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Blond Bombshells Shatter UK Diplomacy

Good heavens! After a volley of Tweeted insults from a stung US President and being, metaphorically, thrown under the bus by Boris, Sir Kim Darroch bows out with grace and resigns after the US diplomatic shutters were slammed in his face.

What a state of affairs, as the repercussions of the leaked memos from Sir Kim were made public and the international political fallout ensues. It is said that the beleaguered diplomat decided to call it a day when he realised he had no support from Boris who is likely to be the next Prime Minister. To add insult to injury, Boris used to be Foreign Secretary: you would think even a little support would have come from him - not a crumb. Only platitudes for Sir Kim and gentle rebukes to 'the leaker', who'll likely remain undiscovered (having skilfully executed their treachery).

What's going on in the public eye beggars belief these days, and a diplomatic scandal of this sort between two friendly nations is unprecedented.

So what does this mean?

Well, as you can imagine, dear reader, I scurried straight to my computer to see where the Sidereal planetary positions were at the time of the resignation, and low and behold they have their insights to share. As the story broke in the UK today, somewhere between 12-1 pm, the chart for London has its Ascendant in the sign of Virgo which belongs to Mercury. For those that know these type of things Mercury, the planet of communication, business, negotiation, rational arguments, and general networking, is currently retrograde until the end of July. This does not bode well. To make matters worse Mercury is conjunct, and thus in battle with, his enemy Mars as they both occupy Sidereal Cancer: the sign of Mars' debilitation. In the Virgo ascendant Mars and Mercury today occupy the 11th house. This is a house associated with friends, institutions, illustrious memberships and clubs, and all that can be gained from our networks and friends: very similar to the mechanics of diplomacy - oh dear...

This is not good. This causes a LOT of heat, anger and frustration around communication in general. And it's very hard for Mercury to be diplomatic when Mars has got his hands around Mercury's throat. Now, had Sir Kim's comments remained private this would not be a news day for such things, however, Ketu, being the plug hole in everyone's chart is famous for leaks. Mercury rules all forms of communication - especially email. It was an email from Sir Kim that was leaked (vintage Mercury retrograde stuff).

Let's not forget that Saturn, Ketu (the south node of the Moon), and Pluto are stirring a witches brew together in the sign of Sagittarius: a sign associated with politics, religion, dogma and beliefs. Add to this that Sagittarius can also represent things and people that are foreign, and abroad, we can see how the problems for the UK start stacking up.

For a Virgo ascendant Saturn becomes the Lord of the 5th and 6th house: this is inauspicious. The 5th house deals with risks and luck. The 6th house deals with setbacks, colleagues and enemies: you don't want Saturn, a natural malefic, in charge of your luck and enemies. In the London chart of today, Saturn the Lord of the 5th and 6th is sitting in the 4th house of homeland - this is not good. The Natural significator of the 4th house is the Moon who rules over Cancer: the 4th sign of the natural zodiac. Saturn and the Moon are enemies. The Moon is currently in Libra the sign of diplomacy (showing what the domestic issue is all about). Saturn in the 4th is famous for giving setbacks and problems at home. When you throw revealing Ketu in there with explosive Pluto, all while they incubate their schemes in Sagittarius, one can understand what a pickle this is for the UK politically.

The Sun, to add his heat and spice to things, is the Lord of the 12th house of losses (for a Virgo ascendant) and is sitting in the 10th house of public reputation, social standing and achievements. The 12th house is also associated with things overseas, isolation, and big distances. The 12th house also refers to secrecy and hidden enemies. The Sun is literally bringing his 12th house concerns into the public eye, which also suggests that there could well be a foreign agent associated with this leak, or at the very least a hostile mole in the diplomatic service that wanted to see Sir Kim's tenure as top diplomat come to an end (6th + 12th house = a secret enemy within the staff of the diplomatic service).

When we also factor in that the Sun is with Rahu (who blows things out of proportion) and Venus (the sign of diplomacy and relationships) in Gemini it makes Mercury the dispositor (the soul expression) for all three: and he is retrograde in the emotional water sign of Cancer trying to get out of a headlock with Mars in the 11th house!

There is a real danger that this leak could do lasting damage to the UK's international standing at least into the short and medium term. The enemies of Britain's interests will be cackling with glee to see such a break down in relations with the US, however, in time, these things tend to blow over. The main worries are that, already, diplomats are feeling that they can no longer be candid. These are perplexing times, and yet more worrying signs to those that believe that the US is the answer to our problems post Brexit: think again folks. Things just got a lot more unfriendly, and it may take until the time the current US administration has passed for things to normalise again.

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