely tested... This is where they're likely to break. How this will affect the rest of Europe and the global markets remains to be seen, but if the even does happen then it will not be pretty: how could it be?

I'm also concerned to see that when the nodes of the moon move into Taurus and Scorpio in September, there could be some issues in Italy, and possibly the globe, with water and food supplies. Taurus is earthly resources, and Scorpio is an intense water sign. The trouble Itlay has, in particular, is that Taurus is in the 12th house of loss and difficulties. This suggests there could be huge losses of basic resources, and money because Taurus is a material and money sign. Ketu does well in Scorpio, but it will go through the 6th house of the Italian chart. The 6th house deals with health issues, conflicts, accidents, and commuting difficulties. Scorpio also deals with poisons, and water, so there could also be water issues for Italy as well, with either Malaria or waterborne diseases: especially if there is a heatwave summer.

With all this going on the financial and economic fallout could be massive for Italy, and we could well see the nation become bankrupt. There are so many things that could be triggered at once that create a domino effect, which the nodes of the moon will latch on to and make worse.

I'd like to be more positive, but given the planetary alignments, what's happening right now, and what the planets say is likely come, that's the only conclusion I can draw. Even if the virus stopped in Italy tomorrow, so much damage has been done because of the Coronavirus lockdown.

Italy needs our prayers, having a Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto conjunction in the 8th house of death, disgrace, insecurity, banking, taxes, spirituality and taboos is a LOT to deal with all at once. Many challenges lay ahead as the ascension of earth and humanity takes place and transforms the world, and teaches us spiritual lessons. Take this opportunity to grow, to connect with the earth and to connect with others, and elevate yourself above the fear that is gripping the world. For it is true what they say: in every crisis, there is an opportunity.

Hold onto the light.

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