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6th House Issues: Why the Law of Attraction Sometimes Doesn't Work

We've all heard about the Law of Attraction since The Secret was published in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne. The book became a sensation, vision boards and cosmic ordering were seen on a scale of an Amazon Prime sale, and Abraham Hicks since has spouted knowledge of the energies of manifestation with vortexes and rockets of desire.

So why am I still broke? I hear you cry. You have your vision board with all your pictures that you've either cut out of magazines or printed off the internet. You have your penthouse with six bedrooms on a sunny beach pinned next to the car you've always wanted, along with the ideal partner, and along with a cheque written out with how much money you'd like to have next year. Yes, we've all been there: so where are the millions?

As you've probably guessed, dear reader, this article is going to argue that things are not as simple as that. If it was, we'd all be millionaires rolling in money, and exchanging niceties with each other as we sip champagne and nibble canapes while we wait for another 'yacht jam' to clear on the golden river we'd all been travelling on. Yes, there is plenty of wealth in the world, this is obvious, but why is it not piled up in your account?

For persons reading this article, I want to state that the Law of Attraction does work, but not quite in the way people think or want. Firstly, life is complex and you're not the only person on Earth that is trying to get what they want: everyone else is too. A simple pause of reflection will reveal this basic truth of life, and surprise surprise lots of other people also want what you want and are busy trying to get it. Everything is energy. Everything.

The energy of what you don't want is just as strong as the energy you do want, and we all know of the power of the subconscious to influence outcomes.

There are two powerful concepts that I want to talk about.

1) The power of the 6th House in astrology.

2) The power of Shadow to manifest.

No one speaks in flattering terms about the 6th house of astrology, why? Because it's one of the most boring, mundane and drag-foot houses in the zodiac. It's the day job, the daily commute, the mortgage, the bills, the school run, the health, the hospital appointment, the gym, the paycheque, the pets, the stubbing your toe in the morning, the work colleague you can't stand. The 6th house is the fart in the elevator that everyone cannot wait to escape. It's your enemies, your daily grind, it's debts and litigations and the general all-round pain the ass kind of stuff. However, the 6th house can improve with time... It's known as an upachaya house: along with the 3rd, 10th and 11th houses it gets better with time and effort.

In many Law of Attraction circles, effort has become a dirty word.

This is a miss-step because unless you're face cleansing with vintage champagne already, or feeding your cat with caviar, or your dog with braised ostrich fillet there is a good chance you're not in a position of such decadence: and there is NO shame in it.

When people think of work, they think of long hours and stuff that is mentally and physically draining, sometimes it is, but that is not always bad - as long as it doesn't persist.

The kind of work I'm talking about is inner energy work like self-reflection, self-acceptance, contemplation, non-judgement, insight, focus and honesty. These elements are just as an important part of success as 'effort'. I'd say this type of non-physical work can be some of the most difficult to do. Why? Because it's a lot easier to cut out a picture and pin it to a corkboard and wait for the Universe to 'deliver' it than to ask yourself why you can't be bothered to finish off all your tasks at work, at home, or your business: it's all connected.

The 6th house is the practical house of skills, the skills we need in life to make stuff happen. The 6th house is MOT for the car kind of house, putting air in the tires kind of house, the checking the oil kind of house: it's quite dull, but it is very effective.

The 6th house is like a workshop where things can be built. For those that can remember The A-Team (a very popular TV show from the '80s), every episode had some kind of crisis, mission or objective that needed to be resolved. Every episode had the A-Team pool their skills and talents to get the objective met. They often build or adapted things in a workshop to create the tools they needed to get the job done.

Most people just resent and grit their teeth in the 6th house area of life, but it's essential for us to realise our greatest dreams. The Law of Attraction, and Abraham Hicks, clearly states that things will be attracted to us via the means that we've established already.

This has vast logical applications. If you want a million pounds there are a few things you can do: 1) Write £1,000,000 pounds on your vision board. 2) Buy a lottery ticket 3) Earn the money 4) Inherit the money 5) Steal the money 6) Marry the money - or 7) Create the 'vehicle' that can receive and grow the money, like a business, affiliation, donation, creation or some other entity that can allow the law of attraction to bring you what you want. You'll notice that every single option involved you doing something. The first two options are the easiest, but the least likely to yield results. The third option many people can do, but not many jobs pay a million pounds a year. Option four is only possible if your family is already wealthy or has a big house to sell, and option five could land you in jail. In life, most people go for options six or seven: they either marry or be close to someone with money or create a vehicle to manifest what they want - and both options require work.

