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Brexit Soup: with mystery meat thrown in.

Well! If things could not get any more dramatic... Then it does. Parliament has shown an extraordinary ability to confound expectations. Juncker himself said that the Sphinx is an open book in comparison to the UK Parliament - and I must agree with him. With much lamentation and the gnashing of teeth the Commons were finally able to wrestle control from the Government and have indicative votes - and lo!

Parliament votes for NOTHING: TWICE!

OMG... The whole thing beggars belief. That second result was even more perplexing than the first. Why oh why did Parliament NOT pass a majority? For this, including Juncker, the best answers to the mystery lie in astrology. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, there is a lot going on in the heavens. I was hoping that the direct movement of Mercury after being retrograde for three weeks in Pisces would lead to clarity. However, one very important planet is in a bit of a pickle: Jupiter is Gandanta.

Yes, Jupiter, planet of optimism, prosperity, intelligence, teachers, leaders, politicians, authority, law givers, religion and governance is metaphorically drowning in boiling water! This leads to storms, floods and bad weather - which we have seen around the world - like in Africa and other places, but also 'drowning' with those that are supposed to provide guidance and governance. Is it any wonder then that the UK Government seems unable to reach a coherent decision?

Where will this lead?

In truth: it's anyone's guess. The nodes of the Moon (Rahu/North & Ketu/South) have changed signs and are now in the most volatile areas of the Zodiac: Ardra (in Gemini) and Mula (in Sagittarius). Both these signs are mutable, changeable, and dynamic. The nodes of the moon in this sign tend to produce quite dramatic results that are quirky, surprising and unpredictable. As I'm writing this I discover that the Prime Minister is going to engage in talks with the Opposition: quite a dramatic turn of events.

As I write this on 02/04/2019 I just had a quick peep to see where the planets are in relation to Parliament in regards to London. Maybe the end of the Mercury retrograde will save the day? Mercury has joined Venus (the planet of negotiation, diplomacy, and deals) also conjunct the Moon (the people, comfort zones, thoughts, emotions and the past) in Aquarius (groups, organisations, highest dreams and ideals) all in the 6th house of obstacles, difficulty, health, the daily grind, and enemies! What a turn up for the books! The Sun is currently in Pisces which belongs to his best friend Jupiter. This conjunction could break the impasse... Already those on the right of the Tory party are frothing at the mouth at the prospect of compromise between the Government and Labour: they shall have to consider their positions going forward. With this kind of conjunction peace and consensus may break out. It SEEMS that this benefic conjunction will yield results.

The Moon is also the past. Maybe it is time for those on the far right of the Tory party, like the ERG (The European Research Group) to reflect on the opposition and undermining of the Prime Minister's earlier attempts to get her deal through, and may now get something much softer than they wanted: only time will tell - I suspect their moment has passed, and that the tide has gone out on them and left them and their sympathisers marooned in a strange and foreign land.

They say that a week is a long time in Politics. In regards to the UK at this intriguing time in our political history an hour is a long time in politics.

There will be heated battles and debates over this coming together between the Government and the opposition, but in short of resigning, triggering a general election, crashing out, or revoking article 50 altogether - what else can the Prime Minister do?

Here we see the power of a Saturn (government/corporate structures) coming together with Pluto (power, painful lessons, destruction and rebirth) and Ketu (revelations, spiritual development via loss, and the cutting away of all that is not needed). The Prime Minister, correctly, has concluded that she must make a sacrifice and cut away all that is not needed within her own party to transform the future of Britain. This is a lesson for all of us in the world going forward. Depending on where this placement falls into a person's chart they must be prepared to either sacrifice, compromise, or cut away something in their life. If they do not do so willingly, then the blows will come with force. This year may well embrace the theme where we will see the inflexible and unmoving get brutally destroyed or shoved aside. Familiar things that we are all used to could suddenly fall apart. People's jobs will be vulnerable, so will relationships, businesses and marriages.

A Saturn, Ketu and Pluto conjunction can literally mean: 'Out with the old and in with the new!' We will see new political figures take the world by storm. Radical ideas are likely to be put forward into the public sphere that have not had an airing before. Many will cling to the past for dear life only to see their fingers torn away as they plunge into an abyss of irrelevance or contempt. Things will intensify yet further when Mars (the planet of passion, action, conflict, strategy and drive) comes into his enemy's sign of Gemini, belonging to the planet Mercury, which causes Mars to become very argumentative and confrontational indeed!

The last word on this political debacle in the UK has not been said. Already the Tories are scuffling between themselves at the prospect of doing a deal with Labour. Given the current line up of the planets and Ketu's fondness for cutting and separating things (knife crime is also at an all time high in the UK at the moment) the Tory party may indeed split under this powerful influence from the planets.

Hold onto your seats folks: the year is hotting up!

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