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Baboon L'Orange's (Trump's) Attack on China Distracts as America Burns

Well, what can one say about the situation in America today without gawking in near disbelief? Those following my blog will know that I've come up with an alternative name for Trump where I refer to him as Baboon L'Orange. In a bullish statement made at a Whitehouse press conference in the last days, the American President poured fire and brimstone on the way China handled the Coronavirus, its crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong, its relationship with the WHO, its monetary policy, its broken promises to the international community, its building up of a military presence in the South China Sea, and its well-documented theft of intellectual property from companies all over the world. Besides forgetting to mention the detention centres for the Uyghur populations he covered pretty much everything China is guilty of that is documented and known.

However, for all the vitriol and bold statements of the obvious, it's also clear that with the ending of his statement, and his abrupt departure without answering questions to the press, he's failing to address the howls of rage at the murder of George Floyd expressing itself as riots across the whole of America. At this time of writing, according to the Telegraph, rioting has reached 140 cities in America. Click on the link below to follow the live developments from the Telegraph newspaper:

It's been reported that Baboon L'Orange was moved to a bunker inside the White House to protect him, as reports of rioters outside testing the White House's defences outside.

So, what's going on?

Readers will know that this is an astrological blog, and I covered all of the astrological features that have lead up to this situation in my March 2020 blog 'The Karma Bus has Arrived for America' click the link below:

Much of what I wrote back in Early March has come true. If we focus on America in terms of its second house - the house of resources, money, family and values - we see with the recent riots that the USA is afflicted across the board. What does it say about the 'values' of a nation when a person can be choked to death and murdered live on camera, and the perpetrator, the police officer, just carries on? One officer was standing looking on, as another two held George Floyd down. The utter indifference to human life was just shocking on all fronts and laid bare the dark heart of a country that has lost its moral compass.

Even Iran and China, America's bitter foes, have been able to chime in with criticism of the way the US treats its citizens. Iran declared solidarity with the American people, echoing the Trump Administration's support of the civil unrest in Iran in regards to the Iranian leadership's response to America's assassination of their top general, by accidentally shooting down a passenger plane and initially covering up the truth. This all seems like an age ago now, but it was this year.

Even China got on the bandwagon to denounce America in a rare opportunity to criticise another country in regards to human rights.

This is not a good look for the US... And yet, I sense there is more to come. Mother nature I suspect has weapons of mass destruction up her sleeve to further test America, and possibly the wider world. I hope it doesn't come to it, but as I warned in earlier blogs, and also in my March 2020 offering, Civil War is possible in America, and the current riots are looking very much like it. There is too much pain in the USA, too many wounds, too much injustice, too inequality, too much racism, too much corruption, too many lies, and too much of everything it seems: and it's all coming to a boiling point. How America goes forward with over 32 million unemployed, and car queues over a mile long for food bank handouts is anyone's guess. It's the cliche of the 'perfect storm' where a multiplicity of factors combine to cause ruin.

I spoke of terrorism, and now the Trump administration is calling the rioters 'domestic terrorists'. Whatever else that's to unfold is likely to be grim.

But if there is any consolation, it can be in the knowledge that all that we see unfolding is for a higher purpose. The grand alignments of the planets that hare happening in 2020, including the new eclipse season that starts with the lunar eclipses on the 5th of June and July, which sandwich the solar eclipse on the 21st of June 2020, are all part of the powerful transformations that are taking place on earth to prepare us for better things to come.

For the new to manifest, the old must die and this is a painful struggle-filled process. Coronavirus has proved to us all that we cannot carry on as we are.

For those of us that can let's observe, and still hold the light. Humanity is being tested, and we must burn off the dross to reveal the gold of a brighter world.

Peace and light.

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