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I Should Have Blogged Earlier about Boris' New Baby... But I think Meghan Markle is Pregnant Too.

I've been a fool! And I'm so irritated with myself for not writing a blog about a dream I had a few months ago.

The dream I had was a very vivid one, where I saw Carrie Symonds as pregnant, and also walking down the aisle getting married. I wrangled with myself about whether or not I should have blogged about the dream, but although vivid, it seemed so throw-away in terms of story at the time, and quite a silly thing to write about. Now, today, it's all over the news, and I was only able to express my frustration with some work colleagues. I'm happy for the pair, and I think Carrie will be a wonderful mother.

So, in order not to cut myself short again, I'm so cross with myself because I knew, I'm going to state here that I think that Meghan and Harry are pregnant now and will be expecting soon.

However, I feel the couple will keep their pregnancy a secret until it cannot be hidden any more, or they will announce when the baby is out and about.

This is a short blog, just to get it on the record: which is what I should have done months ago with Carrie and Boris! Never mind, it's not a big deal for many people, but I should have honoured the validity of the dream... Anyway, there is a chance Meghan could have twins, but I can't be sure, however, I feel a baby is on the way. But it will only be announced when Meghan is quite far on in her pregnancy if she is indeed pregnant.

If she is not pregnant, then this blog can remain in obscurity, but I didn't want to hold back on the information again, silly me.

Love and Light

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