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Brexit Day Arrives, But What Does the New UK chart Hold in Store?

Well, the day has come and Britain, as of 11 pm, today, on the 31st of January 2020 will formally leave the EU and enter the transition phase. Those that read my blog will know that I look at the movement of the planets and see how those factors affect national and global politics. To try and get an insight into the future, and what the likely outcomes may be, I've cast a new Sidereal chart for the UK for 11 pm tonight, and it makes for interesting reading. I'll list the insights below.

1) Planet Venus now holds the highest degree (before it was Saturn). This makes Venus the Atmakaraka or the planet that holds the Brexit UK's 'soul', and makes Venus the King of the chart, and overall purpose of the UK's direction in the future. This is quite appropriate as Venus is not only a planet about relationships and marriage, but also trade.

2) Planet Mars holds the 2nd highest degree (before it was the Moon). This is a little bit more tricky, because Mars is a planet of competition and conflict, however, this could work out as a blessing because the UK will have to compete with other nations for business. The trouble is that the UK will no longer be able to use the gunboat diplomacy tactics that the Victorians applied to get their way in trade relations of old. The UK will have to employ the highest vibration of Mars, which is discipline, strategy, honesty, courage and determination if it's to succeed in the new world.

3) Planet Saturn holds the lowest degree as, Sidereally, Saturn is not yet one degree into his own sign of Capricorn (before it was Jupiter that held the lowest). This truly is a new start for the UK with its karma slate wiped clean. With Saturn at such low a degree there is very little baggage to carry, however, it can indicate that there is also a lot of naivety about that new future, and few people with experience to be able to deal with problems down the road. There is also a risk that the UK has lost a lot of clout, and may not be taken 'seriously' when it comes to international trade options.

4) The UK has a Sidereal Virgo ascendant, which is the same in the previous UK chart of January 1st 1801. However, the Tropical placements for the old chart work far better in regards to how the UK it has got itself into the position it is now. This makes the UK have a Libra Ascendant in old money. However, we are now in the 21st century, and I've found in my experience that Sidereal placements now work best when interpreting modern charts, as there has been a paradigm shift in consciousness since the latter part of the 20th century. Under our new Virgo ascendant the UK rids itself of the awkward placement of having Ketu in the 1st house. This very much affected the UK's sense of itself. This has now gone, so a sense of British identity will begin to emerge again in the public. However, there are issues.

5) The UK now has three planets, Venus, Mercury, and Neptune, in the 6th house of competition, battles, litigation, debts and struggles, AND it is aspected by two malefics: Mars and Rahu. This could indicate, especially with Neptune sitting between Mercury and Venus, that the UK does not have a real sense of just how much struggle there could be to negotiate and land deals. Mercury, Venus, and to some extent Saturn, are planets of trade. Neptune if ill placed becomes a planet of deception, delusions and illusions. There is a very high chance that the UK is not being realistic about how difficult and challenging being outside of the EU could prove to be. Mercury is the Lord of the 1st and 10th houses which cover identity, and highest purpose/career. Venus is Lord of the 2nd house of finances and the 9th house of philosophical beliefs. They both now reside in the 6th house of daily grind, health and obstacles.

This could have two effects: when the illusions cast by Neptune lessen or come to fade, which will happen when Neptune leaves the 6th house of the new UK chart in a few years we could see the UK 'get real' about its situation. It will either knuckle down and embrace the significant challenges of the 6th house aspected by malefics OR it may decide that life is too hard and try to rejoin the EU after some years. With the presence of Neptune it's too hard to tell at the current moment, because the UK is in a kind of fog. The UK must prepare to have its identity, beliefs, reputation, and resources challenged: this is likely as the aspects of Mars and Rahu will push buttons and heat things up.

