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A Cry to Humanity: We Are on the Compost Heap of Life

Well, here we go, it's sweaty-boobs time. We have passed through Alice's Looking glass and are pondering the weird, but not so wonderful, world and likely thinking: 'holy sh*t, is this how it all ends?'

Thankfully, it's not quite the end of the world, but one can be forgiven for feeling like it is.

Since the Orange Man (Trump) who I now refer to as 'Crispy-Duck-L'Orange' came into power in the US General Election of 2016 few took him seriously enough to believe he had a chance. I, feeling like I was watching a ship getting battered in a storm, decried that Trump would win and the UK would vote to leave: I was roundly pooh-poohed, I was told it was impossible, and when I also mentioned: who will do the jobs that few wish to do when many people from the EU decide to leave? I was met with blank expressions as if I had spoken in Latin.

Well, 6-years on, after years of a bonkers Trump administration, Brexit, Jan 6th, a global pandemic, a global economic shutdown, multiple supply chain issues (due to deaths and lockdowns), the war in Ukraine, energy insecurity, nuclear fears, environmental disasters, soaring inflation (in the UK and South America in particular), the Mar-a-Largo papers, and just a general feeling that the wheels are coming off society, is it any wonder why many are saying: 'what's the point!'

So, why is this all happening? Allow me to remind you of one of the most ignored, maligned, and disrespected planets of them all: Pluto (declared a planet and then demoted to a dwarf planet later). Yes, he's tiny, yes, you need a big telescope to see him, yes, he seems utterly inconsequential. But Pluto is one of the most destructive and reformative of all the planets out there. He is like a steroid-drenched hand grenade of breakdown, underbelly, and traumatic transformation. And when he entered Sidereal Capricorn (the sign of corporations, Governments, infrastructure, pressure, rules & regulations, and control) on January 1st, 2021, a mere 5 days later the USA had the Jan 6th insurrection (which I predicted in my November and December YouTube releases in late 2020)

Here's a playlist for those that are interested in seeing those predictions that came true:

Now, most recently, we have Crispy-Duck-L'Orange at his last rally saying that the FBI and the Department Of Justice, along with Joe Biden, are 'vicious monsters' and a host of other slurs in what I would describe as an undiluted projection of his inner world onto his enemies. In describing them he describes himself perfectly: and yes, people are tired of all the lies, Donald.

This is the power of little Pluto: he forces us to look at the sheer ugliness of what human beings are capable of so that we may transform and see the light. Pluto is a planet of intense crisis so severe that we feel we may not survive the encounter. Evidence for this is all over the world. The environmental fallout is worth an article on its own, but let's quickly talk about the recent conclusion of the Tory Leadership race for who will be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Liz Truss (or Liz 'Strut' in my mind, who walks with such a spring in her step, on flat ground, as if she were on a bouncy castle) was declared the winner.

I've never voted Tory, and for me, the whole contest may as well have been a vote between plague and cholera. Both are tarnished by 12 years of Tory nepotism, neglect, financial, intellectual, and emotional incompetence (the spiritual is not even worth mentioning in the same sentence with these folk). Britania, under Tory's 'leadership,' is in a sorry state of affairs.

After decades of fornicating with Russian Oligarchs (many of who have donated funds to the Tory party) has left Britain in a high state of 'Kompromat' (the Russian word for compromising an enemy with bribes or blackmail, essentially).

We actually had a green energy policy, way back in 2010 and the early days of the coalition between the Tories and Liberal Democrats (a sin from which the Dems are still recovering), and that involved insulating people's homes, developing renewable energy, and being energy independent, but guess what? It was scrapped - years ago - and most likely due to some dark money interests in keeping the coal and gas bandwagon going.

It is said that if we had continued we would have been almost immune to these huge energy prices we face now: but that's corruption for you, people taking short-term personal gain over their countrymen's future. Europe took the Russian energy bait too (the USA warned that being energy dependent on Putin was not likely wise - the USA was vindicated on this one). The Ukraine war drags on, and in retaliation for the EU recently putting a cap on Russian gas prices Russia's Gazprom has cut off supplies entirely. The cost of wholesale gas has just risen 30% on the back of this grim news.

Needless to say, Putin will have fires lit under every cauldron he can, stirring, as he casts limbs of unfortunate animals into hellish brews of maleficence, while incanting, invoking, and muttering curses for nature to produce the coldest winter Europe has ever known.

Mark my words, this is exactly what this ghoul is wishing for.

However, he will fail in the medium to long term. Yes, the consequences of this cut-off will be bad for Europe, and hellish for the UK, with 70% of pubs saying that they do not expect to survive the winter season with energy prices being what they are now, and that's before the slated increase, AGAIN, by 80% in October: less than a month away. And this is also before the recent 30% gas price I just mentioned.

Europe is moving as fast as it can to get other gas supplies in from America and elsewhere. US imports of LNG (liquified natural gas) have already overtaken Russian imports as of a few weeks ago. Specialist ships as special containers for LNG are being used and new ones are being commissioned. Italy is increasing its ports for such vessels, and other EU counties are making provisions for their own needs.