Most people hate their day jobs and their 6th house grind, so it doesn't occur to them that they may have to love their job in some way, even if there are parts of it they do not like. Everything is energy, everything is connected, and hating your day job or the grind is one of the best ways to stay broke. Why? Because money has eyes, ears and feet. If it sees you don't care, and hears you constantly complain about your job it walks somewhere else! How does it keep tabs? Money keeps tabs on your thoughts about it, but it also uses the eyes and ears of others to double-check: people notice if you do not like your job. So either get a job that has something about it you like, as you build your vehicles, or be as professional and efficient as you can while on the job. Slacking off, doing things half-heartedly or just plain neglecting your job is never good for your money, even if it doesn't pay so well: almost everyone has been in such a situation. It's better to leave a job you don't like than stay in one you hate because it can build a cycle of resentment and frustration which leads to the situation 'sticking around'.

When we embrace our 6th house and no longer resent the work we have to do there, things start to ease up and improve. With enough commitment we can build our vehicles that will bring us more wealth and success, those vehicles then bring us more income, or whatever else we're wanting, and then things get better: some things take time. It's taken Amazon 14 years to become what it is today. If you look at Amazon it's all 6th house related: solving everyday problems. Collectively, not many people are buying luxury cars off Amazon, although there would be options, we're buying everyday stuff. Just think about how much thinking Jeff Bezos had to do to get Amazon where it is today. Think of how many problems he would have faced to become the multi-billionaire he is now.

Very few people in the history of the world can be like Bezos, but we can all learn. We must build towards our dreams with whatever learning and efforts are required of us to do so. Not all the work is hard, some of it can be fun, but a lot of it is just about getting things done, and letting things take their course.

The next topic of power is Shadow. This has become a VERY dirty word in the 'angles and light' community. If Shadow didn't work then criminals and drug barons would not be rolling in cash. If Shadow was not effective then only the good would prosper in the world: and we all know this is not true, and, annoyingly, often the opposite is the case. Why so?

The simple reason is this: Shadow is very powerful and immediate. Light is better for everyone but takes longer, which is funny considering speed of light and all that, but Shadow is just as fast. When a strong light shines the shadow it casts is immediate. It lets us know something is real, solid, and 'there'.

The trouble with Shadow is that if it's in a dark place, like the subconscious, it cannot be seen effectively, because there is not enough light to see things clearly. A lot of good people have subconscious blocks against money, and there are a lot of wicked people that don't. What's important for money is the blocks, not morality. There are people traffickers, dodgy politicians, gangs, and rip-off merchants making an absolute pile out there. That's not a nice thing to acknowledge but it's true. But one thing all decent criminals do is remove all the blocks and barriers in the way of getting what they want: that includes using every trick in the book to scam, coerce, defraud, or whatever else it is that they're up to, but the point is that they do the work and adore the money. That is what money pays attention to. Money has a personality, and it likes to be appreciated. If you go around complaining about it, money will not stick around. This is the Shadow at work in the negative: shame and dislike of money for yourself or others. Money hates it when you envy others for having more money than you. It's like saying: 'I don't like you'. See what effect those words have on children when they say things like that to each other. Think of someone else or even your own child, that has said the same to you, or you find out someone doesn't like you: one shrivels inside.

Money is like this, it's sort of innocent and playful. It doesn't mind who has it, as long as it is appreciated and it gets to play around. So many of us have been conditioned to have negative thoughts about money so that we do not appreciate it and call it evil. Money is not evil, money goes to those that appreciate it. What you do to get it is up to you. It's far, far better, of course, to earn money in honest and healthy ways and to help people. Money loves being given away to help others, and then comes back in multiples.

So, to round off my arguments: to have success one must be appreciative of the little things and look after the details. Build multiple vehicles or one big one for the law of attraction to fill, and remove as many barriers and obstacles to wealth and success as you can. If there are still problems then check yourself, or your shadow, for problems. Learn who the Lord of your 6th house is, and what problems or advantages it may be offering you. The path to success is built with a succession of logical, and some illogical, steps. If one, at the very least, deals with some 6th house issues head-on then improvements are likely however modest.

The Law of Attraction requires 'action' which makes up the last six letters of the word.

Peace and love.

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