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A New World is Being Birthed, but Here Come the Labour Pains.

It's term as old as humanity, that the birthing process is often painful, and yet, in these most unusual of times, the term 'Labour pains' is truer than ever.

I looked back at the date of my last blog and it was literally a year ago. In that time I have personally gone through huge changes and transformations, the main one being the growth of my YouTube channel - of which I'm very proud.

I, like many other people, have a completely different work-life balance where my 'work' is now done in my living room. This has its drawbacks as I have a very noisy and stompy child as a neighbour downstairs, that is currently going through his noise machine routine as I write this blog. However, back to the main point of this blog today: labour pains.

No one, as far as I'm aware, looks forward to labour but all those that experience it understands that it is a necessary process to get the baby at the end. The same too applies to the current situation humanity finds itself in now.

Irrespective of what the last of the climate change deniers will say, few that they are, climate change is not a conspiracy theory - just look at what's been happening with the weather!

This year saw some of the highest temperatures on record, to the extent that a small town in British Columbia, Canada, literally combusted into flames:

The day before the town went up in flames it recorded a record high of 121.2 Fahrenheit (49.6 Celsius). That is a temperature one would expect in Death Valley, not the temperate regions of British Columbia.

This is just one example of many this year, with fires and floods ravaging the globe. The point is now, what is humanity going to do about it?

As I write this COP26, the global summit on climate change, has just entered its second week in Glasgow, in the United Kingdom - with former President Obama due to speak today. The summit has had some positive results thus far, although China and Russian leaders were not there in person, it could not be described, as yet, as a failure, and the vast majority of over 200 countries that have taken part have made commitments.

However, much more needs to be done, and I've included a link here from the Guardian Newspaper, based in the UK, that highlights to of the key points covered in week one:

In the Astrological news that I'd like to bring you, all of these changes and world events are happening in a wider context. I one of my old blogs from March 2020 I spoke about the effect that the transit of Pluto into Sidereal Capricorn, and what that meant for America and the world order, pretty much everything I wrote in that blog has come true.

In Western Tropical Astrology, which is the norm for the West, they say that Pluto is towards the end of Capricorn at approximately 24 degrees and that in the next few years it will ease into Aquarius. Although well-intentioned such statements are incorrect. Pluto is not leaving Capricorn for the perceived utopia of Aquarius, it has just ENTERED Sidereal Capricorn and it happened on January 1st 2021: look at all of the cray-cray that's happened in the world since then!

I'd like to take the opportunity to share this YouTube video I launched on the 13th of December 2020 BEFORE the Insurrection, where I predicted that Trump would attempt something crazy based on the movement of the planets and where the eclipses were falling at that time almost a year ago now, at the time of writing this blog:

This Pluto transit is not the ending but the beginning of profound changes that are upon the world, and cannot be avoided. The coming years will not be easy, but within the challenges, there are profound opportunities. Absolutely everything about human society will require a transformation or an upgrade of some sort. The next decade will see profound changes to societies of all kinds, and new rules and regulations of every description. Many of these rules will be passed in the name of climate change, and many will be valid, but there will be other rules that will hum with the lowest vibration of Pluto which is domination and control.

I wish my message could have more of a calming effect, but I believe it is my karmic responsibility to share the truth of the energies that affect us all. For those of you that watch the YouTube video from last year that I've linked here will see that the things I mentioned came to pass: Trump DID do something desperate and has staged a coup attempt in plain sight. The key work here now is accountability. Does America have the moral fortitude to punish the wrong-doers, or will those with dark agendas be allowed to walk free?

This, in many ways, is what America's Pluto return is all about: accountability and moral values. Why is it that some people are punished or slain mercilessly, and others, that attempt and produce far worse crimes, are allowed to walk free? This is a question that must be answered correctly, or America, as we know it, will be no more.

To round up this rather dramatic blog I need to mention that on the Astrological front things are not looking so good for Joe Biden. The lunar eclipse on the 19th of November 2021 (11 days from now at the time of writing this blog) will have an effect on Biden as it will be happening at 3 degrees of Sidereal Taurus, opposite his natal Sun which sits at 4 degrees of Sidereal Scorpio - oppositions are challenging and act as a tug of war. To add more spice to this, the lunar eclipse is also conjunct the 'Demon' star Agol (at 01:10 degrees of Sidereal Capricorn) which is in the constellation of Perseus in the head of Medusa.

Agol can be a very unlucky star indeed and is considered one of the worst.

This also has implications for female leaders in particular, of all kinds, as the Moon is considered 'Queen' and the Sun is considered 'King'. Nancy Pelosi happens to have her natal Mars conjunct the star Agol, so this lunar eclipse falls there and thus will have likely ramifications for her too.

Agol is known as a star of rise and fall. It can also bestow wealth and luxuries but then cause a fall where all such things are taken away. The star can bestow great beauty, but one that comes at a price for the one who has it, as in the legend of Medusa (who really was not treated well). The start is also associated with 'the wicked rich', so this could also be a challenging time for those who have ill-gotten gains, however, could the star also work in their favour? A combination of both is most likely. The star Agol is also associated with decapitation. Does it mean someone is losing their head literally?

Not necessarily, although if the Taliban or other extremists of all stripes start engaging in such practices I would not be surprised, it can also mean a person 'losing their head' to rage or addictions. Some say the word alcohol derives from 'Agol'.

Joe Biden also has the challenge that Ketu (whom I nickname 'snip-snip') is going through Biden's 1st house which is the body and presentation to the world. His withdrawal from Afghanistan was widely derided from all sides of the political spectrum and media and is likely to continue to suffer poor ratings, as I predicted, and a diminished standing going forward. The recent political race in Virginia ended in a narrow defeat for the Democrats, who failed to connect with mothers and families on bread and butter issues - especially around education and schools. Let's not also forget that getting people sacked for not taking a jab is unlikely to be a vote winner - I'm just staying the obvious irrespective of people's perspectives on vaccines: what's the likelihood of someone voting for a party that got you sacked at one of the most tumultuous times in human history?

Such arguments may seem trite or irrational in the current climate of a pandemic, but human nature is human nature, what matters, ALWAYS, is food on the table and money in the bank, and no one, in their right mind, votes for poverty. The Democrats, if they wish to pass many of the progressive and revolutionary ideas, will still need to keep their eyes on the kitchen table if they want success in the 2022 mid-terms.

The Moon represents the public, and the Moon is fickle, it waxes and it wains, and so do people - it's human nature. People move on.

My abiding message to anyone reading this blog is that we must all adapt to the new world that is emerging in front of our eyes. Food prices have started going up already, along with inflation in some countries, with America currently at over 5%. One of the subscribers to my YouTube channel told me that her local store is charging $7.00 for a stick of butter. Increases of that kind are not sustainable for the vast majority of people. Pluto has entered the 2nd house in America's chart on January 1st 2021, as I've said on many occasions now, and the 2nd house deals with values, resources, education, savings, families, money, and FOOD.

I suggest if you're reading this blog that you, quietly, buy tinned goods and basic carbs like rice and dried pasta for your store cupboard just to insulate you if prices dramatically increase next year. This is not about panic, but about preparation, especially as harvests have started to become unreliable due to climate change, and there are issues with the global supply of crop fertilizers.

Many changes are coming down the pike, but also opportunities. Take the opportunity to review all aspects of your life and that which is most important to you and your family. Don't panic, but be prepared as the 2020s unfold as one of the most dynamic decades in all of history.

Peace and Light.

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