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In My YouTube Debut, I Discuss How and Why Nations are by Covid-19, and When it Will End!

Conronavirus is the only story in town. One cannot turn one's face in any direction and not see someone talking about it, and rightly so: this pandemic is one of the biggest things to have ever effected humanity in this way since the Spanish Flu of 1918. Without a doubt, this virus is also one of the biggest threats to the global economy ever recorded. But not all countries are equally affected. What's going on!

In my YouTube debut, where I was invited to talk on Inspire'd Stage by the wonderful Shay Allie, defence Lawyer and Speakers host extraordinaire, I get into the astrological weeds of why things are happening as they are on planet earth.

In the video viewers will learn about the power of Saturn and how he represents governemnts around the world, the importance of the Royal Family and the Queen in the UK chart, why Italy has suffered so much in recent weeks, how the UK may fair, and the all encompasing power of the Kala Sarpa Yoga... Will the Sun save us all when it breaks the yoga spell? Find out this and more by clicking the YouTube link below.

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