6) The Moon has now moved to the 8th house of the UK chart with Uranus in Aries, aspected by Jupiter who is in his own sign of Sagittarius. The Moon is not comfortable in the hot sign of Aries, although it does belong to its friend, Mars. The Moon is also aspected by a friend in Jupiter from the 4th house. However, the Moon is isolated. It has no planet either side of it and this is not good for the Moon which does not like to be alone. The Moon also represents the public. Many people in the public could find that the UK becomes more isolated than intended, and that a lot of our anticipated partners could move on. A planet like Moon in the 8th house can also lead to shame and humiliation. Without unfettered access to Europe, what kind of leverage will the UK have in the future? This could prove to be a difficult lesson if it comes true, it could also be embarrassing. The Moon is also with Uranus, and by both being in the sign of Aries, it could be that the UK starts an innovation revolution within itself, possibly as a response to dealing with isolation from the rest of the world. This could prove very positive for the UK long term, however, such combinations are not smooth when Uranus is involved because he tends to liberate via shocks and huge shifts that are very uncomfortable to endure. The 8th house is a money house, and is closely associated with resources and the financial services. There is a very good chance that the financial services sector are in for a shock, and/or that some deep secret about how finance is conducted in the UK and the world comes out. We have the soft, sensitive, and isolated Moon in the danger and transformation house, also sitting with the planet of shocks. This could lead to some huge shifts in the finances of the UK.

7) The Sun and Saturn are in the same sign, and Saturn, although very immature at less than 1 degree in Capricorn, does have strength. The Sun is at 17.23 degrees, and will play the lead in this relationship. They both reside in the 5th house of speculation, higher education and creativity, so we will probably see the UK play on its pomp and traditions to win tourists from around the world to bolster what could be a so-so economy for a while. However, Britain's past is something that countries admire, and still respect to an extent. But with them both being in the 5th house of 'fun' there is a danger that the UK could be seen as a bit pf a circus or Disney Land attraction: or a gloried museum. If the UK looks after its Universities and reputation for excellence then our 'gamble' will seem credible: because with the Sun being in the 5th house, that is what Brexit is - a gamble. But if we learn quickly and employ our skills to full effect it will be a gamble that pays off, though I imagine fruits will not come to bear until Saturn moves into Aquarius in 2023. Saturn does very well in the 6th house, and that could be when we really start to see some good results. The early years are likely to be choppy.

8) The D9, navamsa, chart of the UK looks stronger. We see Ketu in the 1st house again, but this time in the more confident Leo. There is a chance that we will present a brave face to the world but hide our insecurities inside. Jupiter moves to the 2nd house of income and security in the D9 chart, but it's in his enemy sign of Virgo. This suggests money, but an undermined faith. The UK could develop a feeling that it has 'lost' something. However, Mercury, the Lord of the 1st & 10th house of the main UK chart sits in the friendly sign of Libra in the 3rd house. This boosts Jupiter, and Mercury and Venus are in mutual exchange with one another with adds strength to both planets.

9) Venus sits with the Sun and Uranus in the 11th house of the D9 chart. This suggests that the UK could become VERY innovative and creative in terms of its relationships with the outside world, domestic and international institutions and gains of all sorts.

10) The Moon is exalted in Taurus in the 10th house of the D9 chart. This is very positive as it suggests that with time we will be able to get our needs met as a country, especially as that Moon is aspected by Jupiter. Saturn also sits in the 6th house in his own sign of Capricorn, which is very positive, and Neptune sits in the 9th house. This is a good position for Neptune to be in, and suggests that the UK may become much more spiritual in the future, and change its personal philosophy of how it sees the world. If it does explore this route it could be very pioneering because Neptune sits in the sign of Aries in the 9th house, so this could be a profound political and spiritual shift in the UK.

In summery, looking at the broad factors, the UK will be in for a bit of a bumpy ride when it comes to the end of the transition agreement, and we no longer have the protection of the EU. Many home truths are likely to come out over the next few months and years. However, there is a lot of potential in the D9 navamsa chart of the new UK, and it looks promising. With Moon in Taurus in the 10th, Saturn in Capricorn in the 6th, Sun, Venus, and Uranus in the 11th, Jupiter in the 2nd, and Mercury in the 3rd in Libra bodes very well for the UK overall. This will take a few years to come about. It could be that we re-join Europe, or reach a point of self sufficiency that we become happy with. The 11th house of the D9 chart suggests that energy, creativity and innovation will be given to the everyday people as a way of sharing prosperity. However, the 11th house tends to deal with outside organisations, like the EU. We could easily decide, with time, that our greatest 'gains' are with the EU after all, but this remains to be seen.

If Independence and prosperity does happen then it will be very happy days indeed, but I don't see it as likely until Saturn fully enters Sidereal Aquarius in 2023. A LOT of change is on the way for the UK with quite a few surprises mixed in, but, with hope, things could work out in the end if we stay open minded and are prepared to innovate and change.

Peace and light.

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