Putin is desperate, and ruining his own country for his fantasies of reuniting the former USSR and he being Tzar of it all ad infinitum.

This is unlikely to come to pass. Someone once described Russia as a gas station with an army. Allegedly Putin is press-ganging prisoners and the homeless to enlist as soldiers in his crazy war: they're virtually guaranteed to die. Putin doesn't care, of course, soldiers are referred to as 'meat' by the military elites, some say.

If history should teach leaders one thing it's that you shouldn't be a one-trick pony on the world stage: we shall see how this all plays out.

And as for Liz Truss, she has a gargantuan task on her hand to lead the country out of this quagmire. I'm not sure Tory discipline will hold, especially as some of her colleagues during the leadership race referred to her as a 'Pound Land Margaret Thatcher.' We shall see.

Astro weather: Mercury Retrograde.

So, as I'm always saying 'as above so below'. What are the divine bodies upstairs saying?

Well, we all know about Mercury Retrograde, the stock and trade of all astrologers, he'll be in retrograde from September 10th till October 3rd in Sidereal Virgo (his sign of exaltation). Ok, big whoop I hear you mutter, the seasoned among you will know that Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, and stays in the same element too (air, fire, water, or earth) when he does so.

This retrograde, however, is likely to be piquant but with bitter flavours.

Retrogrades are all about reviews and revisions of all kinds, they mean to revisit and do things over, and correct errors of the past. Virgo is all about medicine, health, healing, food, work and money, accounting, accuracy, details, and managing things of all kinds.

On top of all that, dear reader, Pluto (the underbelly of society, fascism, power, and control), Neptune (secrets, scandals, delusions, and illusions), Uranus (sudden shocks and surprises, civil unrest, liberation, earthquakes, assassinations, heart attacks, and strokes), Saturn (Government, rules and regulations, infrastructure, and big business), and Jupiter (optimism, wealth, children, money, religion, spirituality, and truth) are ALL retrograde right now. That's six planets retrograde when you include Mercury.

That means, as we can already see, that everything on planet earth is under review, revision, recalibration, restructuring, reassessment, and reorganisation: everything! There could also likely be huge revelations on the pharmaceutical front, and lots of things to do with work patterns and schedules. General news on jobs and likely the wider economy. The UK is almost certain of a recession, and there are mutterings about the USA (although employment is very high) Russia will be in all sorts of pickles in the medium to long term, but what may shock everyone are the dire straights happening in China. This has yet to burst upon the global mainstream but I'm not sure China can hold it in any longer.

Humanity has arrived at one of the most historic times in our existence as a species. Not too long ago that would have sounded ridiculous, but anyone that's been paying even vague attention to all the tumult in the world and the cray-cray weather events can see that things are very weird. (40 degrees, 103 F, heat in England, and the deepest drought in Europe for 500 years - let alone all the flooding, one 3rd of Pakistan under water with a flood plain the size of the UK, Australia deluges, and flooding in Death Vally of all places).

We are upon the compost heap of life, and we are in the rotting food scraps, maggoty, worm, and beetle-riven stage (chewing through the mess) where the swampy heat and funk are rising off the surface of the steaming pile of self-digesting mass.

We have but a scrap of tarpaulin to cover our backsides as Pluto, along with the other planets, urge us to turn our corrupted mess into nutritious compost from which a new and refreshed world can grow.

Will it be easy? No. Will it be ugly? Yes. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

We have no choice. Pluto's motto is a simple one: transform or die.

Things are transforming, and they have to because we cannot continue with the structures of the world as it currently is on all fronts. We are going to see yet more change, ruction, and revolutions. Crispy-Duck-L'Orange is going to continue with some eye-popping shenanigans until he's either dragged to jail or pops his clogs. Even Fox 'News' is starting to hold its nose, but the bite of the rabid dog has given many rabies (also known as swivel-eyed-loons in the UK) and it will take years for things to settle.

Trump reminds me of the blond Vampire Keifer Southerland played in The Lost Boys (an outlandish comic horror from the 80s with an iconic soundtrack). He convinces the proud, but naive, older brother to drink his blood (even though the pretty girl from the fairground warns him no). Things go downhill, people start getting devoured, and the mother in the movie has wondered what's happened to her handsome son - and why he's started wearing his sunglasses while indoors. This is what Trump has done to the GOP. They are utterly compromised. Trump is now a bonafide national security risk, and likely spy agent of Putin, and whoever else he was prepared to share state secrets with for money or glory.

In the film, everyone thought they'd be freed from their vampiric infection once the head vampire was vanquished. They thought it was the blond one, but they were wrong.

The 'head vampires' are the ones manipulating things behind the scenes, the bored billionaires who have run out of things to buy, and now want to try social engineering via media and politics. When Trump is finally put to bed, Trumpism will live on for a while yet, because the 'head vampires' put him there. They are yet to be neutralised. However, what happens when you put a vampire into broad daylight? You know the answer.

The time has come for many, many things to be exposed, and what comes out, yet still, is likely to shock in ways many thought impossible, but such are the times. Humanity will survive these extraordinary times, I have been shown that, but we will be utterly changed by the time we come out of the other side.

Peace and light to all.

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